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Learning About Sexual Stereotypes

October 5, 2016
Boy Girls stereotypes

Girls rock! I’m partial of course, as I have two daughters. Our eldest, twelve, has just returned from a class at school about sexual stereotypes – from the simple, seemingly innocent (little girls play with dolls, little boys play with cars, etc), to the more Continue Reading

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Going On A Humanitarian Trip With Children

September 20, 2016
Adventure Aid UK

Want to raise socially conscious children, and take part in a family humanitarian trip? For children who live a privileged Western/urban life, participating in this kind of adventure is a chance to play a role in helping others, while at the same time expanding their worldview. A wonderful way, in other words, for them to experience classes in the school of life. Continue Reading

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Analog Animals

February 11, 2016
Jane Kim at work

Last summer we stumbled upon an unlikely relic, the Tado Ivanausko Zoologijos museum in Kaunas Lithuania. Here is a splendidly preserved time capsule of a natural history museum. It seemed like the entire animal kingdom in taxidermy, hidden away in a cabinet of curiosities that felt like it had not been opened since the Iron Curtain fell. We were practically the only people in the place. It was thrilling. Continue Reading

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Kid Robot : About Artificial Intelligence and the Future of our Kids

January 17, 2016
These are the droids you're looking for...

Robots will replace us. We’re facing an uncertain future of Artificial Intelligence which at best, will render whole swathes of humanity redundant. At worst, AI will subsume our consciousness and make homo sapiens extinct, much as we in turn have consigned earlier species to the dustbin of history. How are we to protect ourselves, and moreover protect our children, from this seemingly ineluctable threat?  Continue Reading


Art with Kids in Milan

August 7, 2015

This summer will take us to Switzerland (for only long enough to allow us a swim in an Alpine lake), to Italy (Milan, Bergamo and Venice), to Lithuania (Vilnius), to the Latvian countryside (near Daugavpils) and to France (Saint-Remy de Provence, Les Landes – just above Biarritz and Bordeaux).  Here’s the first chapter : Milan. A guided visit…

Continue Reading


Where the wild things are

July 14, 2015
Andrew Zuckerman - Creature

When was the last time – or indeed, the first time – that you went some place really wild with your kids? Not just off-road, but truly wild. Where there are no roads. A place that you might encounter an unfamiliar face. Perhaps the closest we’ve come to visiting a place that could be genuinely described as wild was Patagonia. Continue Reading