Formidable Family

Formidable Family Ings – London

November 5, 2011

Simon IngsMelina Michael and their two daughters Elive (7) and Lula (4) live in Mayfair (London, UK), in a small but very luminous apartment full of  art, toys and wonders. And above all, full of love and joy. Michael and Ings got married in 2008 in their little house in Loire (France), a place where they migrate every summer.

Melina is a photographer and the owner of She represents painters and photographers (including Anna Kyriacou, JH Engstrom, Laura Hynd, Julia Mariscal).

Simon is a sculptor and jewelry maker.  Click on the thumbnails to enjoy the tour, and click here to see the latests creations by Simon Ings, and here for Galloping Gold, an enterprise driven by the whole formidable family-Ings!


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