A great paper companion

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Created by Liam Hopskin, Gerald is a self assembly dog. To be precise, he’s a Bracco Italiano! He comes flat-packed and needs your help to be put together. Gerald is available in limited edition Dazzle (print by Richard Sweeney), Pixel and in plain white.

Made from thick paper, in the United Kingdom. When assembled: 27 × 8 × 20cm. All you need is a ruler, glue, scissors or a craft knife, a steady hand and patience! Available on www.theo-theo.com.

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When design goes organic + spiky

Cb canape cactus



Ouch! Cactus Canape by Cerruti Baleri, design Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman. In display during the Milan Furniture Fair - Exhibit “Transversal Design, Interware, Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman” at the Triennale. Photo by Andrea Martiradonna.




Ouch design cactus


Triple ouch! Via Paolo Rinaldi/Lineasette www.lineasette.eu

This one is particularly intriguing for children : “maman, is it for real”? A very good way to approach the notions of design, form, function, humour, surrealism…



Barbed wire


Barbed Wire, rug by Studio Job for www.nodusrug.it


Roots low


Roots, rug by Matali Crasset for www.nodusrug.it






Metamorphosis bookshelf, hand carved from baltic birch plywood. Design by Sebastian Errazuriz.



Rabbits and dolls, silk and gold

DSC 0653

DSC 0650


Dressed in silk kimonos and bright felt, these little rabbits and dolls are the fruit of a collaboration between jewelry designers Marie-Hélène de Taillac and Mathilde de Turckheim Retif.  Both with a “de” in their elegant names, the two women also share a love for colors, gems, high quality workmanship and quiet design. A great fit for an adorable collection, handmade by Sri-Lankan women though a sustainable network.

Available at Marie-Helene de Taillac,  8 rue de Tournon, Paris 6ème - www.mariehelenedetaillac.com
Click here to see a previous article on Mathilde de Turchheim Retif, and click here for the interview with her and daughter Margot.
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Kidsroom Zoom in Milan

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Ooops, time flies! I am 3 weeks late with my report on Milano Mobile, the furniture fair…The first thing I want to share on Pirouette is Kidsroom Zoom, which was fun with its rich and colorful display of kid’s design. Books, art, furniture, installation : walking the space was like being in a museum, an experimental nursery, a concept store and a flat, all at the same time. Designers and brands included byBO DesignCOLLECT FurnitureKalon StudiosKidsonroofMomoll,NonjetableperludiWhite Elephant DesignLabninetonineNONAH!Jäll & ToftaTukluk,Kostas Syrtariotis.





My favorite part was the installation byMartine Camileri (photos below), an artist who works around food. I had a chance to flip through the pages of her  latest cooking book, a marvel of creativity. The main idea is common sense : if you help a child preparing its own food in a playful way, everything becomes more acceptable to the palate. And Martine is really a master in transforming any food into an edible piece of art. She can turn the “unattractive” veggies (celeriac, leeks, spinach, etc)  into a mouse, spider or car….

No link for the book, but clickhere if you wish to read a fun interview of Martine as a child.


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Kidsroom Zoom is currently in Graz, Austria, for the Design month (2-21 May).  I know that Paola Noe, organizer of the event, is dreaming to take it to other cities, and particularly to London…if the cap fits, wear it!

Crochet, new way


I don’t know very much about Loredana Bonora, but her crochet  and feathers installation at Milano Mobile (Fuori salone, Zona Lambrate), in front of the great Richard Hutten carpet, stayed with me.

Italian Baby Design



Brava Casa, May 2011. By Alessandro Pasinelli - Photos Adriano Brusaferri.


Photo n. 1 : Rosdster Saab, design Ulf Hanses for Playsam – Cushion design Alexander Girard – Bean bag Essent’ial for Jannelli&Volpi, made with Marimekko wallpaper.

Photo n.2 : Bed by A.G. Fronzoni for Cappellini – Mattress Morfeus Young, design Roberto Semprini – On the wall, artwork from Luisa delle Piane Gallery, Milan – Bookcases Piero Lissoni for Porro – Blue armchair Studio d’Architettura Simone Michelli for Adrelina – clothes and shoes Petit Bateau & Zara Kids.

Photo n.3 : Bookshelf design CR&D Pianca per Pianca – Couch Patricia Urquiola fr B&B Italia – Lamp Daphine di Tommaso Cimini for Lumina.

Photo n.4 : Stool Cappellini, design Nendo – Fridge FAB28 by Smeg – Wall lamp Verner Pantone – Table Superstudio for Zanotta – Stool Artek – Alphabet fabric Alexander Girard for Silva.


Paper wonders

Baby shoe book 500

Pattern packet  bright

Baby shoe map 500

Music dress1


Brogue music 500


Since graduating in Textiles from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1999, Jennifer Collier has been working as an artist. She undertakes exhibitions and commissions, selling her work through shops, galleries and shows. Want to learn how to work with paper? Jennifer runs art workshops in schools, colleges and galleries. More info on www.jennifercollier.co.uk.





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After birds, it’s the dog‘s turn to become recurrent decoration icons. Look around, you will start seeing them pictured everywhere.

Holy Smoke animals are handmade from natural linen and vintage textiles, drawn with hand stitching and raw edges to convey expressions of humor and pathos. No two animals are the same and their sizes are variable from 25cm to 50cm in height.

I’ve seen them in real, and I can say it’s hard to resist their fragile features and their hyper real look! holy-smoke.co.uk


Must have toy

10900 Bluemchen und Co


We were offered a set of the Grimm blocks when the children were born, and they are probably the toys that we played the most with. They are still part of the fantasy land of our 5 years old Iris; she finds all sorts of uses for the curved pieces : bridge, boat, bed… This is when I don’t steal the blocks to add a bit of color to our living room. In other words : a must have!


“Discover a world of color and creative play with these fantastic nesting and stacking blocks by Grimm’s, made of natural wood in beautiful rainbow colors, in the style of educational Waldorf toys. Blocks to inspire creative play and develop motor skills among budding artists, architects, builders and craftspeople. Made in Germany. At sweetwilliamltd.com


Job wreckingball2

Job crane


Fun! Lamps by the Dutch design duo Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of Studio Job.

Decor me clever


Etoiles en vrac

Etoiles suspendues

Etoile sachet


Paper garlands les colocataires – available at boutique ZOU, 7 rue Houdon, Paris 18.




Moulded chairs by Paola Navone

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Moulded chairs by Paola Navone – car interiors’moulding technology combined with iconic woven-vinyl laundry bags pattern





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