Emily, 6 years old – Bath, UK


“Emily has a little brother Jojo and they couldn’t be more different from one another. It’s so hard to describe your kids without sounding like a gushy fool so I’ll keep it short. Emily likes to talk. Jojo doesn’t “.

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Lara, 9 years old – London, UK


“My daughter Lara is complete tomboy and shy but quirky and imaginative, passionate about her tree house” says Francesca Longrigg, a songwriter, at present of cd ‘The Land of Sometimes ‘ for children.

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Nathan James, 5 & Carla-Rose 3 y old – Eze Bord-de-mer, France/Pacific Palisades, California

photo 4

Nathan is a very joyful and communicative boy with a passion for animals; he talks about them to every person he meets! Carla-Rose, as joyful as her brother, is articulate as well as being a true artist.

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Oscar, 6.5 years old & Selma, 3.5 – London, UK


Oscar and Selma are in love with dogs, but  they also are into clothes a lot, dreaming of  pink bowtie (Oscar) and pink dress with diamonds (Selma).

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Iago, 6 years old – Lima, Peru


A very stylish boy, Iago is and is very passionate about things, crazy about soccer ; he loves to draw and he loves numbers. Equally stylish, Michela his mother is

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Mateo, 3 years old – Buenos Aires, Argentina


Mateo is always singing, dancing and chatting! He is really funny, and being just 3 years old, some of the questions had funny answers” says Alejandra about her son. This makes me happy as I always like funny answers! An Architect and a Designer, Alejandra is also the founder of www.severinakids.com.

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Lautaro, 7 years old and Madison, 5 – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lauti and Madi

Here’s a boy who loves little cars, and can spend a lot of time playing with his huge collection. But Lautaro is also curious about what’s going on in his environment. He recently passed his first English exam; he was standard-bearer and won a history contest in school.

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Eulalie, 4.5 years old – Paris, France

eulalie plage

Eulalie is a cute as her name, and as blod as the summer sun - Marine her mother is the founder of e-store Little Factory.

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Georges, 20 months – New York, USA

Georges' hat

Georges has three passions, cars, especially Taxis ; nature (animals and flowers) and all kind of books. “He is a very happy, tempered and funny little boy, a real clown says” his mother Pauline Lévêque, a journalist (jolpress.com - paulineleveque.com)

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Jonas Parker, 6 years old – New York, USA


Jonas is very outgoing.  “ If you don’t know him, one day you will ! “ - Heloise Parker his mother is the owner of Lifestyle Website and Pop-Up store Ahmee  (524 Hudson Street, NY 10014), open until summer 2012.

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Lola, 12 years old – Nouméa, New Caledonia


Our mother and child of the the day are hard core travelers and adventurers. Lola doesn’t go to school anymore, she’s studying at home because there’s no French school in Salvador de Bahia, where she will be moving soon moving. Her mother Vanessa Pol,  founder of Zanzibook (Kids book App publisher) and father spend a lot of time with her; she helps her mother with Zanzibook

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Eve Bowker, 4 years old – Washington DC, USA


Eve is a conversationalist! She is also an athlete who loves to climb and to run whenever she is outside, and a budding aesthete who likes to read and draw intricate pictures when she is inside.  She adores playing with her family and friends, especially her baby sister, her school friends, and her cousins. Amanda is an art historian with a specialization in photo history.

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