It is not new, it’s a classic and timeless toy, an object of desire; the Vilac car comes in red (an evidence), yellow and pearl white. A retro-sporty look for little drivers from 1 to

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Nesta’s Nest : 100% Untreated Wool Felt Mose’s Basket

NN Pic 01

Heidi Schaefer of  Nesta’s Nest grew up in Stockholm with her German parents. She studied Architecture and Interior design in London and then spent 10 years in New York working in architecture and fashion. While pregnant with her son, she kept looking for a bassinet that would work in the railroad apartment she was living in at the time; something that would also be made of a natural material.

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Bumoon, A New Wallstickers Collection


New to the wallsticker world, Bumoon was created in the French Apls by Giuditta Bussetti. An Italian graphic designer and photographer, Giuditta lived in Spain and Portugal before moving to the France a year ago and launching her own business.

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Oh Baby London : Rock’n’roll Onesies!


Hannah McHalick, who has an aversion to the dull and boring, founded Oh Baby London in 2002. Based in East London, McHalick fuels Rock’n’roll attitude, Cool Britannia, fun street style into baby’s wardrobes. Anti-establishment, UK anarchy from the crib; so Brit! Available at AlexandAlexa.comCissywears.com (UK Online and Boutique), Babesta (New York),

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Christmas is Red!


If you share that love for poppy red, check out hedgehogshop. They have a wonderful selection of simple, intelligent and fun products (not only red!). That’s a place I always visit whenever I have a little present to make.

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The Anthropomorphic Dolls of Julie de Gruchy East


Julie de Gruchy East is an artist who makes dolls for children and adults alike. Julie (or Julo, as you prefer), spends most days thinking and creating anthropomorphic dolls – part animal and part human. Some are based on characters she met while travelling the world, others stem from her tangly and ‘very full to the rim’ brain.

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The new aviator model by Zoobug just came out. It might be handy over the Christmas break, on the slopes, on the beach, or just to play it cool…

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Wee Society : Art & Apps

Wee Society - Pirouette Blog

Wee Society is a new kids brand created by design firm Office, a team of moms and dads who believe in bright little minds, uncontrollable giggles and happy design. They produce prints for decoration as well as a learning app. The “Wee Alphas” on the decoration side features a quirky crew of 26 illustrated animals with a letter of the alphabet hidden in each one, and on the virtual side an iPad learning app for

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Iris’drawing & Pluto Tees

Screen shot 2012-11-05 at 18.10.23

Ellen Oxhorn, founder of Pluto, is passionate about words, ideas and the whole world of visual thinking. She loves children’s books, vintage signs, pop culture, the graphic styles of a million illustrators as well as children’s drawings. All things reflected in her fun and playful collection. When Ellen saw Iris’drawings posted on Pirouette, she proposed to print one of them

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Bundle up!


Freshly arrived at Sweet William is Mormor’s collection of cold weather comforts. Hand knit clothes with a personal touch made in Denmark and Bolivia. All made of soft, and warm alpaca wool. Perfect to bundle girls and boys of all ages in style.

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Collectif Copirates


The “Collectif Copirates” was founded in 2009 by Lydia Rump (stylist) and Myriam Balaÿ Devidal (who graduated in Industrial Products Design at Ecole des Beaux Arts-St Etienne). Their poetic, fun and quirky creations caught my eye on Facebook and I am always happy to discover their fun posts. My favourite product is the Iris bag, who reminds me of my daughter (Iris!) ;-).

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Numero 74 , what is Numero 74?

Numero 74

Founded by Poupy Sfez and Nancy Fanton, Numéro 74 is a new brand/e-store of  textiles and vintage furniture for children . The brand is based in Italy and Poupy and Nancy (who are Italian + cousins) divide their time between Italy, Thailand, France and Ibiza. Poupy focuses on design and Nancy on management.  The textile collections are handmade in Thailand by women’s cooperatives and the vintage pieces are are gathered all around the world. Meet Poupy and Nancy.

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