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Formidable Family

Formidable Family

Formidable Family: Spang (Scandi Mini)

May 10, 2017
Gabrielle Spang Formidable Family Interview - Scandi Mini

Gabrielle Spang founder of on-line children’s boutique Scandi Mini lives with her husband Claes and their two children Wilhelm (8) and Cornelia (4) in Fulham south west London, UK. She’s passionate about good design and fashion, and with the birth of her children this love translated into a thriving business. Family Spang love living in London with it’s melting pot of cultures, people and vibes, they can always find something to do. So let’s find out more about what Gabrielle Spang and family get up to.
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Formidable Family

Formidable Family Tuchinda

April 3, 2017
Tuchinda Family

Founder of Tuchinda Tina Tuchinda lives in New York with her husband (and business partner) Jay and their two boys Hunter and Harry. Tina was born in Korea but moved to the US during her early childhood. She studied fashion at Parsons school of design, with a background in womenswear. Since launching with their first collection for  FW13 Tuchinda has gone from strength to strength not only with their beautifully detailed design but also with supporting children through their ethos of childrenswear helping children. Continue Reading

Formidable Family

The inspiring world of Ryan Roche

January 15, 2016

Repost from August 2011 –Located two hours north of New York on the Hudson Valley, the house of fashion designer Ryan Roche is filled with light, poetry and  inspiring details. The place is extremely peaceful and joyful at the same time, allowing space for reflexion, bringing true happiness. Continue Reading

Formidable Family

Formidable Family Kohlhoff

November 13, 2014

Founders of organic childrenswear brand MacaronsJulie Carol and Veit Kohlhoff, live in Stuttgart with their two daughters Cleo and Cecile. Citizens of the world, creative and talented green entrepreneurs, travellers, food lovers, Julie & Veit have a strong work ethic, combined with healthy family values. For this power team duo, the motto in life seems to be “Work Hard, Play Hard…with the kids”!

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Formidable Family

Formidable Family Kinzie Riehm

January 25, 2013

Ken Kinzie and April Riehm of Kinzie+Riehm live in Orlando, Florida with their kids Jake and Ionie and their newborn baby Keira. Ken and April met while at The Southeast Center for Photographic Studies where they first began collaborating on photo projects. They love photographing children for their honesty, spontaneity and boundless energy. April opens the door to a South American family that’s not run of the mill… Continue Reading

Formidable Family

Formidable Family Ryan-Demenge

June 28, 2012

The loft of Sophie Demenge and Michael Ryan’s has been featured in quite a few magazines. You might remember the swing in the living area, the slide in the kid’s room and the collection of vintage object, including wooden school desks and class maps. Founders of the brand Oeuf,  Sophie and Michael live in Brooklyn with Mae (10) and Marius (8). Happy in their lively neighbourhood, that allows them to walk to work and to walk to school.  Continue Reading