Rylee and Cru: soft shades of goodness

Rylee and Cru

Rylee and Cru is a new promising poetic children’s brand founded last November by super talented illustrator and blogger Kelli Murray.

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Ropachica, for girls 8 to 16


Carola Huidobro studied fashion design in Madrid and worked 16 years as accessories designer. Five years ago she launched Ropachica, a brand that targets girls aged 8 to 16. A interesting, growing segment with still only few players.

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Mabo Kids : simple style with a twist


Created by Utah based designer Emily McMaster, Mabo is a small clothing line focusing on simple, comfortable yet chic styles for boys and girls from 0 to 9 years. When looking at the collection – mainly using organic cotton- you realize that, indeed, sometimes less is definitely more.

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A little Bundle: great things come in little packages

a little bundle

With 3 kids, I’m all about subscriptions that come packaged right to your door and A Little Bundle looks pretty awesome.

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HBB Industria Argentina + Lucky Fish

 HBB Industria Argentina + Lucky Fish

If you are in love with creative tee-shirt and all things handmade, this collaboration is just for you : a small line of T-shirts by HBB Industria ArgentinaLucky Fish  

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Luluzulu, accessories for children and home


Scottish brand LULUZULU will be showing at Playtime Paris this week end and we can’t wait to visit them. Their  children and home collection reveals love of mischievous imagination and good-natured adventure.

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Do you want to Feel at Ease ?

FEEL AT EASE IMG_3430 copie

A Swiss citizen coming for the watch industry, Celine Bertin loves comfort, especially if combined with fun and style.  She launched her brand Feel at ease around regressive cocooning and home wear. In simpler words, her  collection plays with the desire to return to childhood, when we felt free, playful and safe, and with a craving for deep cosiness.

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C’est chouette, c’est new, c’est Oeuf!

Oeuf Play Table and Chairs

Beautiful design, eco-friendly finishes, easy-to-clean laminate top, it’s definitely Oeuf ! The perfect complement to a nursery or play room, for those in love with simplicity, style and playfulness. 

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Easy and fuss-free collection by Bacabuche


Based out of California, Bacabuche is a quiet new contemporary infant apparel brand dedicated to newborns up to two years old. Their first collection launched in fall 2013. Founded by good friends, Valerie and Dana, Bacabuche clothing is completely made in the USA from organic and natural textiles. 

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Miniarchi : Modernist dollhouse

Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 09.33.51

These toy houses by Belgium company miniarchi are so beautiful that you want to keep them on display in your living room (and play with them while the kids are in school). Featured in Monocle, Ideat and other cool design magazines, they are definitely aimed at seducing parents as much as children.

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Garbo And Friends : Poetry In Your Nursery

Garbo and friends

I like baby brands that are poetic and leave fantasy open-ended in a style conscious way. I also like soft pale colors for nurseries in order to create an instantly soothing atmosphere. Because, well, when you have a newborn and when you are going to spend a lot of time in his/her room it is exactly what you need: a place that will give you and your baby some calm and will engage your imagination. Garbo and Friends offers just that in the most sophisticated way.

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Freshly Picked : Moccs that make life a bit happier

Freshly Picked

Even though I could let the adorable shoes pictures speak for themselves, I still wanted to share a little bit more about my latest obsession: freshly picked.

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