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Brexit & the children’s fashion industry – part 1: British perspective

March 29, 2017

Britain will later today hand deliver it’s letter of resignation to the President of the European council and so the 2 year Brexit negotiation begins. How this divorce will ultimately affect Britain, Europe and business only time will tell, it is however clear that we are in for a prolonged period of uncertainty and quarrelling. But whilst politicians, lawyers, advisors and such like work out terms it will be business that is left to get on with making it work. Continue Reading

Business Trade Shows

Playtime New York AW17

March 23, 2017
Playtime New York

New York has had it’s fair share of snow the past few months which made for an interesting flight to Playtime New York but it was well worth the bumpy arrival. It was great to see many European brands in attendance at the Playtime New York show alongside the many American, South American and Canadian brands. As always it was great to have the opportunity to talk to the designers whilst seeing the new collections at first hand.  Continue Reading

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La Coqueta x Muzungu Sisters

March 20, 2017
La Coqueta x Muzungu

Collaborations are for many one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning and designing for your own label. This collaboration between The Muzungu Sisters and La Coqueta is a great example of two parties bringing together their own unique skills whilst celebrating their common ground. The results are some beautiful pieces that reflect the craft and passion of both brands:

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Business Mood of the day Products

Shoe business: Tip Toey Joey Founders Ana & Scott McInerney

March 16, 2017

Life is amazing really, you never know what’s round the corner or where it will take you. For example if I were to go back in time to Australia and ask an 8 year old Scott McInerney what he’d like to be when he’s older, I’m sure the reply would not have been ‘I’m going to design elasticated heeled baby shoes (comfortable and clever) and make lots of them, say 2000 a day in my own factory in Brazil’. It’s fascinating how from a little seed of an idea an international business can grow. We chat with Tip Toey Joey founders Ana & Scott McInerney to find out more about the business, manufacturing in Brazil and of course what makes a good kids shoe.

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Mood of the day Products

Hilda.Henri SS17

March 14, 2017

What if I would do something I´ve never done before? What if I were someone else? Just for one day? ? Questions the Hilda.Henri team seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed playing with when creating their ss17 collection titled ‘Just for one day’ inspired by David Bowie. This is the 7th collection for the Austrian label with denim making it’s first appearance in a subtle nod to the seventies. Noted for their use of traditional cloth Hilda.Henri lighten the collection for SS17 with natural linen and delicate lace. Geometric playful prints punctuate through the collection. Hilda.Henri SS17 Continue Reading

Mood of the day Products

Fox: Krethaus and Severina Kids

March 10, 2017
Severina x Krethaus Fox

Krethaus and Severina Kids present Fox – unlike the rest of his kind he likes to eat acorns and only drinks fresh rainwater collected drop by drop in his water canteen. He’s a carpenter by trade and he resides in the hand drawn woods. His world is off white with black detailing. On a daily bases Fox takes the lovely cable car spanning the length of the woods from North to South. But, Fox knows there’s a bigger world out side of the forest, he’s ready to travel the world on an open ticket (guided by Severina kids) with his suitcase bursting with acorns, stocked he’s ready to go. We like Fox and his attitude to life, let’s find out more.   Continue Reading

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Mother & bambino trip: Pitti Bimbo, Florence

March 6, 2017
Kidz Fizz Fashion show

When you have two or more children you very rarely get to spend quality time with one of them by yourself. Life gets in the way, between juggling the eldest’s after school activities, the youngest’s social life, family life and work – it all gets very busy and I never seem to end up hanging out with one without the other. So I decided that I would leave the youngest with Dad and I’d take Lulu (my eldest) with me to Florence for Pitti Bimbo on our first ever Mother & bambino trip… Continue Reading

Mood of the day Pirouette One to Watch awards

Owl and Dog Playbooks: Pirouette One to Watch winner – design dot to dot

March 3, 2017
Owl & Dog Playbooks- Flat Zoo

The Owl and Dog Playbooks are the first Pirouette One to Watch winners in the design category. We were already familiar with their books but it’s always so nice (important) to see a product in the flesh and let it grab your attention. We also took the time to speak with the designers Yeonju Yang and Claudio Ripol to talk about these beautiful books.  Continue Reading