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Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child interviews

Lily, 6 and half years old – Paris, France

January 27, 2011

Lily is very creative, talkative and full of energy. She spends a lot of time drawing and has been making little books for herself since she was 3. Like mother, like daughter, she is a party animal and will easily stay up until dawn if we have friends around on holidays. Elodie Kong, her mother, a Senior Lawyer for an int’l fashion group in Paris and Barcelona, is the co-founder of concept store BODIE and FOU. Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Bear Williams, 9 years old – West Sussex, UK

January 24, 2011

Bear loves wild nature. Not a surprising fact for a boy whose dad spends half of his life in the most remote African and Arctic regions, painting wild animals (artists duo and organizing amazing private safari expeditions ( Let’s take a little trip into the world of Bear and mother Lisa Samos, founder of kid’s vintage e-store Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Caspar, 5 years old & Tim Wästberg, 3 – Stockholm, Sweden

December 21, 2010

Shampoodle is the contraction of shampoo and poodle, which seems so logical; the name imposed itself to Helene Stevenberg & Jakob Wästberg, the founders of the funky Stockholm based children’s brand, as a reminder that they once had the idea of creating a pet beauty salon in Las Vegas. Unforgettable! Helene and Jakob pause with their children Caspar & Tim, and they answer the Pirouette questions, for our great pleasure. Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Ada Pilastro, 5 and half years old – Roma, Italy

December 20, 2010
Ada Pilastro, almost 6 years old, lives in Rome with her mother. She practices artistic gymnastic and she has an immense admiration for her uncle Andrea, who lives in Milan. Andrea Pilastro, also called “Zio Andrea”, recently reminded the importance of role models for children : uncles, godfathers and friends, so I decided it was a good occasion for an uncle/niece interview! Andrea works in fashion &communication; he is the director of And’studio Milan. Continue Reading
Parent & Child interviews

Family Gerbier – Manhattan, NY

December 5, 2010

First time on Pirouette : a whole family interview! Gena and Stephane Gerbier, co-owners of YoyaMart ( and their two children (Noah4 andHannah10 years old). Gena is a full time children’s retailer while Stephane divides his time between the stores and his activity of photographer & director’s agent. A family full of positive energy, like the city they live in. Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Keira-Mae, 5 years old – Montreal, Canada

November 8, 2010

Chantal is a designer ( and blogger ( from Montreal, very active on Twitter, always looking for new ideas and inspirations, generously sharing her great finds. When asked about her daughter, Keira-Mae, 5 years old, she says : “Keira-Mae is a little Montrealer who loves to be friends with everyone. If she doesn’t know your name, she will just call you, ‘mon amie!’. Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Milan, 10 years old – Los Angeles, USA

November 4, 2010

Milan is a bit of a dream son for a mom : into sports (football and surf)  but also very interested by the arts, creative (he makes amazing drawings), fashion savvy (he has a very precise idea of what he likes and how to wear things) and last but not least, very protective with his little sister Colette, 3 years old. A great source of joy for Delphine, a French writer based in LA since 1996, 2/3 time mother, 1/3 time writer. Continue Reading