Honey Minhas Fuss, 7 years – New York, USA


Honey loves to draw and color, and has a sunny personality. She loves to tell funny jokes, and is very interested in helping the environment. I guess she gets the art skills from her father (talented photographer) and from her mom Tanya Minhas, children’s Clothing Designer and owner of Honey Collection.

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"Martin" Farkas, 6 years old – Australia


“It is about a boy and girl who always wanted to be like Mahatma Ghandi and Mother Teresa to save the world. Since neither of them were indians, lawyers or nuns, but happen to be born in Colombia and living in Australia with a passion for fashion they came up with one idea: Kutie Protocol“.

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Easton, 5½ – London, UK


Easton loves to draw, has a wild imagination, and is very curious about life. He is (and has been since he was very young) obsessed with sea creatures and life under water (have we found the next Patrick Duffy?). Courtney Adamo, mother of three and writer/editor of babyccinokids.com tells us what she likes, buys, reads… One thing sure : Courtney takes great pictures of her kids.

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Emile, 8 years old – Pondicherry, India


Emile lives in South India, with his parents, brother Gaspard (3 years) and sister Victoria (1 year and half). His mother, Paula is Argentinian; she lived in Paris and Quito before Pondicherry. Inspired by her children, she creates little toys in cotton yarn called “Dents de loup”, a name which comes from a Serge Gainsbourg song. See her blog here and shop for Dents de loup products on http://www.etsy.com/shop/dentsdeloup.

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Griffin, 11 years old – Charleston SC, USA


Kelly Roper is a natural light child photographer (www.kellyroperphotography.com) whose black and white, quiet photographs, are in real contrast with our fast moving and hectic world.  Mother of Addison, 13 and Griffin, 11, Kelly says about her son : “Griffin keeps us laughing with his love for comedy and witty personality. He is constantly on the move playing tennis, soccer and cross country during the school year.

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Mila Boujnah, 9 years old – New York, USA


What stays with you after you meet Mila is her contagious laugh. She is generous with her friendship; she is not scared to try new things and to involve others in her mini-social life. She likes sports, dancing and music, and even writes some of her own songs which she gladly performs for her family.  She has a younger sister, Uma, 5 years old. Cristina Villegas, mother of the two, is a native of Colombia who has lived in New York for 18 years.  Cristina is the owner of Yoya, Yoyashop and yoyanyc.com

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Theophane, 7 years old – Brussels, Belgium


Theophane loves elephants; something that you could have guessed by only looking at his lovely bedroom. He also deeply loves his mother, Albane de Sigy-Cromback, a children’s furniture designer from Paris, who moved to Belgium 5 years ago. Her line Madaket is available online (see here) and at Bobo Kids in London (29 Elystan Street, Chelsea).

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Lily, 6 and half years old – Paris, France


Lily is very creative, talkative and full of energy. She spends a lot of time drawing and has been making little books for herself since she was 3. Like mother, like daughter, she is a party animal and will easily stay up until dawn if we have friends around on holidays. Elodie Kong, her mother, a Senior Lawyer for an int’l fashion group in Paris and Barcelona, is the co-founder of concept store BODIE and FOU.

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Bear Williams, 9 years old – West Sussex, UK


Bear loves wild nature. Not a surprising fact for a boy whose dad spends half of his life in the most remote African and Arctic regions, painting wild animals (artists duo www.ollysuzi.com) and organizing amazing private safari expeditions (www.ollysuziexpeditions.com). Let’s take a little trip into the world of Bear and mother Lisa Samos, founder of kid’s vintage e-store www.seasonalstyle4kids.co.uk.

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Caspar, 5 years old & Tim Wästberg, 3 – Stockholm, Sweden


Shampoodle is the contraction of shampoo and poodle, which seems so logical; the name imposed itself to Helene Stevenberg & Jakob Wästberg, the founders of the funky Stockholm based children’s brand, as a reminder that they once had the idea of creating a pet beauty salon in Las Vegas. Unforgettable! Helene and Jakob pause with their children Caspar & Tim, and they answer the Pirouette questions, for our great pleasure.

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Ada Pilastro, 5 and half years old – Roma, Italy

Ada Pilastro, almost 6 years old, lives in Rome with her mother. She practices artistic gymnastic and she has an immense admiration for her uncle Andrea, who lives in Milan. Andrea Pilastro, also called “Zio Andrea”, recently reminded the importance of role models for children : uncles, godfathers and friends, so I decided it was a good occasion for an uncle/niece interview! Andrea works in fashion &communication; he is the director of And’studio Milan.
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Family Gerbier – Manhattan, NY


First time on Pirouette : a whole family interview! Gena and Stephane Gerbier, co-owners of YoyaMart (www.yoyanyc.com) and their two children (Noah4 andHannah10 years old). Gena is a full time children’s retailer while Stephane divides his time between the stores and his activity of photographer & director’s agent. A family full of positive energy, like the city they live in.

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