Petit Zarafa : Play with languages

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 16.58.07

When a child is playing, it is the perfect time to learn. With this in mind, Julie Klear and Moulay Essakalli of Zid Zid Kids have created Petit Zarafa™, the first play-based multi-language learning subscription website for little ones ages 2 and up.

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Sunday Video : My favorite thing by Sophie Demenge

Sophie Demenge, My Favourite Thing

This is a very inspiring video for both parents and children. About how the mother of Sophie Demenge (founder of Oeuf), at the age of 13, got into an amazing obsession and ritual, that turned into a wonderful collection…

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Sunday Video : MAN

Video Man Pirouette

A great little video commenting on the way humans treat Planet Earth and the animals living on it. Fun, with great graphics and music. To watch with the children of course. Have a good Sunday! (click “read more” to access the video).

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The Benefits Of Yoga For Children

yoga for Kids

Virginie Dreyer of Tiny-Om creates symbolic jewellery for little girls. Yasmine Mamoudieh, founder of myKidsy, helps parent to find the best courses, creative activities  and workshops in London.  A conversation around the benefits of yoga for kids started between us. 

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“Jamais sans mon Kmion” by Martine Camillieri : Slow travel & creative food

Martine Camillieri

We loved “Wild Foods”, a sharp comment on our society, on waste, recycling and toxic materials. We have another crush on Martine Camillieri‘s new book called “Jamais sans mon Kmion” (never without my truck), full of stories and tips related to slow travel and the little pleasures in life.

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Chalk&Wild, on spirituality

Chalk&Wild - Pirouette Blog
I am Nicole, founder of Chalk&Wild, a teen magazine aiming to portray the teenage years in an artful and realistic way. A platform of creativity, Chalk&Wild showcases amazing young talents. The magazine also gives some guidance and tips into areas easily forgotten by the media. Here is a post I wrote on Spirituality; hope you enjoy…
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Orée : Wood + Tech + Design


If you love the feel and smell of birch, oak and pine, have a look at what design brand Orée makes. L’Orée in French is the entrance of the forest and the company has declined a great range of tech wooden gadgets with a clean style and lots of appeal. 

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Let’s make some great art, interactive book by Marion Deuchars

interactive art books created by Marion Deuchars

I discovered two wonderful things this month : Behomm, a home exchange community for creatives and designers (thanks BozAround for bringing it to my attention), and through it, “Let’s make some great art”,  an interactive book by Marion Deuchars.

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Take the kids out of the house, to the wild!


Do your kids spend enough time outdoors? Why is that important? Take a look at Project Wild Thing, a film and a movement aiming to reconnecting children with nature. 

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Great Educational and Decorative Posters by Atomic Prints

This collection of educational and decorative posters by Atomic Printworks will inspire kids to learn and get excited by different subjects such as science, the world  or the universe.  Information is presented with a focus on clarity of explanation and visual impact
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Family Adventure in China

Family Adventure in China

When Sophie Roell, her husband Charlie and their three children moved to China, they decided to make the most of their stay. Every time there’s a holiday they try to go on a trip, taking the kids with them. Sophie documents their wonderful adventures in her blog . Here on Pirouette, she shares tips about the best places to visit, as well as great feedback on how to plan for wild adventures en famille.

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Creative Family Home, a Book by Ashlyn Gibson

Creative Family Home

 In Creative Family Home, Ashlyn Gibson explores the heart and soul of twelve specially photographed homes that capture the zeitgeist in family living and celebrate the magic of childhood. Whether you have just started a family or have a tribe of pre-teens, the book explores both practical and decorative angles. Discussion with the author and peek into this beautiful book.

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