The Child in Jacinthe Chevalier

Jacinthe Chevalier

The drawings of Jacinthe Chevalier are playful and childlike, but Jacinthe is no longer a kid. The Canadian illustrator and artist likes everything related to childhood, especially the freedom and spontaneity of the gesture, and the naive aspect of kid’s drawings.

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Shipping containers everywhere!

Wahaca by Paolo Rinaldi

Seven restaurants in London, a street kitchen bus and a new site hosted in shipping containers by the Thames…that’s Wahaca, winner of the best sustainable restaurant group in the UK this year. Sustainable and for sure innovative.

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The Clock by Christian Marclay : a Masterpiece of our Time

Screen shot 2012-07-12 at 09.51.49

It was the main attraction at last year’s Venice Art Biennale : The Clock by Christian Marclay, a spectacular and hypnotic 24-hour art video. In NY this summer; don’t miss it !

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Architectural Wonders – New York & London


Wendy is the winner for the 2012 MoMA PS1 Young Architects Program. Created by HWKN (Hollvich Kushner),  Wendy is composed of nylon fabric treated with a ground breaking titania nanoparticle spray to neutralize airborne pollutants. What does this mean in simpler terms?

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Monocle Country Fayre


It’s new and we really liked it. The first edition of the Monocle Country Fayre took place this week end, in parallel to the Marylebone Summer Fayre in London. Pirate fishing game, live farm animals, face painting, products stalls, food, etc. A good mix for urban kids and stylish parents.

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Achouna the Little Eskimo


This is a book found in the attic of my mother’s house. I read it as a child; I was quite obsessed by eskimos. I still like to do the eskimo kiss in the evening; I recently explained my daughters why eskimos had to greet each other like this.

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Chilean-French books by Loreto Corvalan


I have discovered the books by Loreto Corvalan when we visited Chile last January. We stayed at  Tierra Patagonia and the hotel had a wonderful children’s corner with amazing books and toys by local artist. Loreto, who is Chilean, moved to Paris in 1985 and she now lives and works in Normandie. 

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A photographic journey in Kyrgyzstan


My Quiet of Gold by Cooper & Gorfer is a striking photographic journey documenting the stories of love, sorrow, and betrayal from rural Kyrgyzstan. Seen at the last Armory show in New York, the photographs stayed with me. I was particularly struck by the intense and mysterious look of this women.

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5 Great Toys to Improve Interpersonal Skills


“With children so easily fixated by computers, mobile phones, mp3 players and game play consoles – and at an ever increasing early age – some parents are expressing concerns that their children are becoming socially withdrawn. There’s a worry that children will start to lose the social skills that are nurtured through traditional group play” says Carl Shaw, ‘Head Honcho’ of

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Homes at play

Screen shot 2012-03-18 at 22.48.11

Just released, “Playful Homes” by Andrew Weaving is  not just another publication on kid’s rooms. The 240 pages book features twelve family homes, all designed

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Boy, oh boy!

Screen shot 2012-03-10 at 21.09.47

Boy (by director Taika Waititi), is a movie to add to the MUST SEE list . 

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Indigenous dolls


Inspired by the Tehuelches, the indigenous people of Patagonia, Pamela Greene creates a wonderful collection of

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