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Flying Animals : HAPTIC LAB Inc

May 24, 2017
Haptic Lab flying animals : handmade kites Swallow Kite crib

Haptic Lab produce the most wonderful handmade kites, recently the New York based design studio have released two new characters into their flying animals collection. Their magical crane and whimsical swallow bird kites can either be set free to sore through the skies or displayed indoors to show off their splendour. In fact Haptic Lab founder Emily Fischer has the new swallow hanging in her babies room. Gorgeous pure simplicity and exquisite craftsmanship, check them out. Continue Reading

Mood of the day Products

Paris City Guide for Families: URBANITO

May 22, 2017
Urbanito Paris city guide

Planning a trip to Paris this Summer en famille ? if it’s a yes then the URBANITO Paris Family City Guide would be a very useful travelling companion. This well conceived guide is aimed at making France’s capital city a fun, cultured and stress free experience with the kids. It does this by providing the parents with travelling advice, places to visit, eat and look at, all from city insiders suggestions. A favourite touch is that on every map nearby WC’s are marked so to be located quickly, sparing children and parents undue stress related red faces. The guide is brilliantly designed, and contains lots of interesting info, so let’s have a look and find out where we can pick one up.

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Pirouette One to Watch awards

TiA CiBANi KIDS: One to Watch Winner – Fashion, Playtime New York

May 12, 2017
Tia Cibani Kids AW17 Wallflower

Tia Cibani Kids Aw17 collection ‘Wallflower’ is rich in colour and texture, diverse in materials and abundant in choice. All reasons why this NY based label was our One to Watch for fashion AW17 at Playtime NY. Tia Cibani is an experienced designer and this is her second foray into kidswear evident from the maturity of the collection. The label launched a couple of years a go and runs parallel to the Tia Cibani womenswear line. After speaking with Tia at Playtime NY it was evident how much she enjoys the children’s fashion industry and designing/producing fashion for kids. Bold, complex and with a hint of tribal ethnic roots, a beautiful collection from a talented lady. Let’s find out more from Tia.

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Formidable Family

Formidable Family: Spang (Scandi Mini)

May 10, 2017
Gabrielle Spang Formidable Family Interview - Scandi Mini

Gabrielle Spang founder of on-line children’s boutique Scandi Mini lives with her husband Claes and their two children Wilhelm (8) and Cornelia (4) in Fulham south west London, UK. She’s passionate about good design and fashion, and with the birth of her children this love translated into a thriving business. Family Spang love living in London with it’s melting pot of cultures, people and vibes, they can always find something to do. So let’s find out more about what Gabrielle Spang and family get up to.
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Pirouette One to Watch awards

Loopy Mango : One to Watch Winner – Design, Playtime New York

May 5, 2017
Loopy Mango: One to Watch Winner - Design, Playtime New York - diy knitwear

Loopy Mango recently crossed over into the world of children’s design by creating a mini range of their popular DIY knitwear boxes. The pieces are gorgeously super chunky which on a little kid looks incredibly cute. Lets face it chunky is in for Aw17, and you don’t get much more chunky than Loopy Mangos fabulous range. The mini DIY kits themeselves are brilliantly giftable, bright and fun. Unbelievably the new mini DIY knit kits aren’t currently stocked in Europe, though this is bound to change very soon. Find out more about the AW17 Pirouette One to Watch winners for design – Playtime New York. Continue Reading

Pirouette One to Watch awards Trade Shows

Bonjour: One to Watch Winner – Design, Playtime Paris

May 1, 2017
Bonjour : petite chambre noire

Bonjour are our One to Watch winners for design at Playtime Paris AW17. It’s of no surprise this label has amassed a large social media following with the stylist, designer and founder Anne Millet’s inspiring and captivating style. The Petite chamber noire (the little dark room)  collection for Aw17 makes reference to the cinematographic and photographic world, creating a contrasted but subtle atmosphere as a photographer might reveal colours on photographic prints in a dark room. Wonderful moss greens and warm nudes are backgrounds to beautiful hand-block printed vintage flowers. We fell in love with the home linen, mattresses, quilts and the exquisite green in this collection. Let’s find out more about Bonjour, it’s designer and founder and share a sneak peek of Petite chambre noire. Continue Reading

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Fashion Revolution Week

April 28, 2017
Fashion Revolution week

This week is Fashion Revolution Week, the #whomademyclothes campaign which takes place in April falls on the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1 138 people and injured many more on 24th April 2013. As a result this is the day ‘Fashion Revolution’ was born. During the week, brands and producers have been posting with the hashtag #imadeyourclothes to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain. Many children’s labels and producers have been taking part, lets find out more… Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child: Alessandra (6yrs) & Gabriel (4yrs) – Laura Egloff, Velveteen

April 24, 2017
Mother & child interview : Gabriel & Alessandra - Velveteen

Gabriel (4 years old) and Alessandra (6 years old) live with their parents in Hong Kong. Laura Egloff their mother is a fashion designer and the founder of children’s fashion label Velveteen. Alessandra and Gabriel have a close relationship and complement each other quite well. When one is tired or cranky, the other will try to make them feel better. They’re both very sensitive souls but in very different ways. They are 2 years apart but were born on the same day, exactly 12 hrs apart (4:07 am and 4:07 pm) which they believe makes them “twins”. Laura finds it interesting to see how strong their personalities have been ingrained in them since birth. In many ways they’re almost two sides of the same coin.

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