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Store ​​Profile: Luna & Curious + the owners #CoupDeCoeur selection!

December 13, 2017
Luna & Curious is an independent store in Shoreditch, East London

Luna & Curious is an independent store in Shoreditch, East London, owned and run by three creatives, Polly George, Kaoru Parry and Rheanna Lingham, who combine their talents to create an inspiring shopping experience. The store has been running for over 11 years, we find out a bit more about this little British gem, and in the process discover Polly, Kaoru and Rheanna’s #CoupDeCoeur selection for the kids.

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Atsuyo et Akiko & Amanda Pratt – like minded individuals make magic!

September 13, 2017

One lovely aspect of the kid’s fashion and design sector is that like minded individuals seek each other out, and from these bonds and mutual respect, beautiful collaborations can develop. This is the case for Atsuyo Yang and Akiko Mukae designers and owners of ATELiER ATSUYO et AKiKO and the photographer Amanda Pratt. Each collection Atsuyo and Akiko send pieces to Amanda to shoot with her very gorgeous girls. This time the location being a family summer holiday in Greece. Warm and enchanting, sparkles and kisses. Stuff memories are made of :-)

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Retailer: Bricks & Mortar Series, in conversation with Charlotte Day, Dandy Star

June 20, 2017

Moving into the world of bricks & mortar retailing can be a big step for an independent label. On-line retailing with direct to consumer sales is normally the preffered route of most independent labels. But opening a bricks & mortar store can bring awareness of your label to a completely new customer base and create unforeseen opportunities. We chat with Charlotte Day founder of Dandy Star (see Brand profile) to find out why she made the move, the pros and cons, and in the process we discover the Dandy Star stores personality. Continue Reading

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Soft Gallery Opening

September 1, 2015

Danish brand Soft Gallery known for its collaborations with artists from around the world, are opening their no.3 Soft Gallery Shop-in-Shop this week. To celebrate the new shop, they are having a competition for a 1500 DKK (145£/133€) gift certificate.  Continue Reading