Sunday Video : Let’s sing!

Mantra with Tina Turner

Good old Tina Turner singing Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu, a moving Peace Mantra while kids are playing, smiling, dancing. A good way to start the day. Happy Sunday!

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There’s no place like home… away from home

Wisconsin ID499 (Art director, Digital artist)

Traveling with kids can be a challenge. Location, season, amenities all come into play. Of course there’s also the kids’ age to consider. There are the ‘family friendly’ hotel options out there, which can be hit and miss. What could be better than staying at home… away from home? Enter Behomm, a house swap portal for design professionals. 

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Science and Silliness

American Museum of Natural History & Cambridge University

Since we visited Patagonia and learned about the straights of Magellan – tracing the H.M.S. Beagle’s voyage on a map – Darwin has captured our girls’ imaginations. The imaginations of Darwin’s own children have recently come to vivid light, on the very pages of the original manuscript of “The Origin of the Species. This is the only

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Sunday Video : Paint with Lego

Painting with Lego

Here’s a cute animated video, for lego fans and artists of all ages…

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Classy Classrooms

Oslo International School

When we visited the Lycée Francais de Porto for the very first time, I found myself thinking: “I want to go back to school!”. The campus is on the grounds of the Serralves park, the vast landscaped garden of a Portuguese industrialist that were bequeathed to Porto to create the Serralves Foundation Museum and the school.

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“One Day Young” by Jenny Lewis : The Book


Last year I posted about  One Day Young”, a collection of images of women at home with their newborns, taken within the first 24 hours of life. A very moving collection of portraits, that photographers Jenny Lewis gathered in a book that will be published on March 12.

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Sunday Video : young humpback whale dancing after she’s been saved

humpback whale saying thanks to her saviours

The video below features Michael Fishbach, who is the co-founder of The Great Whale Conservancy (GWC). He narrates his encounter with a young humpback whale that’s entangled in local fishing nets. Without Michel, this whale was approaching near death. After the rescue the whale shows amazing appreciation as she follows her saviours and puts on quite a show for them.

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This Video Will Help You A Lot With Your Family Privacy

Privacy settings

Technology and social media are fun, but they can also be become a threat. When you take a photo with your smart phone post it on social media, you are just giving away your location when you . Do you really want that cute photo of your daughter posted on Instagram to reveal your address, your exact child’s bedroom location to anyone who wants to find out ?

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Sunday Video : 0 to 14 years in 4 min

Lotte - o to 14 y old

Frans Hofmeester has filmed his now teenage daughter Lotte for 15 seconds every week from the day she was born. Over a time-lapse video, you are about to witness one of the most mysterious, profound processes of human life – growing up – accelerated into four minutes. This is truly breathtaking (click on “read more” to access the video)

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Sunday Video : Wakeboarding with dolphins

Video Wakeboarding with the dolphins

Such an incredible ballet of dolphins…I wish it was me on that wakeboard. That said, I most probably  have stopped to swim with them!

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Babesta Beat : unplugged video

Unplugged Video - Babesta

Part of Babesta‘s series of fashion storytelling, this captivating video featuring cool city kids hanging out, playing & living together. Inspired by Patti Smith, it was shot by Katrina Tang with words (a poem) written by Jennifer Cattaui, and  music by Karel Otstavel.

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Home Grown Books : Not your ordinary toddler book


There is a lot to love about Home grown books, a Brooklyn-based children’s publishing company founded by reading specialist Kyla Ryman. Their philosophy is simple: children deserve material as rich as their imaginations.

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