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Analog Animals

February 11, 2016
Jane Kim at work

Last summer we stumbled upon an unlikely relic, the Tado Ivanausko Zoologijos museum in Kaunas Lithuania. Here is a splendidly preserved time capsule of a natural history museum. It seemed like the entire animal kingdom in taxidermy, hidden away in a cabinet of curiosities that felt like it had not been opened since the Iron Curtain fell. We were practically the only people in the place. It was thrilling. Continue Reading

Mood of the day

babaa x bobo

February 10, 2016
babaà x Bobo Choses

In the collaboration chapter, here’s a great one, inspired by Jackson Pollock. The lucky aftermath of a love story between Spanish brands babaà and bobo chose : a knitted jersey for kids and mums, in a classic Babaà shape, 100% organic cotton compiled, spun, and dyed by Spanish artisans. Continue Reading