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Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child interviews

Vincent, 4 years old – New York, USA

September 19, 2012

Vincent is everything NYC! He loves to dance, ride his scooter outside, swim, ride the big boy bus to school, and sneak as many slices of pizza, cupcakes, and cookies as he possibly can in any given day. He enjoys every second of his new role as a big brother, and can’t stand shoes that he can’t put on himself (ahem, laces!!), mommy combing through his curly hair at the end of each bath. Eyana, his mother, has worn multiple hats in the corporate industry — working in management consulting, investment banking, and the beauty industry until she assumed her role of motherhood. She now owns STORK, a children’s retail boutique in Brooklyn.

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Parent & Child interviews

Anae, 6 ½ years old – Paris, France

September 12, 2012
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Anaé  (little flower in Japanese) loves costumes, spangles dresses, make up, glitters… She got into this in NYC where she lived for 4 years and used to go to school in tutu or even dressed up as often as she could. “She is something special…always adding her touch of style even when she was a very little girl. All her teachers said she would be a famous fashion designer someday” says her mother Gabrielle, Founder of La Langerie. Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Martha, 3,5 year old – London, UK

August 14, 2012

Martha is an energetic and fun loving 3½ year old.  She loves bunnies, Babybel and her best friend Astrid.  Martha enjoys dressing up and insists on wearing either her ballerina dress or Piglet costume on a daily basis. Henrietta her mother is the co-owner of Belle Enfant.  She loves “her daughters Martha and Margot, her husband Richard, good Champagne, a sleeping baby, Art Nouveau enamel jewellery – beauty in all its many forms”. Continue Reading