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Mario The Magician

March 11, 2013

His shows are uplifting, inventive, highly interactive, and oh-so-original; he surrounds himself with  silly antics, colorful, handmade props, and a live dove named Mozzarella; he throws ridiculously silly and meticulously crafted performances. Meet Mario the Magician, one of New York’s best kept secrets.  Continue Reading


Wild Foods, Les Nourritures Feroces, a book by Martine Camillieri

December 2, 2012

With her transformation of everyday objects into toys, her installations and images, Artist Martine Camillieri makes a sharp comment on our society, on waist, recycling and especially toxic materials. With her book “Wild Foods”, she helps us understand how to avoid eating too much of the questionable food that surround us, or at least not to exceed the permissible dose of toxicity. Continue Reading


Eve Wright’s beach installations

November 24, 2012

With “Walking Drawings”, Eve Wright created an exciting concept of visual art in landscape, reminiscent of Andy Goldsworthy’s work (whose film “Rivers and Tides” is an absolute must see with children). She says, “… I wanted to take my studio practice into a public space and onto a larger canvas and so Walking Drawings was born.” Continue Reading

Culture Products

Wee Society : Art & Apps

November 9, 2012

Wee Society is a new kids brand created by design firm Office, a team of moms and dads who believe in bright little minds, uncontrollable giggles and happy design. They produce prints for decoration as well as a learning app. The “Wee Alphas” on the decoration side features a quirky crew of 26 illustrated animals with a letter of the alphabet hidden in each one, and on the virtual side an iPad learning app for Continue Reading


Great architecture makes me happy

November 4, 2012

This spiral shaped building is a project for a Buddhist temple soon to be built in Taichang, China. It  takes shape of a Mobius ring, reflecting the basic principles of Buddhism and the idea of reincarnation. It’s a bit like a new version Franck Lloyd Wright’S New York Guggenheim. By Shanghai-based architecture firm Miliy Design. extraordinary temple. Continue Reading


Meet Maud and the Shrimpton Family

October 24, 2012

“Maude The Not-So-Noticeable Shrimpton” is a brand new book by Lauren Child, illustrated by Trisha Krauss. The story is about The Shrimptons family; “flamboyant and eccentric, being noticed is what all the members of the Shrimpton family live for – all except, that is, for Maude. She prefers to blend into the background rather than stand out in a crowd. And this is very much to her advantage when they all come face to face with a rather hungry tiger”. Trisha Krauss tells us more about the collaboration… Continue Reading