Company Profile : Nixie Clothing

July 26, 2012

Brand name : Nixie Clothing

Date of creation : 2006 (Sadly this company closed in 2014)

Country of origin : UK – Country of production : London,UK

Name of the owners : N.Frobusch/R.Holt Matthews

Number of employees : 3

Number of sales points : 11 including Harvey Nichols, Step2wo, Alpaca-Japan, Eco Bohemia-Finland

Where to find the brand online?

Own e-store  : yes, since 2008

Company statement or tag line : Nixie Clothing creates sustainable, eccentric and bohemian fashion for girls 4-12y

What makes the brand stand out? : What distinguishes Nixie Clothing as a brand, is its commitment to sustainability and its refusal to follow trends. Instead they are driven by their own unique design vision. Nixie Clothing doesn’t follow trends but anticipates them.

A quote from a client or journalist? ”Bohemian with a pinch of vintage charm. Nixie Clothing is quickly becoming one of the most well known designer labels for little girls ages 4-12 years” (Babiekins Magazine).

How many pieces per collection : 8-9

Main materials used : Vintage Silk , organic jerseys + cottons and wools

Your trade show planning for next season? Playtime – Paris, Playtime –Tokyo

Plans for the future : We are currently looking for a UK agent pushing further into the far eastern market

Name of the photographer  : Sonya Hurtado


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