Fanny Belette’s delicious baby knits

fanny belette

The collection of Fanny Belette was a good surprise at the last Playtime New York. The refined and comfortable baby clothing inspired by traditional designs and produced in Peru just reached the shelves of Sweet William.

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Kindred : Reacting to today’s throw-away culture

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 10.23.34
In response to today’s “throw-away” culture, Kindred gives a second  life to parents beloved clothes, transforming them into a beautiful outfit for babies and children.
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When Tattyoo meets l’asticot = cuckoo time on Pirouette

L'asticot + Tattyoo

When Swiss brands Tattyoo and  l’asticot met, they discovered they had many things in common beyond their citizenship. They decided to team to create a new temporary tattoo, right on time for the summer.

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Create your own : 3 products kids will love

Monkeys - Albin Warin

Kids love to create and most parents love things that are engaging their children’s imagination. Pirouette picked up three brands with interactive features :  Monkies (draw on your shoes), Giokit (customise your outfit) and Storypanda (create your own digital story). Come and play!

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Cute Graphic Tees for Kids

Made by Wolf

Belgium brand Made by Wolf  just launched Chief Lion, their brand new T-shirt illustrated by David Litchfield, a super-talented upcoming artist from Bedfordshire (UK).  Brother and sister Tuur and Jotte proudly wear Chief Lion.

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A Little Pocket from Melbourne

A Little Pocket Cover

Mixing bright and subtle colours with crazy prints, soft jerseys with textured knits is not exactly what you would naturally expect from an Australian brand, but Melbourne based A Little Pocket does it like a real pro. Its is not very surprising to read that Laura Natale, designer of the brand, studied Fashion at Melbourne School of Fashion before launching her label, for which she designs the prints herself. 

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The Preppy Children’s Beachwear of Toobydoo


Paul Thomas Lips and wife Sonja van der Wel launched Toobydoo (a word play on philosopher’s Plato and Sartre’s famous quote ‘To be, is to do’) in 2009. Clean lines, accent on practicality, preppy style for this brand sold at Saks Fifth Avenue and that was also part of a photo shoot at the White House. 

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Recycled, versatile and timeless : a bag by Kaaita

Kaaita Recycled Bag

I had a crush on  TORBUSCHKA by Kaaita, a collection of bags made from recycled plastic bottles, designed to be timeless, beyond all seasons and fashion trends. The bags are versatile and can be used in the classic way (carried around) or as a home object. Sewn in Slovenia, they come in three-in-one combinations in large and extra large sizes and 4 colours (black, grey black, passionate red and light grey).

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New simple, clean and chic children’s furniture


There’s a new comer in the family of cool and simple children’s furniture : the Argentinian brand called  KRETHAUS. Well established in its hometown Buenos AiresKrethaus is now starting its expansion to other countries, after a successful presence in Milan last month (kidsroomZOOM)

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Y por qué ? Hunger for discovery and exploration

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 09.58.36

During their learning age, children keep asking why, why why? Inspired by the children’s hunger for discovery, Spanish brand Yporqué launched a clothing line that aims at stimulating the five senses, through incorporation of fun shapes, sounds, textures, glow-in-the-dark images or games to their products. 

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A wonderful book of DIY arts and crafts

Petits Papiers a Decouper

Petits Papiers a Decouper is a brilliant book that keeps children busy for hours. It is one of the best Do it yourself arts and crafts book on the market, a gold mine of beautifully designed patterns to cut, to fold and to play with. Children can easily follow the clear instructions and make Japanese dolls, finger puppets, decorative animals to hang from the ceiling, masks, houses, planes, etc.

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Pet Lamp by Alvaro Catalán de Ocón

Screen shot 2013-05-08 at 11.37.40

Designer Alvaro Catalán de Ocón knows that pollution generated by plastic bottles is a problem that affects us on a global level. With his project PET Lamp, he is turning an object with a short and specific lifespan into a product enriched by the cosmogony of the local culture of Columbia.

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