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“A children’s company helping children….isn’t that just logical?” a little goes a long way!

January 10, 2018

A while back Tina Tuchinda replied to a question I posed about her company donating a proportion of all sales to support abused & neglected children. Tina’s answer , really struck a cord. … “A children’s company helping children….isn’t that just logical?”. Yes, it makes so much sense, and in fact there are many labels doing just that, forging their way with a social conscious, with either dedicated projects aimed at raising funds or donating a percentage of sales for children in need.

There are many reasons a consumer buys into a label, the design, the quality, a beautiful aestitic or the percieved lifestyle. The additional factor of a children’s fashion/design label “doing their bit” and actively pursuing a socially conscious objective is surely an additional reason to invest.

We take a look at some labels trying to make a diffence – a little bit can go a long way. Especially if we all do our bit!

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As Gucci commits to going fur free we share some great Faux Fur in kid’s fashion #CoupDeCoeur AW17

November 7, 2017
Faux Fur kid's fashion picks

It was big news from luxury Italian label Gucci last month when they announced their plan to stop using fur from 2018. It may be almost 30 years since PETA started campaigning against the use of fur in fashion but according to animal welfare campaigners, this is a huge ‘game changer’ in the fashion industry.

Of late we have seen a growing trend of exciting and elaborate faux fur outerwear in kid’s fashion from both the smaller and larger labels. So in light of this decision from the luxury giant of the fashion industry to commit to faux fur in the future we have compiled our favourite #CoupeDeCoeur Faux Fur pieces currently on the market for Aw17. In the process, we also find out why Gucci has made this historic move now.

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Chunky Textured Knits AW17 #CoupDeCoeur

September 27, 2017
#coupdecoeur Chunky Textured Knits AW17

Knitwear basics are good and a core staple to a winter wardrobe, but it’s also good to fall in love from time to time and invest in a statement piece, that will last through from child to child. Luckily oversized chunky textured statement knits make an eye-catching appearance in children’s knitwear for the AW17 season. During the selling season, we discovered a number of #CoupDeCoeur special pieces at the shows. Chunky, fringing, loops, travelling ribs, with such personality these covetable knitwear pieces demand their own names. So let’s introduce you to the 1981 Jumper, Sky Vest, Cecilia Coatigan and more…


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4 days and counting. Florence departs on humanitarian trip to Nepal – Humla Fund

September 11, 2017
Florence Rolando preparing for trip to Nepal - Humla fund

It’s a busy week for Florence in the lead up to the start of her trip to Nepal. She is part of a medical team bringing healthcare to people in remote rural Nepal. I was able to catch her for a quick chat before she heads off to the mountains. So what does her family think of Florence undertaking this adventure, and what five essential items is she taking with her, let’s find out…

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Intrigue, Suspense, Tension: The Small Gatsby Youth Quake teaser

September 1, 2017
Youth Quake The Small Gatsby

The intrigue, the suspense, the tension! Drawing upon 60’s espionage style film The Small Gatsby have produced a short film “Youth Quake” to be released in full on the 8th of September to herald in their Aw17 collection. Here’s a little exclusive trailer to give you a taste of what’s to come. The eye acting is superb and we’re not sure if that’s the little barrister’s real hair, maybe a spy ? let’s see….

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Summer Holiday Stories Part III

August 22, 2017

Where do our favourite childrenswear owners and designers go on holidays? Some destinations will make you dream, big time! Third part of the best summer 2013 holiday memories of cool families : Oeuf Clothier in South of France, Naif Magazine in Spain, Zid zid kids in Tangier, Pom d’Api in Les Cevennes, Agence Violette in Andalusia.
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Looking for a fresh little discovery? City Goats

August 21, 2017
City Goats AW17 collection connection

Looking for a fresh little discovery? City Goats was one of Pirouettes finds at the Kids Show in Paris. Ching Ching the designer and label founder has created a relaxed chic line, crafted with botanical dyes using organic cotton and sustainable to boot. Ching Ching will be showing the ss18 collection at Playtime Tokyo starting the 22nd of August so if your attending go say ‘hi’ we’re big fans of the ss18 colouring. So, Let’s hear a little from Ching Ching and then play spot the city goat in the AW17 photography, what’s not to love about this label.

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