Goat Milk : Top of Vogues’ list of Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Brands

Goat Milk

To celebrate Earth Day yesterday,  Vogue delivered a great list of eco-conscious, environmentally, and ethically minded items for children. New York based label Goat Milk is on top of the list and we want to say Bravo to them and thanks you to Vogue for sharing this list of brands that can make a difference for our future. 

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Yoli & Otis : togetherness looking glamorous

Yoli and Otis

I don’t know if it is this timid New York spring weather or the gorgeous pictures on their website but Yoli & Otis, a brand new Australian-based brand, completely stole my heart and makes me longing for summer. If I didn’t have a mini mini at home I would definitely want to have

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What’s in your Lunchbox?

Vintage Lunchbox Archive

I miss my lunchbox. In my early school years I went through several. My favourite was probably the Evel Knievel daredevil edition, in death-defying red-white-and-blue. What a great invention, with its embossed drawings and bright colours. In the more stressful moments of the financial crisis, as penny-pinching exercise I took to preparing a ‘lunchbox’ to work. As I travel even

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Solly baby : comfy yet stylich baby wrap carrier

solly baby

During the first few months, carrying your baby close to your heart is the best way to cozy up with your newborn while giving you the freedom to take on your daily life. Solly Baby wraps know how to make  “baby wearing“ look good.

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Easter Rabbit, by Mathilde de Turckheim


Today to celebrate Easter I wore a super cute rabbit necklace by Mathilde de Turckheim, It lives in my drawers since 5 years, and it still gets a lot of attention every time it gets on my neck. The dolls and rabbit dolls that Mathilde creates are all unique and handmade by women in Sri Lanka. The dresses and outfits are a mix of

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Hatch in style


While expecting my third child, I knew this was the last pregnancy. So, although I still wanted to look “myself” and as good as possible while being with a bump, I also knew I didn’t want to splurge too much on pregnancy clothes that I would not be able to wear again. That’s why I literally fell head over heels with the Hatch collections.

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Sunday Video : Let’s sing!

Mantra with Tina Turner

Good old Tina Turner singing Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu, a moving Peace Mantra while kids are playing, smiling, dancing. A good way to start the day. Happy Sunday!

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Pala Mino : Sportswear Inspired

Pala Mino

Pala-Mino‘s collection for boys and girls seems to have been created for design and architecture lovers with its strong shapes highlighted by fresh colour palette of navy, grey + pops of gold, tangerine and lilac. A nod to the sportswear of the 90′s that make me think of French brand Dorotennis, for those who remember it.

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Lille Huset: Dream homes in the making


We discovered little Huset (Norwegian for “little house”) at Playtime New York last year. We were literally drawn to the colorful and playful booth before totally falling under the spell of the founder Alyson Beaton. She is as fun and sweet as her little eco-friendly modular cardboard houses.

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Macarons x Chapter 2

Macarons X Chapter 2

Innovative and buzz-generating brands Macarons  and Chapter 2 have decided to team, hurray! Both  share a passion for high quality, natural materials, regional craftsmanship and avant-garde design.  The fruit of this co-creations are stylish boot JOY and the matching belt GIOIA.

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There’s no place like home… away from home

Wisconsin ID499 (Art director, Digital artist)

Traveling with kids can be a challenge. Location, season, amenities all come into play. Of course there’s also the kids’ age to consider. There are the ‘family friendly’ hotel options out there, which can be hit and miss. What could be better than staying at home… away from home? Enter Behomm, a house swap portal for design professionals. 

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Milk on the Rocks, Last Orders Call !

milk on the rocks

This a busy time for brands who are gathering their orders after the shows, to send their quantities to factories. Retailers, Milk on the Rocks is one line not to be missed as it is very punchy. Perfect for who complains that there is very little on the market for boys!

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