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Playtime Paris : A Rich Edition

January 30, 2013

I enjoyed this edition of Playtime Paris. I met numerous people with a beautiful energy. The “what do you do?” in fashion & design seems to be shifting towards “how do you do what you do?”. It is as much about the approach, the process, as about the product itself.  What do we want to be surrounded with? Objects and clothes are much more interesting with a story, with a strong link with planet Earth and its inhabitans. The link that exists between raw materials, producers, workers, creators and consumers is as important as the aesthetics and function.

I had the feeling that brands such as Ekobo (Ecology&Design), Mormor, Mon tee shirt plante un arbre” by Conscients, Bieq, As we grow were perfectly falling into that category of honest and eco-conscious brands, made by people who work with passion.

The show was bigger than ever, and with so much to see and so many people to chat with, the full three days would have been barely enough to see everything. Chatting was maybe slowing me down, but it was good to hear other people’s feedback.
Michelle Marshall from Quirky Collective (London), who I met in the aisles, shared her “coups de coeur”: 1/ A fluffy sheep like jacket for girls, perfect for layering, with great detail in the thin leather strips to fasten it up by Anais and I. The aw13 collection that has some really interesting pieces including quilted/padded items and playful accessories.   2/ A clown print sweatshirt from Loud Apparel (unisex) in black (my fave) or grey marl. Again another great neutral layering piece to combine with a loud top/shirt underneath or worn a couple of sizes too big as a bubble dress or tunic. 3/ Eagle and wolf ear muffs by Nixie Clothing. Two just beautiful takes on the ear muff, Nixie style; and which i think could double up as fantastic collars.
Laetitia Lefebvre from Boutique Etoile, London also commented : “I am once again impressed by the organisation of this show. This season I am into Makie whom I always liked for for her pure lines, beautiful materials and prints.  The collection is full of little details taht make a difference. I also liked Mormor for their knits, handmade by Danish grandmother. Each garment has a hangtag with the signature of the lady who knitted it”.
UK agents for brands such as Lucky Boy Sunday, Popupshop, Lapin&me, Julia Koorn of Cherry Picks was impressed by the Tower chair, “a design-led high chair from Denmark, combining hard and soft materials, monochrome and colour. Perfect for design-conscious families with their first child who want their baby equipment to match their own style”.
In the luxury fashion segment, Julia liked Rita Co Rita, Max & Lola, Simple Kids. “These beautiful Belgian brands’ use of colour and fabric makes the heart sing: perfect for fabulous modern families who want their children to look like works of living art and have the life that fits this level of modern luxury”. She also particularly appriated Bang Bang Copenhagen (Denmark) and Franky Grow (Japan) for their conceptuality. “Imaginative, strong designs for parents who love to express their child’s individuality with colour and playful silhouettes. You like Comme des Garcons? You’ll like these designers” she adds. Also, for their “Minimal fabulousness”: Album di Famiglia (Italy), Makie (USA), Le Vestiaire de Jeanne (France). “These brands are quietly confident and their work so well-made, perfect for bobo parents who want discreet, modern luxury”.
Finally, Julia thought the kits by My Little Day were perfect for fashion mothers who still have creative control.

I will be in Copenhagen tomorrow, and I hope to meet more interesting people and concepts along the way. I’ll tell you all about it at return!

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