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Goat Milk

Pick up truck by Harry Allen

Pickup Orange.tiff

Pickup Chrome.tiff

Pickup Limited Edition Blue Chrome.tiff


Harry Allen loves trucks. The beauty of any pickup truck is its utilitarian aesthetic – four strong wheels and the capacity to haul cargo. Cast in resin

from a toy truck, Pickup is a catch-all bowl. 5 x 12 x 6 inches.

Coming in gold, neon orange, chrome and white. The blue chrome is a limited edition.



95 Spring Street, 2nd Floor

New York, NY 10012

+1 212 226 5155 phone

Showroom by appointment only.



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Buying for a good cause








A few months after its opening in Notting Hill, children’s charity store Fara Kids still has a great selection of clothing, from “new vintage” at very affordable prices, to rare pieces. Great visual merchandising, cherry on the cake. I found a 50′s flamenco dress costume as well as a turn of the century white lace cotton dress in pretty good condition. And if you are a bit sentimental about the clothes your children outgrew, it is also the place to drop them. You are sure they are going to be treated with lots of TLC.

FARA Kids & Baby 39/41 Ledbury Road, W11 2AA Notting Hill London Tel: 020 7229 3634

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Wild nature inspired rugs


Elephants brownblue.jpg




Playful and fun, the vibrantly colored rugs of Indi-B

are intended to foster children’s imagination and creativity, brightening up their floor with vivid, idyllic nature scenes. Creative director Beatrice Girelli, along with the rest of the Indi-B team, design interior rugs to enliven and refresh any room. Coming in many different hues from cool blue tones to warm reds and oranges, each rug is unique yet offers a similar sense of vivacity, fabricating the ideal collection. Indi-B works in accordance with GoodWeave, an organization and certification program that assures only adult artisans – not children – make your rug. These rugs, all handmade with 100% high quality New Zealand wool, come in a rectangular or a circular shape.




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Steel swing, like a sculpture



This “mild steel with wax finish” swing by Tom Dixon weights 956 kg. Imagine it in your garden. Indestructible, perfect for the family to swing for hours and days and years, and to pass it to the next and next next next generations. Edition of 8.

Seen at Super Design London, a manifestation that takes place each year during the London Frieze Art Fair.

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TsuMori ChisaTo for PeTiT BaTeau


PB T01.jpg


PB T02.jpg


PB T25.jpg


Tsumori Chisato’s dreamlike creativity enlightens the world of Petit Bateau for the 2010 Christmas holidays. Marinieres innocently redrawn and prints straight from the imagination of the designer meet Petit Bateau’s particular universe to imagine unique items for baby, child and adult. A collaboration for which the sensitivity of one is inspired by the universe of the other. Can be found from December 14th 2010 to January 3rd 2011 in every Petit Bateau’s shop and on www.petit-bateau.com.

Thanks to Marie Saeki, NY. www.mariesaekipr.com.


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Good evening, humour and fantasy









Good evening is a delicious Japanese fashion brand whose aim is to “put a little fantasy and humour into simple and make every moment special“. With their beautiful pictures by Nozawa Tomooh, they will for sure have brought a little something to your day. Good evening is currently only available in Asia, but it should soon arrive to Europe and to the US. For wholesale inquiries, call +81-3-3479-7650. For online purchase, visit www.goodevening.jp or www.storytime.jp, both wonderful and freshly opened e-stores.

Kotoe Matsuura, designer and director of Good evening likes Milk magazine, Numero and Vogue as well as interior magazines. And when it comes to surfing the net, he fancies colette.fr, littlefashiongallery.com, theselby.com, dezeen.com and shift.jp, a great Japanese site with edgy city guides. Kotoe really rocks!



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Warm shades facing cold tones





That mix of saffron/straw/caramel/pumpkin and blue-greens seems a perfect way to make the transition from fall to winter; a subtle interaction between cold and warm tones. Tuscany meets Iceland…

Ideat magazine, October 2010. Photos Matthew Donaldson.

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Say hello to a new kind of playhouse





Sustainable, sleek, and beautiful: those are the right adjectives for this one-room of wonders. Designed by two San Francisco mothers, it is the perfect place for kids to dream big. The structure, a nod to modernist architecture, is built with eco-friendly maple wood and nontoxic finish. It can be embellished with decals or colored paint. So, for $1,250, you can welcome this “doctor’s office/school/experimental kitchen” which will grow with your baby (until 6 years)…www.modern-playhouse.com
By Mircea Masserini


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Miller : subtle luxury and effortless cool






It’s not too preppy not too trendy, it is clean/simple-chic, in a beautiful quality. This new label called Miller was launched this fall by London retailer Elias & Grace for baby 0-24 months, for boys and girls age 2-10 years. At the moment the line, designed in London, is available exclusively at Elias & Grace In store & Online.



“The Miller ethos is a mix of subtle luxury and effortless cool.  We aim to create everyday wearable pieces in chic, understated colours and pretty prints and the collections are designed to work as co-coordinating outfits or as simple stand alone pieces. Ethical manufacturing and superior quality are both of the highest priority so we have consciously decided to keep production entirely within the EU”. Long life to Miller.


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Areaware forever…





The Salvor Fauna collection (Tees and cushions) had a lot of influence on the market; the graphics have been widely copied, there’s even been copies of the copies. That didn’t affect their attraction power. Simply because they were the first, because they are beautifully made, distributed in the best stores around the world. These animal cushions are still the most desirable ones with their very soft, peach-like organic cotton and perfect consistency, just hard enough to stand nicely. Our zebra and fawn are 6 years old already; they have been kissed, hugged, dragged everywhere in the house, but they are still in excellent condition, soon ready to passed to little friends and cousins.  www.areaware.com.


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Ophelia Summerscales, 4 years old – Paris, France


Ophelia is very girly. She loves dressing up as a princess and borrowing mummy’s lipstick and nail varnish. Her favorite music is Blur. She loves drawing, making collages from any bits of paper, magazine she can find in the house. Julie Marabelle her mother is the designer and founder of www.famillesummerbelle.com. There are delicious pictures of her and her brother Lucien on Julie’s lovely blogfamillesummerbelle.

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Vol a Miami – Lila & Tom + Pascal Ollinger









A great story by Lila&Tom Agency.  So Miami with the blue sky, the sky blue + white colors, and just a little palm/banana tree reminder. I want to be playing with those boys!

Photos Pascal Ollinger www.pascalollinger.com

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