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English at Your Desk & Little Creative Factory:

June 28, 2018
Clare, Cristina & Little Creative factory team

Like it or hate, the English language is key to communicating/ trading in the International market. Good communications skills translate to sales, poor communication skills cause confusion and hesitancy that can result in lost sales.

Last Summer Cristina Fernandez designer and founder of Spanish based slow fashion label Little Creative Factory decided to invite Clare Posnack of English At Your Desk over to Barcelona for a four week stint in house. Clare’s task was to help improve the business English skills of the Little Creative Factory team. In recent years Little Creative Factory has undergone huge expansion, and is now stocked in over 30 countries. Because of her increased International client base Cristina felt it was important to invest in improving her team’s English skills. So what did English at Your Desk do for Little Creative Factory? Lets find out more. Continue Reading

Business Business interviews Interviews

Agent series: Ana Castán Puente, Tabata Kids Barcelona.

June 13, 2018
Tabata Kids

We start off our series on the role of the agent in children’s fashion with an interview from Barcelona based Tabata Kids who represents the likes of Organic Zoo, Emile et Ida, Sleepy Doe and more.

Any label looking to develop it’s customer base will at some point consider working with an agent. However finding the correct agent can seem daunting, the pitfalls of getting it wrong can be both painful and expensive. If you get it right however, the advantage to your brand in that market can be huge. So how do you find the correct agent, or do they find you? We talk to 3 children’s fashion agents about their own approach, what they look for when signing a new label, and their role as intermediary between client and brand from their perspective.
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Business Business interviews Interviews

THE POP-UP: We talk expectations, objectives & how to measure success!

November 16, 2017

The pop-up… We ask is it now an integral part of a brand’s marketing strategy? Well according to PopUp Republic, the pop-up industry has grown to approximately $10 billion in sales. Pop-ups come in many different models from the small self-organised pop-up to larger collective pop-ups organised by a 3rd party or hosted by a multi-brand store. Labels are realising that providing the customer with the opportunity to experience their brand in real life is more valuable than ever before. We talk with Dimitra Zavakou of Little Pop Up, Tania Vargas of Goat Milk and Teresa Zimmermann from The Small Gatsby about their experiences of the pop-up. Continue Reading