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Photography: Giovanna Aryafara – Suri Tribe

May 11, 2018
Giovanna Aryafara photography Suri Tribe

Images with soul… In 1997 Giovanna Aryafara started her own ‘buying’ business which required her to travel extensively in India, Bali, Nepal & Burma. This gave her the opportunity to travel to exotic countries and pursue her love of photography by capturing people in their natural environment and telling their story without words. Here we share some of her stunning images of the Suri Tribe.

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Screen Capture: A girl in this world exhibition is online!

January 31, 2018

We would like to extend a big thank you to all the photographers taking part in our first Screen Capture exhibition: A girl in this world, and of course to the Playtime team for their wonderful help and support. Throughout the three days of the show visitors snapped and shared the exhibition. At this critical time how we define what it is to be a girl seems to be more relevant than ever. So to see the Playtime visitors engage with the subject through the imagery and words of the photographers was inspiring.

Playtime Paris has now sadly come to an end but you can catch the exhibition at the New York edition taking place February 11th-13th at Metropolitan Pavilion & Altman Building. If you can’t make New York or you want an opportunity to look over the exhibition again the good news is that the web version is now online!  Continue Reading

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Pirouette Screen Capture: ‘A girl in this world’ exhibition online.

December 11, 2017

We are very excited to share a new project in collaboration with Playtime. The Screen Capture exhibition “A girl in this world’ has already shown at the #23 edition of Playtime Paris and now moves on to New York. If you’re not at New York you can also catch the online version.

Pirouette poses the question “ What does it mean to be a girl in this world?” to 10 international female photographers working in the kid’s fashion industry. Each photographer is asked to respond to the question with an image of their making and an accompanying text. Continue Reading


Snapshot: What is it about a GentleMan?

September 25, 2017
GentleMan by photographer Zoe Adlersberg & stylist Maria Walker. creating a series of striking black and white portraits of men with babies

Photographer Zoe Adlersberg and stylist Mariah Walker flip the traditional focus on female baby pairing (as seen in so many images) on its head by creating a series of black and white portraits for Earnshaws magazine of men paired with babies. The images are strong, engaging and dare we say it, super cute. What is it about a GentleMan?;-) Continue Reading

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Atsuyo et Akiko & Amanda Pratt – like minded individuals make magic!

September 13, 2017

One lovely aspect of the kid’s fashion and design sector is that like minded individuals seek each other out, and from these bonds and mutual respect, beautiful collaborations can develop. This is the case for Atsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae designers and owners of ATELiER ATSUYO et AKiKO and the photographer Amanda Pratt. Each collection Atsuyo and Akiko send pieces to Amanda to shoot with her very gorgeous girls. This time the location being a family summer holiday in Greece. Warm and enchanting, sparkles and kisses. Stuff memories are made of :-)

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Snap Shot: Stylist Maria Montane on “Hermandad” – sisterhood/ brotherhood

August 28, 2017
Manuela Franjou

Young and enthusiastic children’s fashion stylist Maria Montane contacted Pirouette to introduce us to her most recent work involving two photographers Manuela Franjou and Theresa Balderas. In this work Maria proposes the concept of “Hermandad” the Spanish word that means brotherhood and sisterhood. Both photographers explore this most intricate of subjects and produce imagery from their own unique response.

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Snapshot: Photographer Priscilla Gragg

July 13, 2017
Priscilla Gragg is a kid's fashion & lifestyle photographer

In this photographer snapshot, we take a look at the images of Priscilla Gragg and hear from her on how she became a kid’s fashion lifestyle photographer . We first became aware of Priscilla’s work when she submitted the video Over the Ocean to Pirouette blog. When we explored Priscilla’s work further we discovered a beautiful fresh and fun world of careful composition and delicate style.

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Interview : Photographer Zoe Adlersberg

December 5, 2016
Tuchinda_fw2017_Zoe Adlersberg

We speak to the wonderfully talented Zoe Adlersberg who began her career in photography 16 years ago having previously worked in advertising, that is until the birth of her first child, Uma, in 2007. Motherhood changed Zoe’s artistic perspective and focus, and she decided to explore the world of children’s fashion photography.
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