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Fox: Krethaus and Severina Kids

March 10, 2017
Severina x Krethaus Fox

Krethaus and Severina Kids present Fox – unlike the rest of his kind he likes to eat acorns and only drinks fresh rainwater collected drop by drop in his water canteen. He’s a carpenter by trade and he resides in the hand drawn woods. His world is off white with black detailing. On a daily bases Fox takes the lovely cable car spanning the length of the woods from North to South. But, Fox knows there’s a bigger world out side of the forest, he’s ready to travel the world on an open ticket (guided by Severina kids) with his suitcase bursting with acorns, stocked he’s ready to go. We like Fox and his attitude to life, let’s find out more.  

Fox is the creation and result of a collaboration between Krethaus and Severina Kids. Founder and designer of Severina kids Alejandra Salvatore tells us more about this project.

How did the collaboration come about ?
I met Krethaus in 2012 when I was temporarily based again in Buenos Aires after living in Madrid for 10 years. Krethaus is a remarkable Argentinian furniture brand and Severina was also well known in the market at that moment, so we were introduced by a common friend. Recently Karina and Vanesa (Krethaus owners and designers) wanted to add a soft toy to their textiles collection, so they asked me to design it.

Was there a brief ? or ‘free range’ to create ?
I had complete freedom. They were thinking of a particular animal, but after I immersed myself into Krethaus patterns and materials, I immediately knew the animal was already there, and its environment too. So I imagined a story where the fox was a carpenter and it gave life to a concept that guided me to imagine and design four pieces: the Fox doll, the Acorn Rattle, the Cable Car Garland and the Woods Mobile. Together we designed the packaging and the textile labels that are also a signature of their brand.

 Where does your love of story telling stem from ?
As a seasoned architect and also with five years working as a fashion designer there is no way for me of designing anything without a concept. I’m always imagining stories that guide me through the design process, it doesn’t matter if the result is a house, a dress, an accessory or a doll. It is so clear for me! Once I imagine the story as a script, the rest lies in it: the character, the textures, the fabrics, the packaging, everything.

A quote about the collaboration, please ?
Always better with friends!

Krethaus and Severina Kids : Fox

Krethaus and Severina Kids : Fox

Krethaus and Severina Kids : Fox

Krethaus and Severina Kids : Fox

The collection is available at Severina Kids.

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