My New York crush : HBB Industria Argentina

HBB Industria

When I saw this new brand at Playtime New York, I had an immediate crush. I also enjoyed very much chatting with Jimena Bruguera, founder of the brand, originally from Argentina and currently living in Brooklyn. HBB Industria Argentina perfectly translates the North Argentinian/Andean crafts in a clean and modern way. This is a truly interesting brand and story; globalisation at its best !

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Eduardo Cattus

Eduardo Cattus tee-shirts

Based in Latvia, Inga and Evija (two sisters) recently launched an indie design brand called Eduardo Cattus. Not an obvious thing at first sight, for Inga graduated in economics and  Evija in environment science.  But their childhood was much about fashion and fabrics and their mother, a professional dressmaker with more than

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No Added Sugar Liberty Swimwear Collection

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 09.44.12

Sneak peek to No added sugar’s first swimwear collection, in Liberty prints  - Lili Bikini

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Tattuum : Happy Temporary Tattoos

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 12.18.08

Spanish wallpaper brand Chipsum is expanding its fun+humoristic+contemporary vision to the world of tattoos, with a brand called Tattuum. The body is the a new canvas for their quirky designs. Five themes and over 90

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Kate Law fait La Loi

fire dog

New and exciting : La Loi is a childrenswear collection created by Art Director Kate Law. In October last year La Loi (pronounce it the French way) debuted as an exclusive capsule collection of digitally printed unisex leggings for Liberty. The type of products that you can’t pass by without

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Muscle Man T-Shirt Made By Wolf


I just received this image of a new T-shirt design from Made By Wolf, featuring an illustration by Dutch artist Nelleke Verhoeff . “At first sight he might look a bit overwhelming with his gigantic muscles and enormous mustache, but don’t worry. Muscle Man is actually a very kind lad. No need for spinach, this shirt turns every young boy into

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It is not new, it’s a classic and timeless toy, an object of desire; the Vilac car comes in red (an evidence), yellow and pearl white. A retro-sporty look for little drivers from 1 to

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Nesta’s Nest : 100% Untreated Wool Felt Mose’s Basket

NN Pic 01

Heidi Schaefer of  Nesta’s Nest grew up in Stockholm with her German parents. She studied Architecture and Interior design in London and then spent 10 years in New York working in architecture and fashion. While pregnant with her son, she kept looking for a bassinet that would work in the railroad apartment she was living in at the time; something that would also be made of a natural material.

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Bumoon, A New Wallstickers Collection


New to the wallsticker world, Bumoon was created in the French Apls by Giuditta Bussetti. An Italian graphic designer and photographer, Giuditta lived in Spain and Portugal before moving to the France a year ago and launching her own business.

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Oh Baby London : Rock’n’roll Onesies!


Hannah McHalick, who has an aversion to the dull and boring, founded Oh Baby London in 2002. Based in East London, McHalick fuels Rock’n’roll attitude, Cool Britannia, fun street style into baby’s wardrobes. Anti-establishment, UK anarchy from the crib; so Brit! Available at (UK Online and Boutique), Babesta (New York),

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Christmas is Red!


If you share that love for poppy red, check out hedgehogshop. They have a wonderful selection of simple, intelligent and fun products (not only red!). That’s a place I always visit whenever I have a little present to make.

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The Anthropomorphic Dolls of Julie de Gruchy East


Julie de Gruchy East is an artist who makes dolls for children and adults alike. Julie (or Julo, as you prefer), spends most days thinking and creating anthropomorphic dolls – part animal and part human. Some are based on characters she met while travelling the world, others stem from her tangly and ‘very full to the rim’ brain.

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