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Getting to know Littl by Lilit

July 28, 2013
Littl by Lilit

Launched about three years ago, Littl by Lilit is a beautiful children’s available in the best stores around the globe. Meet the young lady behind this label. Her mixed origins and the travels she did as a child surely formatted what she currently does, how and where she lives.  Continue Reading

Design - Home Decor Products

Numero 74 : Catalog of Fabulous Products

July 24, 2013

Designed in Europe and handmade in Thailand, Numero 74 displays a great list of dream items for home and for the family. Camp beds, blankets, cushions, cot bumpers, travel changing pads, dresses, mini coat racks and hangers, party costumes, furniture…everything in a simple clean style, gorgeous cottons and subtle colour palette. The ideal place to shop for a new home or to prepare the arrival of a newborn, in style.  Continue Reading

Design - Home Decor Products

Furniture for kids : a selection of stylish beds by top brands

July 8, 2013

There was a time, not  very long ago, when parents had very little choice – not to say no choice at all –  for their children’s rooms. Now with brands like Oeuf, Perludi, Kalon Studio, Io Kids Design, Rafa or Krethaus, children’s furniture has become cool and stylish, Here’s a selection of beautiful and well designed beds, with an overview of who creates them. Continue Reading


The Slow Fashion of Motoreta

July 1, 2013

Spanish brand Motoreta will be showing their first collection at Playtime Paris this week end. Both coming from the world of architecture and design, María Llerena and Cristina López-Lago are based in Andalusia where they create a local and slow fashion inspired by films, literature, art  and the world of tales.
Continue Reading