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Applecross, Scotland- a stunning landscape to celebrate!

July 11, 2017
Applecross Scotland

There was no competition as to the destination for my sister’s 4oth birthday celebration. Her decision was both swift and decisive – Appplecross, Scotland. Having been there many moons ago as a child my recollection of her chosen destination was a little scratchy. Though amongst those hazy memories a really high scary road with sheer drops seemed to be the clearest recollection. Post trip, I’m so pleased to have been reacquainted with this truly magical piece of the world, thank you Em. So let’s introduce you to this wonderful little remote part of the world, so you can enjoy it too.  Continue Reading

Family Travel

Paris City Guide for Families: URBANITO

May 22, 2017
Urbanito Paris city guide

Planning a trip to Paris this Summer en famille ? if it’s a yes then the URBANITO Paris Family City Guide would be a very useful travelling companion. This well conceived guide is aimed at making France’s capital city a fun, cultured and stress free experience with the kids. It does this by providing the parents with travelling advice, places to visit, eat and look at, all from city insiders suggestions. A favourite touch is that on every map nearby WC’s are marked so to be located quickly, sparing children and parents undue stress related red faces. The guide is brilliantly designed, and contains lots of interesting info, so let’s have a look and find out where we can pick one up.

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Mother & bambino trip: Pitti Bimbo, Florence

March 6, 2017
Kidz Fizz Fashion show

When you have two or more children you very rarely get to spend quality time with one of them by yourself. Life gets in the way, between juggling the eldest’s after school activities, the youngest’s social life, family life and work – it all gets very busy and I never seem to end up hanging out with one without the other. So I decided that I would leave the youngest with Dad and I’d take Lulu (my eldest) with me to Florence for Pitti Bimbo on our first ever Mother & bambino trip… Continue Reading

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Going On A Humanitarian Trip With Children

September 20, 2016

Want to raise socially conscious children, and take part in a family humanitarian trip? For children who live a privileged Western/urban life, participating in this kind of adventure is a chance to play a role in helping others, while at the same time expanding their worldview. A wonderful way, in other words, for them to experience classes in the school of life. Continue Reading

Family Travel

Have you ever visited Porto?

September 8, 2015

Portugal is a very special country, kind of stuck in the past in some places, with great sun&light, excellent food, really nice people. Located in the North of the country, Porto is a wonderful city to visit with children. Pirouette gives you a guided tour… Continue Reading