Lilou, 6 y old – Singapore

1 - Mother&daughters

Lilou wakes up every morning with a smile. Naturally curious, she keeps asking questions and she talks a lot. She is also very dreamy, she loves listening to stories and she is very sensitive to music. Elen Tardivel her mother is a fashion designer, and the co-founder of Mimi cocotte et les petits loups.

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Jasmine & Tom Seager, 12 & 10 yrs old – East Preston, West Sussex


Mother of  talented artist Jasmine and  team rider for RRD Kiteboarding Tom, Anna Seager is the founder of founder of Little Crab Designs. Interview of mother and children, all very much into surfing and kite surfing!

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Nico, 6 y old – Oviedo, Spain


Author of blog escarabajosbichosymariposasMaria Cañal describes her son Nico as a dreamer, a really sensitive and fun boy. “He makes me laugh… He loves drawing and can be hours just with a piece of paper and a pen. He also loves sports and wants to be a good surfer… and he is definitely a nice and gentle boy!!’.

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Kaijsa Davey, 13 y old – San Francisco, USA

Kaijsa & Kathryn Davrey

“Kaijsa is the sweetest. She is one of the most thoughtful people I have know, she is like 5 feet of sunshine, she’s a fantastic dancer” says Kathryn Davey of her daughter. “She loves music & dancing in the kitchen, she’s got serious soul & a great sense of humor. She inspires & amazes me on a daily basis”. Kathryn is the Owner and designer of

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Ruby, 4 y old – London, UK

Kate & Ruby Portraits

Ruby has a passion for dogs, so walking Rufus, her big sheep dog is the best thing in life.  She would even turn herself into a dog, if she had a magic wand! Her mother Kate Pietrasik is the owner & founder of Tootsa MacGinty.

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Lyla and Jillian, 5 y old – New York, USA


Lyla and Jillian want to be princess superheroes, because they say, “super heroes are kind, funny, creative and they make people smile and laugh”. Mother of the two superheroes is Marci Cheary, who creates modern art prints for home, fun t-shirts and whimsical prints for kids (Marci

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Hector, 8 y old – South of France


Hector is the oldest of a family of four boys. If you ask Hector about himself, he will tell you that his passion is reading (“ma passion c’est lire”). For Hector, reading isn’t just a few pages here and there, it’s devouring the full Harry Potter series in 3 weeks. Loïca his mother is a Homeschooling Tutor. You can learn more about her through her blog 24Heuresavecmoi.

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Theo, 12 & Bailey, 8 – UK

Mother and child interview

You can always find Theo lost in a book, a funny movie or a great computer game. Very logical, he is eager to learn the correct and technical way of doing things.  He likes playing tennis, cricket and surfing. Energetic and strong, Bailey loves to be outside (no matter what the weather is).  Surfing and hanging out with family and friends is something she couldn’t live without. Mother of the two, Vikki Tucker is an Interior Architect/Designer, founder of  Hungry Little Minds, which creates fun and creative toys.

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Nico, 5 y old – Brooklyn, USA

Nico on the beach


Nico is the strongest person in the world and he is only scared by spiders, nothing else. His mother, Teresa Lagerman, is the founder of new e-store Brooklyn Makers.

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Helena, 3y old – Brooklyn, New York USA


“Helena is a beautifully spirited child. She is an adventurer at heart, very curious and with lots of energy, she has no fear and this sometimes gets her in trouble. She  likes to spreads love around, it’s a lot of fun to be around her” says Jimena Bruguera, founder of HBB Industria Argentinaabout her daughter. 

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Dylan, 4 – London,UK


Dylan is a quiet intelligent boy at school but turns into a crazy, funny, super competitive busy body at home. He loves his toy monkey and has a whole family of monkeys on his bed which he named after all his family. He also loves his cars, national flags, drawing, cooking and watching Top Gear and sports. He is obsessed with big numbers and giving out Michelin stars for our home cooking. Jen Taylor, his mother, is an architect and has recently launched her design-led brand Hokolo which features products with unique prints and

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Cesar, 10 & Marguerite, 8 – Paris, France

Edouard Renevier, with children Cesar and Marguerite

Cesar is a nice mix of fun and anxious. Marguerite (Daisy) is a real flower, opening only when confident. She’s fun and girly. Edouard Renevier their father is the Founder of, a website for sharing ideas.

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