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Oscar winner ‘The Silent Child’: Congratulations to the little film communicating to the world!

March 5, 2018
The Silent Child poster

In amongst all the grand glitz and glamour of The Oscars there was a little short film hailing from the UK, drawing your attention to life in a silent world. The film explores  a deaf child’s difficulty of understanding and communicating whilst not being able to hear the sounds of the world around her. ‘The Silent Child’ shone bright winning the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film. Written by Rachel Shenton, and directed by Chris Overton.

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Summer Holiday Stories Part III

August 22, 2017

Where do our favourite childrenswear owners and designers go on holidays? Some destinations will make you dream, big time! Third part of the best summer 2013 holiday memories of cool families : Oeuf Clothier in South of France, Naif Magazine in Spain, Zid zid kids in Tangier, Pom d’Api in Les Cevennes, Agence Violette in Andalusia.
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Green Architecture To Fight Poverty

May 16, 2017

The Mashambas Skyscraper is a project designed to improve the lives of small farmers in Swahili, East Africa. It will host education, training on agricultural techniques, cheap fertilizers, and modern tools. The structure will be made of simple modular elements, easy to assemble, deconstruct and transport.

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