Coco, 4 years old – Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (UK)


Dancing ,drawing, swimming, baking and jumping on her trampoline – Claire Harper the mother is the founder of IndiaCoco

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Tyler, 9 years old – New York, USA

Ali Wing & son, Tyler in Barcelona

Tyler is a sports enthusiast, and begrudgingly good pianist.  Ali Wing his mother is the Founder/CEO of giggle and, the stylish chain of baby products for new and expecting parents.

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Zoe, 4 years – Hyderabad, India


Zoe is a world traveler, a pink lover, a daydreamer who wants to be a princess and can not live without her bunny “Pinpin”. Born in NYC from a French/German + a Belgian father, she carries three passports. She loves many things in life, but her dislikes are funny ones :  having water in her eyes, anything green in her plate, socks, sparkling water, spicy food and having to count backwards from 10 to one for school.

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Iris, 6 years old – London, UK

Florence Rolando Iris Viesulas

With a child like Iris at home, we feel we don’t need to go to the theatre or to the circus anymore. She’s a real entertainer and a comic, and we laugh for a whole evening when she starts a show. But her true passion is drawing and she can spend hours with a pencil in hand. It feels very strange to me, the usual interviewer to be part of the game…But it’s fun! Florence/Pirouette

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Wade, 7 years old – Bradford (Yorkshire), UK

Screen shot 2012-07-03 at 14.52.10

Wade is a kind and helpful big brother to Holden (3) and Pearl (2). A thoughtful creative boy who loves climbing trees and is a talented artist, specializing in quirky little monsters! Mother Anna Roberts is an artist. She illustrated book covers and worked for magazines including Dazed and Confused. She recently began to draw some of the many photographs she’s taken of her own children and she created Out To Play when people started asking her to do commissions of their kids.

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Jesse Antolini, 5 years old – Marche, Italy

Beverley and Jesse

A sensitive soul and an animal rescuer of the world.. “if I were big enough mummy, I would give the fisherman who catch and kill all the small fish a big smack!”.  Bev Luckings his mother is a talented Pan-European PR and wanna be Vertical Gardener  (soon this will become reality!).

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Lotte, 5 years old – City Hertfordshire, UK


“Lotte talks ALOT. She is funny, creative and smells of just baked biscuits when she is asleep. She is mortally scarred of any animal bigger than a gnat. She dreams about having long straight blonde hair, its her obsession but unfortunately her own hair just doesn’t want to grow and is beautifully curly”. A creative pattern cutter who previously worked in costume design, Nicola Rodgers is the founder and designer of

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Edoardo, 2,5 years – Milano, Italy


“Edoardo, aldo called Edo, is a joyful child, full of imagination and energy, who loves dancing and listening to rock music. He has an absurd passion for church bells. In Italy there are many small churches, so whenever we go around, maybe during mass hours, the church bells start ringing  and he’s just the happiest kid on this planet! “. Beatrice his mother is Jewellery designer and owner of the brand : “BeA legami preziosi

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Cara & Ines Lindemann, 7 & 5 years old – London, UK

Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 09.48.04

Ines wants to be a singer, dreams about castles, princesses and sparkles; all things rather predictable for a 5 years old. Two years older, her sister Cara is a lot more pragmatical and takes the occasion of this interview to pass an important message : she doesn’t like very much her violin lessons! Hester Gray their mother is the owner of Hester Gray London

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Ines Menoyo, 3 years old – Coral Gables, Florida


Ines is a delicious little girl full of energy, imagination and fantasy. She loves interacting with people and telling stories. A real entertainer!  Ines also loves to dance, sing, garden and play dress up. Her mother Alicia Kossick is the owner of, purveyor of exceptional hand crafted fashion. 

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Vadim, 10 years old – NY, USA


Vadim is a Tap Dancer with a mysterious soul. Cecile his mother is a Gemologist and Jewelry Designer.

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Rose 9, Daisy 8 years old – Exmoor (Somerset), UK

Daisy Rose A4 & A3

Rose is full of life. She loves animals especially horses. Daisy is a ray of sunshine, happiest on the rope swing outside her dad’s workshop, singing just for the sake of it. The two girls and their older sister live in a timber framed house built by their parents, Karina and Rob Heard. Have a look at the girl’s beds…dreamy. Rob also creates amazing Bough House sculptures, inspired by the rolling countryside surrounding his home. Karina works for her husband.

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