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Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child interviews

Clara Hranek, 8 years old – Brooklyn NY, USA

August 1, 2011

With two parents being bloggers, Clara is very tuned in to taking in the world around her. She loves going out to eat, watching cooking shows (Mad Hungry Food, Jacques Pepin, and Gordon Ramsay being her favorites), and traveling, as long as a swimming pool is involved. Yolanda her mother is an editor at large at Martha Stewart Living, co-founder of the wonderful blog Momfilter, and author of Travels with Clara. Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Mika, 6 ½ – San Francisco Bay Area, USA

July 28, 2011

Mika is a creative and sensitive little soul. She is always making presents to give away as she just enjoys expressing herself to others and seeing her recipient’s surprised smile. She sings and plays piano constantly but she is known for playing her drum-set which she’s been doing for 2 years now. Mother of the little artist, Teri Dimalanta (designer and artist) chronicles many of these creative adventures on the blog Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Rose, 7 years old – Cannes, France

June 29, 2011

Rose, Penelope (2 years old), Thierry and Anne live in Cannes, in a beautiful villa overlooking the sea, surrounded by lavender and olive trees. Rose is an early bird but she’s so nice to the rest of the family that she reads quietly in bed (sometimes for more than an hour) until everyone wakes up. She loves creating all sorts of objects with plants, flowers and other materials gathered in her wanderings. Anne, who shares a passion for literature with her daughter, is also a painter (see her blog here). Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Belle, 9 years old & Sadie, 5,5 / Stacey Fraser, Pink Chicken – New York, USA

June 10, 2011

Stacey Fraser, owner/designer of Pink Chicken, and two daughters. Belle, 9 years old,  is a super sweet sensitive kids who has lots of friends and hobbies. She plays ice hockey and basketball. .. and really loves to cook and draw. As sweet as Belle is, Sadie, 5 and half, is just as mischievous!  She has a great sense of humor and loves to draw, ice skate, sing, dance and annoy her big sister! Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Clara, 2 years old – Montreal, Canada

June 1, 2011

Founded by Karine Dessureault, is an e-store which brings to North America over a dozen emerging and acclaimed French designer brands of children’s clothing, accessories and decoration. Karine’s daughter Clara was born in Paris during her parents’ expat stint in France and has travelled a lot as a baby. Like her mom she adores clothes and accessories and never tires of trying them on. Only aged two, Clara managed to answer a few questions, with the precious help of her mother. Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Zach, 9 years old – London, UK

May 27, 2011

Zach is 8, about to turn 9 on May 31st. He is passionate about fencing, horse riding, music, animals, birds and nature. He loves the family dog Fritzi, and tries to encourage her to curl up with him at night on his bed. Rachel Boser worked for 8 years at Conde Nast in a variety of publications but most noticeable as deputy retail editor of Tatler Continue Reading