Company Profile : Oeuf

Oeuf 1

Brand name : OEUF - Company name : Oeuf LLC

Date of creation : 2002 - Website :

Country of origin : USA - Countries of production : Latvia, Bolivia, Peru, USA

Name of owners : Sophie Demenge, Michael Ryan

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Comapny Profile : Indikidual


Brand name : indikidual - Website :

Date of creation : Nov 2011

Country of origin : UK/Sweden - Country of production : india

Name of the founder: Syreeta Johnson

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Company Profile : No Added Sugar

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Brand name : no added sugar - Company name : no added sugar Ltd

Website :

Date of creation : July 2001

Country of origin : UK - Countries of production : England, Portugal, Lithuania, Hong Kong

Name of owners : Deborah Medhurst (Founder & Owner) / Ric Ramswell (Owner)

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Company Profile : Noro


Brand name : NORO - Company name : NORO

Website :

Date of creation : January 2007

Country of origin : France - Countries of production : Madagascar, France, Perou

Name of owners : Maxime and Claire Lefort

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Company Profile : Picnik


Brand name: Picnik - Company name: Picnik

Date of creation : 2010

Country of origin : Spain - Country of production : Spain

Name of owner/founder : Laura Armet

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Company Profile : Atsuyo et Akiko


Brand name : Atsuyo et Akiko

Company name : Atsuyo et Akiko

Website :

Country of origin : USA

Countries of production : Tees that are hand silkscreened in Brooklyn, NY; all bags and accessories made in USA; select items made in Japan

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Company profile : boy + girl


Brand name boy+girl – Company name boy+girl
Date of creation May 2011
Country of origin Usa – Country of production USA
Name of the owner Christine Chang

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Company Profile : Goat-Milk Kidware

Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 22.59.50

Brand name : Goat-Milk Kidware  / Company name : Goat-Milk Kidware

Website :

Date of creation : SPRING 2011

Country of origin : New York, NY Country of production : India

Name of the founders : Roland Bello & Tania Vargas

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Company Profile : Trommpo


Brand name : Trommpo - Company name : Trommpo srl
Date of creation : 2010
Country of origin : Uruguay
Country  of production : Uruguay
Name of o founder(s) : Catalina Bouza / Dean Xavier

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Company Profile : Pom d’Api

Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 14.35.27

Brand Name Pom d’ApiCompany name Rautureau Apple Shoes

Date of creation 1870 for the company, 1973 for the Brand

Country of origin France – Country of production France, Tunisia (and Asia for sneakers)

Name of the owners Guy Rautureau and Yvon Rautureau, sons of the founder Joseph Rautureau.

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Company Profile : Anais & I


Brand name  Anaïs & I – Company name Anaïs & I inc.

Created in November 2009

Country of origin  USA – Country of production  Currently Korea

Name of the owners Jane D’Haene & Hermine Heller – Name of the founder Founder Jane d’Haene

Nbre of employees  5

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Company profile : macarons


Brand name macarons Company name macarons GmbH

Date of creation July 2011

Country of origin Germany Country of production 100% made in Germany The region of the Swabian Alps in South Germany is a great spot where you can still find some amazing craftsmen talent in textile manufacturing.

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