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Design - Home Decor

Pop art revisited

November 27, 2010

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To celebrate the end of the year, French parfumeur Fragonard has created a collection of gorgeous colorful cushions. The embroideries are inspired by the decoration of the Indian trucks. Add a drop of their baroque scent and you are transported to Jaipur…Bazar cushion, 35€ in all the Fragonard stores.

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Plibook, three carnets by Carole Daprey

November 25, 2010










Three little booklets accordion folded, one for a child’s birth, one for ideas and one for travels. You can draw pictures, write little notes and memories, add stickers or stamps, decorate and color the pages and then keep them in their lovely box for future reading. This Plibook collection is a great gift idea for young parents or for children in age to draw and write. Dim 9 x 18 cm | 38 pages, 14,00 €.  By Carole Daprey, founder of Piqpoq Editions and author of Mobilier design pour enfants.

Available here, and at the following stores : Boucle D’Or Brussels, Little Circus Brussels, Balouga Paris, Lieu Commun Paris, Serendipity Paris, V&A Museum of childhood, London, Marre des Epinards, Montreux.


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Pop & lolli, a world of imagination and play

November 24, 2010

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A new comer in the world of wall decos, pop & lolli proposes a chic selection of over sized, rich in detail pictures. Fabric based, the stickers are removable, reusable, repositionable and they will transform any blank wall into a world of imagination and play. “An opportunity for expression & exploration; something every kid deserves” says Mia, creator of the brand, born and raised in South Africa, now living in Los Angeles.


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Creative books by Marti Guixte

November 24, 2010

Located in Le Marais – Paris, Lieu Commun is a wonderful place for design lovers. Visiting last week, I discovered a great series of books by Marti Guixé, edited by Corraini. 18€ each.

Martí Guixé was born in 1964 in Barcelona. He studied Interior design in Barcelona and Industrial design at the Politecnico in Milan.  He lives and works “on living matter” between Barcelona and Berlin, dedicating himself to the invention of “bright and simple ideas made of a curious seriousness”; he considers himself an “ex-designer” and works for firms such as Camper, Chupa-Chups, Desigual, Droog Design, Saporiti and Watx. He has exhibited at the MoMA in New York, the Design Museum in London, the MACBA in Barcelona and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.”

BLANK BOOK : “Blank Book is an “empty book” that offers unlimited possible solutions to be “filled in”; it’s not a “book-to-be-read”, but a “book-to-be-created”.



FOOD BOOK : “After Blank Book and Tattoo Book, let’s draw fragrant pastas, delicious meats and succulent desserts in Martí Guixé’s new book: Food Book!



Each page is a tasty graphical suggestion to be “filled in” by each fellow dinner, from the starters to the coffee, satisfying the desires of the very moment or conceiving an elaborate menu. 
No matter if you love traditional or exotic cuisine, Food Book is a banquet on paper with your favourite courses, and also the right way to improvise in cooking without any risk… 
Food Book is a big size book, both for adults and children, funny and ironic thanks to its simplicity and lightness. 
Not a “book-to-be-read” but a “book-to-be-created”, task of the one who flicks through the pages is to prepare each time a different menu by filling dishes and glasses with colours and shapes, just following the rules of his personal originality.




TATOO BOOK : “Therapeutic, religious, ritual, punitive, challenging, erotic, fashioned, magic, aesthetic, ornamental, symbolic, ambiguous, hidden, evident…

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November 22, 2010




This is really a dream bookshelf – – Seen on Molly Meg (Thanks!).
Material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Length: 168 cm
Height: 185 cm
Width: 40 cm
Weight: 600 kg
Available in black, blue, green, orange, red, violet, white and yellow


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e-glue goes XXL

November 12, 2010



All dino lovers will be thrilled with the new e-glue wall stickers, available in giant sizes. There are nine other designs available in that range, including a princess castle (yes, pink!). The XL size is also an option for those who have smaller rooms…Merci e-glue!





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The "smarty quotes" from Kicokids are back, hurry up!

November 9, 2010

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Kicokids, the brand that never lacks innovative ideas, is doing its “smarty quotes” programme again for the FW11 collection.
Send a sweet, cute, fun quote from your child and if it’s selected, it gets illustrated by Japanese artist Ritsuko Hirai and
printed on a tee-shirt.
Smart idea, isn’t it? To participate, submit your quote to before November 15th.
Photos : Ritsuko Hirai’s illustrated tees, Kicokid S/S 2010 collection. –
Below, a quote from little Iris, Kicokid S/S 2010 collection

B2302 - night oclock.jpg



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Donna Wilson’s X-mas Q&A

November 8, 2010



Folk Flower Cushion - Peacock press.jpeg



Lots of new products at Donna Wilson, a good occasion to ask one of Pirouette’s favorite designer to tell us more about her X-mas plans.


Where will you spend X-mas this year? At home in Scotland with my family, my sister had just had a baby, so I’m an aunt for the first time. I still call Scotland ‘home’ even though I’ve lived in London for 11 years!
What is your most wonderful memory of X-mas as a child? Decorating my Grandma’s Christmas tree with old fashioned coloured lights, and very old decorations, and eating the occasional chocolate decoration while doing it!
What have you ordered to Santa?I would like some nice moisturisers and hair products from Kiehls please.
The item from your collection that you would recommend particularly for a child’s X-mas gift? For a creative child I would recommend our make your own monster kit (picture below). It encourages kids to use their imagination in creating a unique monster instead of following the rules!





Make your own monster kit –