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Brand Profile : Indikidual

June 29, 2012

Brand name : Indikidual – Website :

Date of creation : Nov 2011

Country of origin : UK/Sweden – Country of production : India

Name of the founder: Syreeta Johnson Continue Reading


Brand Profile : Noro

April 30, 2012

Brand name : NORO – Company name : NORO

Website :

Date of creation : January 2007

Country of origin : France – Countries of production : Madagascar, France, Perou

Name of owners : Maxime and Claire Lefort Continue Reading


Brand Profile : Trommpo

March 29, 2012

Brand name : Trommpo – Company name : Trommpo srl

Date of creation : 2010

Country of origin : Uruguay

Country  of production : Uruguay

Name of o founder(s) : Catalina Bouza / Dean Xavier Continue Reading


Brand Profile : Pom d’Api

March 22, 2012

Brand Name Pom d’ApiCompany name Rautureau Apple Shoes

Date of creation 1870 for the company, 1973 for the Brand

Country of origin France – Country of production France, Tunisia (and Asia for sneakers)

Name of the owners Guy Rautureau and Yvon Rautureau, sons of the founder Joseph Rautureau. Continue Reading


Company Profile : Anais & I

March 5, 2012

Brand name  Anaïs & I – Company name Anaïs & I inc.

Created in November 2009

Country of origin  USA – Country of production  Currently Korea

Name of the owners Jane D’Haene & Hermine Heller – Name of the founder Founder Jane d’Haene

Nbre of employees  5 Continue Reading


Company profile : Veja

January 6, 2012
company-profile-veja-shoes -Green_Grafite_FRENTE

Name of the brand Veja / Name of the company  Veja

Created in 2004

Country of origin France / Country of production Veja is a Paris based company but the trainers and accessories are created in Brazil, a country unique in its ability to combine organic cotton farming, wild rubber tapping, social enterprises and good working conditions. Continue Reading


Brand Profile : Zolima

November 10, 2011

.Brand name ZOLIMA – Name of the company Zolima limited

Date of creation  Spring 2009

Country of origin French in Hong Kong – Country of production Asia

Name of the founder Nicole Andrianjaka de Surville Continue Reading


Brand profile : Ada Ada

October 26, 2011
Ada Ada

Brand name Ada Ada – Company name Ada Ada- Baby and Kids fashion

Date of creation 2009

Country of origin Israel / USA – Country of production Portugal

Name of the founders Ada & Miriam Bernstein Continue Reading