Bianca, 13, Asia 10 & Lily 4 years old – Brussels, Belgium


Between Asia the phography and books lover, Bianca so fond of her friends, Lily who sweetly calls her mom “ma princesse d’amour”, and her children’s store Caramel, Ludovica hasn’t time for boredom.

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Cosmo, 4 years old – London, UK


Meet 4 years old Cosmo, a lively, adventurous little Londoner. Cosmo is friendly, strong willed, sociable, and also known to be quite bossy even with older children, confesses his mum Luca Leonard, the designer of fun children’s brand (a new brand/concept to really keep an eye on!).

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Capucine, 5 & Lea 7 years old – New York, USA


Capucine and Lea are two little passionate little New Yorkers – Capucine is very fond of sculpture; she loves making them from found objects, little branches, leaves, rocks…she gets very intense in the process as you can tell from the attached shot (she proudly shows one of her creations on the picture).

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Keira-Mae, 5 years old – Montreal, Canada


Chantal is a designer ( and blogger ( from Montreal, very active on Twitter, always looking for new ideas and inspirations, generously sharing her great finds. When asked about her daughter, Keira-Mae, 5 years old, she says : “Keira-Mae is a little Montrealer who loves to be friends with everyone. If she doesn’t know your name, she will just call you, ‘mon amie!’.

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Milan, 10 years old – Los Angeles, USA


Milan is a bit of a dream son for a mom : into sports (football and surf)  but also very interested by the arts, creative (he makes amazing drawings), fashion savvy (he has a very precise idea of what he likes and how to wear things) and last but not least, very protective with his little sister Colette, 3 years old. A great source of joy for Delphine, a French writer based in LA since 1996, 2/3 time mother, 1/3 time writer.

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Gaspard 5 and half & Pauline 4 years old – Burgundy, France

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 11.14.54

Gaspard is naturalist; he loves insects, bones, leaves, feathers. He has a “cabinet of curiosities” full of bones that he found by digging in his garden. Pauline is in love with horses; she goes to the Poney-Club every wee That leaves a little time to Anne S. their mother to work on her wonderful blog estaminetcoquet.

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Kaili, 3 years old – Hong Kong, HK

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 20.51.08

Kaili is a funny girl who makes people laugh, intentionally or not. She loves arts and crafts and recently has been doing a lot of colouring, cutting papers and pasting…she is also pretending to do origami. One sure for sure : Kaili is into yellow! Chiharu, a Japanese based in Hong Kong, recently launched a very inspiring e-store called

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Ophelia Summerscales, 4 years old – Paris, France


Ophelia is very girly. She loves dressing up as a princess and borrowing mummy’s lipstick and nail varnish. Her favorite music is Blur. She loves drawing, making collages from any bits of paper, magazine she can find in the house. Julie Marabelle her mother is the designer and founder of There are delicious pictures of her and her brother Lucien on Julie’s lovely blogfamillesummerbelle.

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Lalo, 3 years old – Paris, France


Lalo goes crazy for fire trucks and already has an impressive collection. While he is playing with his shiny red toys, Helene Borderie his mom, is busy with her wonderful online baby concept store and catalog

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Natacha & Mathilda, 8 years old – Geneva, Switzerland





Natacha, Mathilda and their little brother Achille are the main characters of a story that their mother Claude B. publishes on and The story of beautiful, rare, precious moments captured with a unique sensibility. Natacha and Mathilda are the first twin sisters interviewed on Pirouette.


Natacha and Mathilda

What do you want to be when you grow up Natacha surgeon Mathilda painter

What is your favorite famous person Natacha I don’t know any famous person Mathilda Tintin

What makes you happy/laugh Natacha Mum (!!!) Mathilda My friends

What makes you sad/angry Natacha When my sister doesn’t give me her things Mathilda Idem

Your favorite book Natacha Les malheurs de Sophie Mathilda Tintin

Your favorite films Natacha Le Petit Nicolas Mathilda Le Petit Nicolas

Your favorite animal Natacha Horses Mathilda Dogs

The best holidays you ever had Natacha Our last summer holidays on a sailing boat, around Elba Island Mathilda Idem

A city that you would dream to visit Natacha Paris Mathilda New York

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Natacha Me! Mathilda Me under mum’s control (!!!)

