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Goat Milk
Dandy Star

The simple cotton underwear of Goat Milk; so chic





These images from Goat Milk took me straight to my childhood; I was wearing the exact same kind of cotton underwear. I especially liked the winter version, very soft and warm for the ski season. It’s so lucky that Tania and Roland, both New Yorkers and founders of the brand, are giving a second life to those simple and so chic, almost forbidden pieces. The collection is designed in the NYC offices of the brand and produced in India. “Our line is an extension of our personalities and sensibilities. Simple, elegant, European inspired. Nothing too flashy or overly colorful” says Tania. But don’t get too excited and impatient; the line is not available to the public yet. You will have to wait till January 2011 to buy this exquisite underwear collection. To see more products or for wholesale inquiries, visit goatmilknyc.com.


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New arrivals at Bianca and Family



Lots of new products arrived at Bianca and Family. For those who don’t know it yet, the e-store offers a selection of vintage furniture, small furnishings, decorations and accessories for children. “Each item has been carefully selected because we fell in love with it, epitomising a mix of childhood memories with a touch of modernity”. Don’t forget to take a peek at the “goodies” section, a kid’s rooms photo gallery; fun!

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Dream house…in a tree



I want a treehouse like this!

In the garden of Marcelo Joulia, founder of Naco Architects – Photos Jean-Francois Jaussaud, Lux Productions

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Dagmar Daley by Monika Elena Kost

D.Daley1 145.jpg

D.Daley1 153.jpg



Based in Denmark, Monika Elena Kost is specialized in children’s photography. She recently worked with Wovenplay, Small Magazine and with Dagmar Daley (pictures above).


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Marcel monkey and Beverly bear






A former buyer and designer, Craig Anczelowitz always dreamt of making toys. After more than ten years spent in New York working for prestigious companies (Kate’s Paperie, ABC Carpet & Home, Outfitters), Craig decided to settle down in Thailand. He had traveled throughout Asia many times for work and had always enjoyed his time developing home decor there most. Not very long after, he gave birth to Nook-nook, a collection of funny creatures. Handmade with much love, the nook-nooks are produced with respect and care in a family-run workshop in chiang mai, Thailand. The nook nook collection has been created deep within the thickets of the “hideaway forest” to  brighten your day and put a big smile on your face! nook nook features such hand stitched goodies as the cute-as-buttons “critter” dolls, sensationally splendid stationery, petite and precious purses as well as oodles and oodles of adorable accessories”.


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Gaspard 5 and half & Pauline 4 years old – Burgundy, France

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 11.14.54

Gaspard is naturalist; he loves insects, bones, leaves, feathers. He has a “cabinet of curiosities” full of bones that he found by digging in his garden. Pauline is in love with horses; she goes to the Poney-Club every wee That leaves a little time to Anne S. their mother to work on her wonderful blog estaminetcoquet.

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Tammy Donohoe's Fall/Winter catalog









Tammy Donohoe’s Fall/Winter 2010 catalog by Lila and Tom agency. Photos by Juan Carlos Ponsa, assistant Enric Montes. Children Sugar Kids model agency.


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Alphabet cushions, imagination stimulators

CAR florence.jpg

Mia florence.jpg

cut out front C.jpg

cut out front O.jpg

Short listed for the Elle Decoration Best of British Design award 2010, the Alphabet cushions by Elsie Dodds are a must! The designs are inspired by a way to learn through association and there is fun to be had finding all that is hidden in the patterns. For children and adults to share and enjoy, to encourage curious natures and stimulate imaginations.

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Kurabo denim for boys





Tom & Drew is one of the first children’s wear companies to introduce Japanese Kurabo denim to the market. T&D’s denim is of the highest possible quality and has been imported from Osaka, Japan. The Kurabo denim paired with appliqué pima cotton t-shirts, “slubby” jersey reversible hoodies and light weight “space dyed” knit shorts make for perfect summer outfits. Tom&Drew is also one of the few companies that focuses on boys and boys only, and I have to say that those short pants looks pretty good, even under the rain… www.tomanddrewboys.com

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Wanda's wonderland


IGUANA Vogue BD.jpg

OKAPISH Vogue BD.jpg

TURKEY Vogue BD.jpg

FISHING Vogue BD.jpg


Story for Vogue Japan (Septembre 2010) by Wanda Kujack. You can also watch the lovely animation video here, and an article I wrote about Wanda in July 2009 here. To contact Wanda : www.wanda-kujacz.com.

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Kaili, 3 years old – Hong Kong, HK

Screen shot 2012-07-17 at 20.51.08

Kaili is a funny girl who makes people laugh, intentionally or not. She loves arts and crafts and recently has been doing a lot of colouring, cutting papers and pasting…she is also pretending to do origami. One sure for sure : Kaili is into yellow! Chiharu, a Japanese based in Hong Kong, recently launched a very inspiring e-store called www.storytime.jp.

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