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Mom Joyce Heere, and child models Romy (7yrs) & Mauro (9yrs)

June 1, 2018
Romy Heere - child model

Joyce Heere is mom to two children, Mauro (9 yrs) and Romy who has Down syndrome (7yrs) they live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Joyce is a single mom and her two children love to model and act. Romy goes to a regular elementary school in Amsterdam where she has got lots of friends. Since the day Romy was born, she loves to be the centre of attention. She loves to be photographed and model. Her brother was signed with a model agency but sadly all of the big agencies in Holland have refused Romy because of her Down syndrome. But this is not stopping her from dreaming. Continue Reading

Interviews Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child: Rachel, Carly Connors (child model, & actress in the film The Goldfinch) & Jackson (Sports enthusiast)

May 21, 2018
Carly Connors with her mum Rachel, and brother Jackson

On my last visit to New York I had the privilege of meeting the lovely Rachel Roberge Connors & her beautiful daughter Carly on a shoot at Molly Magnuson’s studio in Brooklyn. Carly is incredibly shy in person, but in front of a camera she transforms into a bright shiny star. Rachel and Carly live with husband and dad Skip, and sports enthusiast son and brother Jackson. Watching Carly’s transformation to confident model in front of the camera makes it easier to believe she stars alongside Nicole Kidman in the eagerly anticipated movie version of the number one selling novel The Goldfinch. Let’s find out more about both Parent & children… Continue Reading

Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child Interview: Kristin Coia (Go Gently Nation), Henry (10yrs) & Kit (7yrs)

February 10, 2018
Interview with Kristin Coia designer and founder of Go Gently Nation

Kristin Coia designer and founder of Go Gently Nation lives in Manhattan Beach, CA with husband Henry, her son, also called Henry, 10 yrs old and a daughter, Katherine (Kit), 7 yrs old.

Henry is an old soul, protector of all living things and his Mom too. He is kind, compassionate and full of goodness. He is a loving little boy that may never ever grow up (Kristin’s little Peter Pan). He tells me “he will never go far away from home”.

Kit. Well she is a redhead, need I say more!? She took every ounce of my energy since the day she was born. She is more determined than any human I have ever met and will fight for her cause till the end. She is the cutest little girl however and her darling voice, and spirit for life will make you melt. Before even realizing it, you are woven into her little web. She will be a leader someday, and how very proud I already am of her!

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Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child: Alessandra (6yrs) & Gabriel (4yrs) – Laura Egloff, Velveteen

April 24, 2017
Mother & child interview : Gabriel & Alessandra - Velveteen

Gabriel (4 years old) and Alessandra (6 years old) live with their parents in Hong Kong. Laura Egloff their mother is a fashion designer and the founder of children’s fashion label Velveteen. Alessandra and Gabriel have a close relationship and complement each other quite well. When one is tired or cranky, the other will try to make them feel better. They’re both very sensitive souls but in very different ways. They are 2 years apart but were born on the same day, exactly 12 hrs apart (4:07 am and 4:07 pm) which they believe makes them “twins”. Laura finds it interesting to see how strong their personalities have been ingrained in them since birth. In many ways they’re almost two sides of the same coin.

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Parent & Child interviews

Parent & Child interview: Sabrina Palmisano & Hannah Gunzig – 7 years later

April 6, 2017
Sabrina Palmisano & Hannah Gunzig

In 2010 as part of our Parent and child interview we spoke to Hannah and her mother Sabrina from the store Boucle d’or in Brussels. Hannah was 8 years old and she wanted to be an actress and a writer. Seven years later, she thinks she hasn’t changed much. She has a bigger room, wants to become a film director and has a long list of countries she wants to visit…

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Parent & Child interviews

Lulu (8 yrs) and Hattie (4 and a half), Scotland

January 8, 2017
Lulu and Hattie

Lulu and Hattie live with their parents Katie & Richard Kendrick beside a sandy surfers bay in the Scottish Borders. Lulu is a kind and generous girl with a wise head on her shoulders. The midwife said “this one’s been here before”. There have been many occasions when this is easily to believe. She possesses fantastic method acting skills, perfect comedy timing and is a most tolerant big sister. She’s also a lego fanatic.
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