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In conversation with founder Laura Egloff and her go to stylist Jessica Zindren : Velveteen AW17

September 19, 2017

With each new collection, a new photography campaign is required to promote, capture and draw attention to the clothes. Producing a photography campaign that reflects the new collection is a process between designers, stylist and photographer. We enter into conversation with Velveteen founder Laura Egloff and her go to stylist Jessica Zindren to talk about their process in creating the imagery for a collection and gain some insight into how the AW17 Velveteen campaign developed into a fun, eclectic Wes Anderson inspired shoot.

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Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child: Alessandra (6yrs) & Gabriel (4yrs) – Laura Egloff, Velveteen

April 24, 2017
Mother & child interview : Gabriel & Alessandra - Velveteen

Gabriel (4 years old) and Alessandra (6 years old) live with their parents in Hong Kong. Laura Egloff their mother is a fashion designer and the founder of children’s fashion label Velveteen. Alessandra and Gabriel have a close relationship and complement each other quite well. When one is tired or cranky, the other will try to make them feel better. They’re both very sensitive souls but in very different ways. They are 2 years apart but were born on the same day, exactly 12 hrs apart (4:07 am and 4:07 pm) which they believe makes them “twins”. Laura finds it interesting to see how strong their personalities have been ingrained in them since birth. In many ways they’re almost two sides of the same coin.

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Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child interview: Sabrina Palmisano & Hannah Gunzig – 7 years later

April 6, 2017
Sabrina Palmisano & Hannah Gunzig

In 2010 as part of our Parent and child interview we spoke to Hannah and her mother Sabrina from the store Boucle d’or in Brussels. Hannah was 8 years old and she wanted to be an actress and a writer. Seven years later, she thinks she hasn’t changed much. She has a bigger room, wants to become a film director and has a long list of countries she wants to visit…

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Parent & Child interviews

Lulu (8 yrs) and Hattie (4 and a half), Scotland

January 8, 2017
Lulu and Hattie

Lulu and Hattie live with their parents Katie & Richard Kendrick beside a sandy surfers bay in the Scottish Borders. Lulu is a kind and generous girl with a wise head on her shoulders. The midwife said “this one’s been here before”. There have been many occasions when this is easily to believe. She possesses fantastic method acting skills, perfect comedy timing and is a most tolerant big sister. She’s also a lego fanatic.
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