Science and Silliness

American Museum of Natural History & Cambridge University

Since we visited Patagonia and learned about the straights of Magellan – tracing the H.M.S. Beagle’s voyage on a map – Darwin has captured our girls’ imaginations. The imaginations of Darwin’s own children have recently come to vivid light, on the very pages of the original manuscript of “The Origin of the Species. This is the only

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Organic babies by Winter Water Factory

Winter Water Factory - Sweet William

Be bold and make a statement in Winter Water Factory! Their crisp organic cotton is printed with imaginative graphics. Happy, colourful, the whole range was freshly delivered to store Sweet William yesterday. To buy on the spot in NE, Brooklyn, LA, or online.

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Rylee and Cru: soft shades of goodness

Rylee and Cru

Rylee and Cru is a new promising poetic children’s brand founded last November by super talented illustrator and blogger Kelli Murray.

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Ropachica, for girls 8 to 16


Carola Huidobro studied fashion design in Madrid and worked 16 years as accessories designer. Five years ago she launched Ropachica, a brand that targets girls aged 8 to 16. A interesting, growing segment with still only few players.

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Sunday Video : Paint with Lego

Painting with Lego

Here’s a cute animated video, for lego fans and artists of all ages…

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Classy Classrooms

Oslo International School

When we visited the Lycée Francais de Porto for the very first time, I found myself thinking: “I want to go back to school!”. The campus is on the grounds of the Serralves park, the vast landscaped garden of a Portuguese industrialist that were bequeathed to Porto to create the Serralves Foundation Museum and the school.

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Mabo Kids : simple style with a twist


Created by Utah based designer Emily McMaster, Mabo is a small clothing line focusing on simple, comfortable yet chic styles for boys and girls from 0 to 9 years. When looking at the collection – mainly using organic cotton- you realize that, indeed, sometimes less is definitely more.

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“One Day Young” by Jenny Lewis : The Book


Last year I posted about  One Day Young”, a collection of images of women at home with their newborns, taken within the first 24 hours of life. A very moving collection of portraits, that photographers Jenny Lewis gathered in a book that will be published on March 12.

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Nobodinoz : a factory of creativity and new ideas


It started with a store in Barcelona, filled with a great assortment of contemporary products for kids. A few years later, Nobodinoz has turned into a label producing furniture, deco, clothing, toys and all things fun and new. Their collections focus on quality, durability and sustainability, keeping in mind that good and beautiful things should also be affordable.

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Sunday Video : young humpback whale dancing after she’s been saved

humpback whale saying thanks to her saviours

The video below features Michael Fishbach, who is the co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC). He narrates his encounter with a young humpback whale that’s entangled in local fishing nets. Without Michel, this whale was approaching near death. After the rescue the whale shows amazing appreciation as she follows her saviours and puts on quite a show for them.

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This Video Will Help You A Lot With Your Family Privacy

Privacy settings

Technology and social media are fun, but they can also be become a threat. When you take a photo with your smart phone post it on social media, you are just giving away your location when you . Do you really want that cute photo of your daughter posted on Instagram to reveal your address, your exact child’s bedroom location to anyone who wants to find out ?

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A little Bundle: great things come in little packages

a little bundle

With 3 kids, I’m all about subscriptions that come packaged right to your door and A Little Bundle looks pretty awesome.

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