Paper Clip Radiators…Brilliant!

Screen shot 2012-11-25 at 10.13.09

Radiators are the cherry on the cake when it comes to decorating. I have fallen in love several times with vintage/reclaimed ones, but never with newly designed versions until I saw these playful paper clip radiators in the Homes section of the FT today.   Wow, has a great range. 

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Lale, just a click away!

Lale - Pirouette Blog

Lale has a passion for objects with a soul, for fabrics with a beautiful hand, for materials with good vibes and and for places with history. A citizen of the world and a vintage+crafts lover, Lale spent time in Brazil, Morocco, Italy, India, countries that reflect her her sunny smile and radiant personality. Now that she’s sold over 5000 of her iconic Rose mini suitcases through a network of 120 boutiques around the world, Lale decided to open an e-store where you can find her

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Collectif Copirates


The “Collectif Copirates” was founded in 2009 by Lydia Rump (stylist) and Myriam Balaÿ Devidal (who graduated in Industrial Products Design at Ecole des Beaux Arts-St Etienne). Their poetic, fun and quirky creations caught my eye on Facebook and I am always happy to discover their fun posts. My favourite product is the Iris bag, who reminds me of my daughter (Iris!) ;-).

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Numero 74 , what is Numero 74?

Numero 74

Founded by Poupy Sfez and Nancy Fanton, Numéro 74 is a new brand/e-store of  textiles and vintage furniture for children . The brand is based in Italy and Poupy and Nancy (who are Italian + cousins) divide their time between Italy, Thailand, France and Ibiza. Poupy focuses on design and Nancy on management.  The textile collections are handmade in Thailand by women’s cooperatives and the vintage pieces are are gathered all around the world. Meet Poupy and Nancy.

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Christmas is behind the door…

Whippet Grey

It is getting dark early now here in London, the heater is on and Selfridges has already opened a large Christmas section. How did all that arrive so quickly? I just received the Whippet Grey catalog, another reminder that Christmas is behind the door . Last year I bought

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Birdie birdie nam nam…


Do you know Places and Spaces? A great e-store to source and purchase a unique selection of furniture and objects from brands such as Droog, Moustache, Kyouei Design, Oficina Kreativa and Mater. Today, these birds caught

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Is it a bed, a couch? You decide, as Kalon Studios designed it with you (and the children) in mind. Made of 100% Solid FSC Certified Maple, available in the same six fun colors throughout the Caravan collection. Available at Modern Child 

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ten years of white rabbit creations

White Rabbit England

Launched 10 years ago by two sisters (Victoria Sullivan & Charlotte Thompson), White Rabbit England is famous for its night lights, especially the rabbit, frequently featured in decor magazines.  The brand also produces cashmere blankets, cushions, bedding, picture frames and other gift products, all manufactured in England. The children’s lifestyle interior collection is sold in some 150 stores across the UK

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Forests friends for your walls

Screen shot 2012-10-06 at 08.59.24

Muurstickers brings a fresh new approach to wall stickers with this “Friends from the forest” collection. A wonderful range of photographic prints featuring a bear, a rabbit, a dear, a fox,an hedgehog. The ideal companions

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Cube on Cube : Bold, Bright and Rock ‘n Roll


Cube on Cube is a modular concept that stimulates creativity. No tools needed: cylinders connect the blocks. All you need is a bit of space, the love for building/assembling and your imagination.It can be a desk, a bar, a bench or a bed or who knows!

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A new children’s furniture line – made in the UK!


Among the products seen at London’s Design Week, the furniture by IO KIDS DESIGN stayed with me. A brand new line for children, made of  Scandinavian birch plywood.  “It has been inspired by our children”, explains Mina Panic of Io Kids Design. “The name IO comes from the obsession of my eldest daughter with

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Ecological : Little Nobody Chair For Kids

Little Nobody Chair by Komplot

The Little Nobody chair is made of  100 % recyclable material made from used water and soda bottles. Designed by Komplot, the chair is not new, but the good news is that its price has considerably lowered since it was created in 2008. Very light and stackable, Little Nobody is a master of simplicity : made of one piece, with no internal frame, plastic, screws, glue or other reinforcements. Available at Les Enfants du Design (€136) and Made in Design (£107).

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