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Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child interviews

Lotte, 5 years old – City Hertfordshire, UK

June 26, 2012

“Lotte talks ALOT. She is funny, creative and smells of just baked biscuits when she is asleep. She is mortally scarred of any animal bigger than a gnat. She dreams about having long straight blonde hair, its her obsession but unfortunately her own hair just doesn’t want to grow and is beautifully curly”. A creative pattern cutter who previously worked in costume design, Nicola Rodgers is the founder and designer of Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Edoardo, 2,5 years – Milano, Italy

June 23, 2012

“Edoardo, aldo called Edo, is a joyful child, full of imagination and energy, who loves dancing and listening to rock music. He has an absurd passion for church bells. In Italy there are many small churches, so whenever we go around, maybe during mass hours, the church bells start ringing  and he’s just the happiest kid on this planet! “. Beatrice his mother is Jewellery designer and owner of the brand : “BeA legami preziosiContinue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Rose 9, Daisy 8 years old – Exmoor (Somerset), UK

June 3, 2012

Rose is full of life. She loves animals especially horses. Daisy is a ray of sunshine, happiest on the rope swing outside her dad’s workshop, singing just for the sake of it. The two girls and their older sister live in a timber framed house built by their parents, Karina and Rob Heard. Have a look at the girl’s beds…dreamy. Rob also creates amazing Bough House sculptures, inspired by the rolling countryside surrounding his home. Karina works for her husband.

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Parent & Child interviews

Prune, 11 years old – Paris, France

May 24, 2012

Prune (La prune actually, which is a nickname) is the kindest girls on earth, always attentive to other people’s well being. She also has greats principles and she can be quite rigid about them. High school is a bit hard sometimes as she can’t stand people who don’t listen and are trouble makers. Continue Reading