Your favorite color Natacha Grey Mathilda Black

Your favorite outfit Natacha Dresses Mathilda Knickers and bloomers

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe Natacha My black linen dress from La Princesse au Petit Pois Mathilda My super hero T-shirt from Finger in the Nose

The next item you would like to get Natacha A Polly Pocket Circuit Mathilda A Playmobil Swimming Pool


Claude Blaser

Your favorite children’s brands Finger in the Nose, Bonpoint, Bodebo, Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, Marie et Rose Alice

Your favorite children’s stores I buy mainly online

Your favorite e-stores Little fashion Gallery, Lillibulle, Smallable. For books, I let the kids choose when we go to the library

A website that inspires you All those listed on my blogroll!

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Quality, esthetic, price

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe A Bodebo skirt

Most precious item you bought for your child Brand clothes for kids are a luxury, I consider them as precious

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day The gifts that I choose!!! More seriously, they generally choose it. If they’re happy with it, it’s the best gift…

Items that are hard to find Nice shoes for big girls

Favorite pieces in the girl’s wardrobe A Bonpoint dress with red/grey prints (winter collection) and a pair of clogs, to see here

Where are you going for the summer holidays Sailing, we don’t know where yet…


Finger in the Nose, Bonpoint, Bodebo, Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, Marie et Rose Alice, La Princesse au Petit Pois, Little fashion Gallery, Lillibulle, Smallable



Scherazade Touhami, 7 ans & Adam Touhami, 5 ans – Brooklyn, USA




Not sure if Scherazade and Adam are on their way to school or if they are just going to explore the neighborhood, but they seem very happy, promised to a glorious day. The sweet little sister, so chic in her dress, complements perfectly the English flower tones of the duo. Mom Victoire de Taillac, a communication strategist (, must be very proud of her little troop.

Scherazade & Adam

What do you want to be when you grow up Scherazade Teacher or Singer – Adam Explorer

What is your favorite famous person Scherazade Princess Leila from Star Wars – Adam Indiana Jones

What makes you happy/laugh Scherazade Stupid things – Adam My friends

What makes you sad/angry Scherazade Meannness – Adam Monsters

Your favorite book Scherazade Fairytales and “Ma maîtresse préférée “ - Adam Le voyage de Zéphir

Your favorite films Scherazade Kingdom of cats, Hiroyuki Morita – Adam Azur & Asmar from Michel Ocelot

Your favorite animal Scherazade Pink Flamingo – Adam Dog

The best holidays you ever had Scherazade Summer in Gascony – Adam In Tangier with Amin

A place that you would dream to visit Scherazade Japan

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Scherazade Me – Adam Me or my Dad

Your favorite color Scherazade Pink – Adam Blue

Your favorite outfit Scherazade A summer dress – Adam Shirt & pants

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe Scherazade A Gap by Stella Mac Cartney Tiger dress

The next item you would like to get Scherazade Clothes !


Your favorite children’s brands Talc,Zef,Petit Bateau, H& M (for girls), Gap (for boys)

Your favorite children’s stores Bonpoint, 6 rue de Tournon, Paris

Your favorite e-store

Websites that inspire you,

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your childrenQuality & confort

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe A raincoat

Most precious items you bought for your children A party dress and a suit

Favorite pieces in your children’s wardrobes A Mexican dress for Scherazade, a Charvet shirt for Adam

The book on your bedside table Cecil Beaton’s biography

A favorite destination for the summer holidays To our family House in Gascony, France

Talc, Zef, Petit Bateau, Bonpoint, zid zid kids, Milk magazine, Balouga, Charvet, Stella Mc Cartney for Gap

Special thanks to Samantha Adam

Hannah Gunzig, 8 years old – Brussels, Belgium


8 years old Hannah Gunzig and mother Sabrina Palmisano from Belgium are our guest for a short interview today. Hannah speaks both French and Italian, and Sabrina, former jurist, is a stylist and the owner of a beautiful children’s store called Boucle d’or, in Brussels.

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