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English at Your Desk & Little Creative Factory:

June 28, 2018
Clare, Cristina & Little Creative factory team

Like it or hate, the English language is key to communicating/ trading in the International market. Good communications skills translate to sales, poor communication skills cause confusion and hesitancy that can result in lost sales.

Last Summer Cristina Fernandez designer and founder of Spanish based slow fashion label Little Creative Factory decided to invite Clare Posnack of English At Your Desk over to Barcelona for a four week stint in house. Clare’s task was to help improve the business English skills of the Little Creative Factory team. In recent years Little Creative Factory has undergone huge expansion, and is now stocked in over 30 countries. Because of her increased International client base Cristina felt it was important to invest in improving her team’s English skills. So what did English at Your Desk do for Little Creative Factory? Lets find out more. Continue Reading

COMING SOON Culture Trade Shows

Screen Capture: Modern Beauty?

June 17, 2018
Screen capture exhibition. Modern Beauty? at Playtime Paris.

Pirouette returns to Playtime Paris to curate the second edition of the Screen Capture series. This time the exhibition explores the theme of Modern Beauty.

Beauty… physical, nature, behaviour, in a world where we can now add a filter, instantly display our like or dislike, and add our comment. We ask a group of illustrators to join the Screen Capture exhibition in exploring the theme of ‘Modern Beauty’ by creating an original piece of work for showing at Playtime Paris. Open to the artist’s interpretation with no interference by Pirouette, the resulting artwork seems reassuringly gentle.  Continue Reading

Mood of the day One to Watch awards

New One to Watch Awards SS19 designed by Lore Laporte – Pitti Bimbo, Dot to Dot, Playtime NY

June 5, 2018

With the show season about to start Pirouette is just about ready for a new round of One to Watch awards. As with last season we are looking for stand out young brands starting at Pitti Bimbo, Florence, then on to Dot to Dot in London, and finally Playtime, New York.

This season we have enlisted the special talent of Lore Laporte to design our Award. With her child like humour we were hoping to get something a little unconventional. We were not disappointed… Read on to learn more about Lore Laporte. Continue Reading

Interviews Mood of the day Parent & Child interviews

Mom Joyce Heere, and child models Romy (7yrs) & Mauro (9yrs)

June 1, 2018
Romy Heere - child model

Joyce Heere is mom to two children, Mauro (9 yrs) and Romy who has Down syndrome (7yrs) they live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Joyce is a single mom and her two children love to model and act. Romy goes to a regular elementary school in Amsterdam where she has got lots of friends. Since the day Romy was born, she loves to be the centre of attention. She loves to be photographed and model. Her brother was signed with a model agency but sadly all of the big agencies in Holland have refused Romy because of her Down syndrome. But this is not stopping her from dreaming. Continue Reading

Design - Home Decor Mood of the day One to Watch awards

#Pirouette12Watch AW19 Design Winner: Mini Wallers – Dot to Dot London

May 29, 2018

The Pirouette One to Watch Awards are about finding and highlighting some of the best emerging talent working in children’s fashion and design. We take our time to search through the many eye catching labels at Pitti Bimbo, Dot to Dot London and Playtime New York. There are many reasons a product, brand or collection captures our imagination and enthusiasm, whether it is with engaging design, responsible and sustainable manufacturing or a unique and original approach.

In our first AW19 Pirouette One To Watch Winner interview we are delighted to introduce you to Katie & Han (sisters and duo) behind the eye catching and imaginative childrens design company Mini Wallers. Mini Wallers create circular dreamlike wall decals. Through these multi-themed portholes Mini Wallers invites a child’s imagination to awake and create! In fact on some of their promo cards children have written their own stories. Clever, fun, engaging and a very good price point. Lets find out more about our winners Mini Wallers…

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Interviews Mood of the day Retail

Don’t Panic it’s Organic! Organic Zoo Store, Brighton UK

May 24, 2018
Organic Zoo Store Brighton

Don’t panic it’s organic! During the show season Paulina Krywosinska, owner and founder of Organic Zoo always proves to be a most warm and lovely catch up for Pirouette. However with Paulina having recently opened her very first Organic Zoo store located in Brighton, UK the catch up couldn’t wait until the shows… Paulina tells us more about her latest venture. Continue Reading

Mood of the day Photography

Photography: Giovanna Aryafara – Suri Tribe

May 11, 2018
Giovanna Aryafara photography Suri Tribe

Images with soul… In 1997 Giovanna Aryafara started her own ‘buying’ business which required her to travel extensively in India, Bali, Nepal & Burma. This gave her the opportunity to travel to exotic countries and pursue her love of photography by capturing people in their natural environment and telling their story without words. Here we share some of her stunning images of the Suri Tribe.

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Mood of the day Products

Is it a trolly? Is it a stroller?.. No it’s the super cute Strolly by Olliella

May 10, 2018
Olliella Strolly with veggie friends by Myum

Olliella, the makers of the hugely popular Luggy basket have recently launched the super cute Strolly! A hand-woven rattan basket on wheels that switches from a pram to a shopping trolley just by lowering the hood of the pram. Perfect for dolls, pretend play, or for transporting your favourite knitted fruits and vegetables. (See cute veggies in main picture MyuM). Your little ones can even take their chosen toys out for a stroll. Wonderful for both little boys & girls…

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Fruity Fresh! Barn of Monkeys SS18

May 4, 2018
Barn of Monkeys SS18

Portuguese label Barn of Monkeys launched during last Summer’s sales period to great success. This is a design led label for everyday use, manufactured in Portugal the quality is high whilst the detailing and story telling by head designer David Pinto makes for a super first collection. We think it’s safe to look forward to the fruits of Summer. Continue Reading

Business Mood of the day

How to turn an imperfect production run into a positive? The Forivor Perfectly Imperfect Sale!

April 24, 2018

Imperfect production runs are very common, even with a tried and tested manufacturer. These things can just happen during production, however the interesting question is how does a label turn a stressful negative, imperfect production run into a sustainable positive?

Forivor’s answer takes after the ethos of Fashion Revolution (see previous Pirouette post).  Instead of condemning the imperfect pieces to sit wasted in storage, unloved, unused and hidden they have decided instead to be open about the teething problems they had with this production run. Honest about the ever so slight imperfections in some of their beautiful bedding and nightwear so that you now have the Imperfectly Perfect Sale where you can pick up pieces at a fraction of their normal retail value.  Continue Reading