Brand Profile: Lali – exclusive sneak peek at AW18 prior to Playtime Paris

January 26, 2018

Lali will present their label for the first time in Europe at Playtime Paris from tomorrow. With a sweet and fresh feel it’s no surprise that this artisan label is stocked at Anthropologie. They have a great range from detailed girl’s dresses to a wonderful new range for boys launching at AW18, the accessories are a favourite! If you are heading to Playtime Paris I recommend you go say hello and see their extensive and rather lovely collection for yourself. Read on to discover a little more about Lali…

Lali AW18

Brand name: Lali
Company name: Lali Kids
Date of creation: August 2015
Country of origin : USA
Countries of production: India, Peru (Sweater knits), Accessories (USA)
Name of owner/founder(s): Kinnari McDevitt
Number of employees: 3
Number of sales points (independent retailers/department stores/online): 60 Stores
In how many countries is the brand present: 6
Own online-store: YES. Created October 2015
Own store brick and mortar: NO
3 stores that are loyal to you: Anthropoligie, Mac and Mia, Vann and Liv
Company statement or tag line: ‘Playfully inspired clothing for little darlings’
What makes the brand unique/stand out: Kinnari McDevitt started this brand with a passion for her native Indian textiles, and a desire to support artisans who keep ancient techniques alive. Additionally, our garments are made using fair trade practices. Our primary factory is run by mothers, whose schedules allows them to spend time with family while still earning a living wage. As a brand and a company, we want to make sure that every person is benefited by the clothes we make, from the stitchers to the wearers.
A quote from a client or journalist: I wanted to show you my new granddaughter’s favorite new dress. Your fabrics just bring out everything good in a child! You’re line is amazing!!!
Product categories: Girls Clothing, Boys Clothing (Lauching AW2018), Babies Clothing, Accessories, Toddler Bedding
How many pieces per collection: 120 pieces
Main materials used: Hand woven and printed cotton
Your trade show planning for next season: Playtime Paris, and Playtime NYC
Plans for the future: Attending Playtime Paris, building our presence overseas and potentially finding an agent to cover Europe.

Lali AW18

Kinnari McDevit Lali AW18

The collection was inspired by the concept of Hygge, or winter coziness. The joys of indoor play. Snow capped mountains in the distance, and woodland animals that seem to come out of the woods and into our imagination. Feeling that the forest is just a bit more magical with the sound of rustling leaves under foot and dusting of snow on top. Our AW2018 collection is filled with texture and warmth–from alpaca woolies to warm double layered cotton, and even a bit of faux fluff in the mix.

Kinnari McDevitt


Lali AW18

Lali AW18

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You will find Kinnari and the Lali Aw18 collection at Playtime Paris 27th-29th January stand P19.

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