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Is Kidswear Declined Into Adult’s The Way To Go?

December 7, 2016

There was a time when adult brands were launching their own kids lines, one after the other : Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney, Burberry, Chloé, Marni, etc. The opposite model – “mini-me” going to “maxi-me”  – is a more recent trend, as a bunch of cool brands show us: Caramel, Macarons,  Bobo Choses, Smokks, Jess Brown have all added lines for grown-ups…!
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Mood of the day Photography

Interview : Photographer Zoe Adlersberg

December 5, 2016
Tuchinda_fw2017_Zoe Adlersberg

We speak to the wonderfully talented Zoe Adlersberg who began her career in photography 16 years ago having previously worked in advertising, that is until the birth of her first child, Uma, in 2007. Motherhood changed Zoe’s artistic perspective and focus, and she decided to explore the world of children’s fashion photography.
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Grace Baby&Child: Christmas capsule collection

November 30, 2016
GraceBabyandChild - Christmas Capsule collection -bonnet

The advent calendar is up ready and waiting, Christmas is coming. With Winter starting officially tomorrow the days are colder and the nights longer… it’s time to stay cozy but cozy doesn’t mean throwing on anything to keep the chill away, it can also be chic according to Grace Baby&Child who recently launched a capsule collection specifically tailored for the holiday season. Continue Reading

Documentation Products

Toyella and the Cool Toys

November 26, 2016

British online store Toyella offers a great range of gifts that promote traditional play and interaction. With a focus on hard to find, different items with a high level of style and design, their toys bring a depth of social, physical, educational and developmental benefit.

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Culture Health

Smart Food For Smart Kids

November 22, 2016
Healthy Food - Nutrition for smart brains

The right nutritional approach can make a great difference in a child’s development, with so much impact on intellectual capacities, concentration and behaviour – not to mention general health of course. We keep hearing about the five-a-day fruits/veg, but there is a bit more to it than that.
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Positive ‘Doll’ Models

November 14, 2016
Giant wave comprising of hundreds of Barbie dolls. Installation by Belgian artist Annette on an Australian beach.

Until fairly recently due to sanctions imposed by my eldest daughter, Barbie had never set foot through our front door. Now times have changed there is a second legislator in the house, a sparkly younger sister who seems to be collecting a girl gang that could rival that of Taylor Swift, all fully equipped with blown up lips and dressed in clothing surely made for a smaller doll.

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Culture Design - Home Decor Mood of the day

Urban Farming : Top Job Of The Future?

November 9, 2016

Ever make mud pies when you were growing up? These days, kids are as likely to be getting their hands dirty in the vegetable garden. Which could be a professional asset for them in the future! Urban farmers will be sought after, as futurists explain in this interesting article. Architects, like Sine Lindholm who created this Growing Sphere, are also considering the implications of a boom in Urban Agriculture.
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