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Helsinki in style

October 26, 2010






Finland Family Style is the latest addition to Paumes’ collection of lifestyle books, and to their popular ‘Family Style’ series. Paumes knocked on the doors of 16 creative families, based in Helsinki, the capital of Nordic design. Discover the elegant, yet cosy, kid-friendly homes; a peaceful patchwork of individual style, colour and motif. Includes a family-friendly Helsinki city guide for design lovers.


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New arrivals at Bianca and Family

October 25, 2010



Lots of new products arrived at Bianca and Family. For those who don’t know it yet, the e-store offers a selection of vintage furniture, small furnishings, decorations and accessories for children. “Each item has been carefully selected because we fell in love with it, epitomising a mix of childhood memories with a touch of modernity”. Don’t forget to take a peek at the “goodies” section, a kid’s rooms photo gallery; fun!

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Marcel monkey and Beverly bear

October 24, 2010






A former buyer and designer, Craig Anczelowitz always dreamt of making toys. After more than ten years spent in New York working for prestigious companies (Kate’s Paperie, ABC Carpet & Home, Outfitters), Craig decided to settle down in Thailand. He had traveled throughout Asia many times for work and had always enjoyed his time developing home decor there most. Not very long after, he gave birth to Nook-nook, a collection of funny creatures. Handmade with much love, the nook-nooks are produced with respect and care in a family-run workshop in chiang mai, Thailand. The nook nook collection has been created deep within the thickets of the “hideaway forest” to  brighten your day and put a big smile on your face! nook nook features such hand stitched goodies as the cute-as-buttons “critter” dolls, sensationally splendid stationery, petite and precious purses as well as oodles and oodles of adorable accessories”.


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Alphabet cushions, imagination stimulators

October 22, 2010

CAR florence.jpg

Mia florence.jpg

cut out front C.jpg

cut out front O.jpg

Short listed for the Elle Decoration Best of British Design award 2010, the Alphabet cushions by Elsie Dodds are a must! The designs are inspired by a way to learn through association and there is fun to be had finding all that is hidden in the patterns. For children and adults to share and enjoy, to encourage curious natures and stimulate imaginations.

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Pick up truck by Harry Allen

October 20, 2010

Pickup Orange.tiff

Pickup Chrome.tiff

Pickup Limited Edition Blue Chrome.tiff


Harry Allen loves trucks. The beauty of any pickup truck is its utilitarian aesthetic – four strong wheels and the capacity to haul cargo. Cast in resin

from a toy truck, Pickup is a catch-all bowl. 5 x 12 x 6 inches.

Coming in gold, neon orange, chrome and white. The blue chrome is a limited edition.



95 Spring Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10012

+1 212 226 5155 phone

Showroom by appointment only.



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Wild nature inspired rugs

October 20, 2010


Elephants brownblue.jpg




Playful and fun, the vibrantly colored rugs of Indi-B

are intended to foster children’s imagination and creativity, brightening up their floor with vivid, idyllic nature scenes. Creative director Beatrice Girelli, along with the rest of the Indi-B team, design interior rugs to enliven and refresh any room. Coming in many different hues from cool blue tones to warm reds and oranges, each rug is unique yet offers a similar sense of vivacity, fabricating the ideal collection. Indi-B works in accordance with GoodWeave, an organization and certification program that assures only adult artisans – not children – make your rug. These rugs, all handmade with 100% high quality New Zealand wool, come in a rectangular or a circular shape.




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Steel swing, like a sculpture

October 19, 2010



This “mild steel with wax finish” swing by Tom Dixon weights 956 kg. Imagine it in your garden. Indestructible, perfect for the family to swing for hours and days and years, and to pass it to the next and next next next generations. Edition of 8.

Seen at Super Design London, a manifestation that takes place each year during the London Frieze Art Fair.

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Say hello to a new kind of playhouse

October 18, 2010





Sustainable, sleek, and beautiful: those are the right adjectives for this one-room of wonders. Designed by two San Francisco mothers, it is the perfect place for kids to dream big. The structure, a nod to modernist architecture, is built with eco-friendly maple wood and nontoxic finish. It can be embellished with decals or colored paint. So, for $1,250, you can welcome this “doctor’s office/school/experimental kitchen” which will grow with your baby (until 6 years)…
By Mircea Masserini


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Areaware forever…

October 17, 2010





The Salvor Fauna collection (Tees and cushions) had a lot of influence on the market; the graphics have been widely copied, there’s even been copies of the copies. That didn’t affect their attraction power. Simply because they were the first, because they are beautifully made, distributed in the best stores around the world. These animal cushions are still the most desirable ones with their very soft, peach-like organic cotton and perfect consistency, just hard enough to stand nicely. Our zebra and fawn are 6 years old already; they have been kissed, hugged, dragged everywhere in the house, but they are still in excellent condition, soon ready to passed to little friends and cousins.


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Do you know Fermob?

October 10, 2010



Luxembourg kid table-410716-1.JPG


Luxembourg Kid-410629.JPG


If you have a chance to spend your spare time in Bryant Park – New York or Jardin du Luxembourg – Paris, you will be familiar with the iconic Fermob chairs. The French company which started to equip public spaces more than 120 years ago is back in fashion, with a great range of outdoor/garden furniture. To make sure kids are treated the way they deserve, Fermob have declined the Luxembourg chair and a matching table in mini scale. Sandpits, kindergartens, playgrounds and happy parents will have a hard time choosing among the 24 delicious color shades. For more info visit &


Photos Stephane Rambaud – Caroline Briel.