Amiki : Time to stock cute PJs!

I don’t know if it is the same for you, but in our home, PJ’s tent to be quickly of of shape, and that is probably due to the fact that we indulge lots of lazy PJ days, especially in winter. Amiki Children, specialised in kids’ s nightwear age 2-8, is having a very attractive sale with PJs at €12. 
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Irresistible tees by Bob & Blossom

bob & blossom

British brand Bob & Blossom is one of my favourites when it comes to making birth presents. I also love their number tees; they make kids so proud to show their age ! I usually order online, it is easy and I know what I get :  a clean, fresh product in beautiful thick cotton.

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Step by step for Spanish brand Seesaw

So many Spanish brands these days! TodayPirouette focuses on Seesaw, known for their hip, fresh and comfortable designs. 
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Paade Mode + Dongsun Choo

Paade Mode - Dongsun Choo

The label Paade Mode from Latvia, launched only two years ago, is growing fast. Their FW 2014-15 smart casual fashion collection had a great success at both Paris and Brussels shows. Here’s some images by South Korean photographer Dongsun Choo, taken  just after the Little Fashion Week Brussels’ catwalk show.

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Bench Bed, Doll House / Sisters Guild

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 11.49.43

Do you know Sisters Guild ? More than a boutique it’s a destination for new things or old things, all with high creative content : products from a favourite designer, prints, recipes, vintage pieces that echoes from your  childhood… Take a look at this amazing Doll House Desk and Bench Bed, both new additions to their catalog.

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Hedgehog’s playhouse : Garden Time!


If you love being surprised and charmed by unique, beautifully made products, Hedgehog is definitely a place to visit.  They just added wonderful spring items to their catalog, including these three garden pieces, both decoration and children’s play items. 

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Clotaire’s fun video (and cute shoes!)


Two new models have been added to  Clotaire‘s range of simple and affordable stylish shoes : a baby and a sandal. The brand also announces a UK version of their website for next month, the launch of a blog, and a collaboration with Bonton in September. Meanwhile, here’s a cute little video

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Kalon Studios + Nico Nico

kalon studios2

Kalon Studios is launching The Wilderness, a collaboration with fashion brand Nico Nico. It features the ‘Field Tent’ and ‘Backcountry Stool’. We had a total crush !

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L’asticot Spring Summer 14


L’asticot just launched their Spring/Summer 14 Collection: Let’s go to Deauville! “The queen of the Norman beaches”, as the seaside destination is known, was the bottom line for the design team to develop this quirky set of beautiful garments.

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Mono : the new pre-teen label to watch

MONO was created in 2012 by Anna Vizcarro, a designer with a strong background in fashion and pattern cutting. Positioned on the pre-teen market, this sophisticated and cutting-edge label offers a clothing line for girls age 10 to 16. 
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Mathilde de Turckheim : Home Decor & Pendant Necklaces

Mathilde de Turckheim started her eponymous collection of beautiful rabbit dolls in New York, five years ago. Back to France where she now lives with her family, Mathilde continues creating Home Decor & Pendant Necklaces, that were on show at Playtime New York the past three days.
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Can diapers be exciting?

The honest company2

Yes, diapers can be exciting! When we moved back to New York, one of the first thing I did was to order my diapers bundle at The Honest Company.

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