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US based photographer Davina Zagury did many projects around childhood, starting with a beautiful story on vintage toys called “The Land of Lost Toys”, published in Milk Magazine in 2004. Later she worked, in collaboration with the store Pomme, on “The Doudou project”, featuring children and their favorite teddy or dolls followed, a couple of years later by a story calls “Sibblings”. When she became a mother (her little boy is now 2), she thought she would love to have a professional picture of her and her son. That made her think it could be a great project to work on, that would give a wonderful opportunity to other moms.  She set up a studio for Mother’s Day weekend and she photographed 26 mothers with their children. Davina says it was challenging but everyone had lots of fun and the results came out beautiful. Unforgettable experience and precious portraits.

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Violette, 3 years old, Brooklyn USA









Violette loves to disguise herself in many different characters, and to mix and match clothes and colors. No doubt this is coming from her French mom, Laure Fischbach, an artist/multi-tasker and object maker of great talent whose collaborations include Pomme, Bonpoint and Bubble New York.

What do you want to be when you grow up I want to draw princesses, apples and plants. I also want to be a dentist

What is your favorite famous person   My friend Mia

What makes you happy/laugh    Crocodile and dog

What makes you sad/angry When Mia puts her fingers in my eyes

Your favorite book I love my I love my French books “Je ne veux pas me coiffer” (ed.Gallimard)  and “Histoire du grand Mechant poulet” (ed. Milan jeunesse)

Your favorite films Tchoupi, Trotro and Peppa Pig

Your favorite animal The giraffe

Your best holidays you ever had My last trip skying in France (family tradition since 1940)

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Myself and mum (together) making sure it doesn’t look too gipsy! Mum said it!

Your favorite color Rose/Pink

Your favorite outfit Batman or my mor mor rita dress, in 6 years old

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My gold ballet shoes and my polka dots dress which turns….

What is the next item you would like to get A strawberry candy, pink color but absolutely NOT blue



Your favorite children’s brands mor mor rita, Talc, Wovenplay, Bonton (for the aesthetic of their shoes this year), Atsuyo and Akiko for the tee-shirts and hair accessories and Monoprix for their affordable and cute trends

Your favorite children’s stores In Paris : Serendipity, Bonton (Rue des Filles du Calvaire), Bonton Bazar. In New York : Salvor Kiosk

Do you buy a lot online for your children I never buy clothes online but I love to look at Smallable, Madame la Marchande, Bianca and family as well as the blog Kawa et l’univers de lilas.

A website that inspires you Tse Tse : I am a huge fan of this website!

What are the criteria you consider when you buy something for child Natural fabric (no synthetic), color and quality

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe A vintage dress found in a Japanese vintage store, next to my home

Most precious item you bought for your child A winter jacket from Bonpoint with a removable rabbit lining

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day A beautiful custom and pink 100% chocolate castle birthday cake

Items that are hard to find Good looking and comfortable shoes and warm casual jackets

Favorite pieces in Violette’s wardrobe A puffy shoulder cashmere sweater from mor mor rita and all her oversized long dresses, again from mor mor rita

Where are you going for the summer holidays Michigan for one week, lost in the forest, then a month in France, wandering around and visiting my family and friends


mor mor rita, Talc, Wovenplay, Bonton, Atsuyo et Akiko, MonoprixSerendipity, Salvor KioskSmallable, Madame la Marchande, Bianca and family, Kawa et l’univers de lilas, Tse Tse, Bonpoint

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Kid’s Collection 3


The third edition of Milk Collections is out, featuring over 150  brands, and 1000 silhouettes for Fall/Winter 2010-2011. A great tool for everyone, from children’s industry insiders to parents who want to browse the best children’s collections before they hit the stores. 192 pages of excitement (you want to buy everything), but I had a special crush on BOdeBO, Dandy Star, Surface to Air, Wafflish Waffle and Petit Lucas du Tertre (for their great sense of humour).

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Wowo's new store in Paris




French brand Wowo just opened a store in Le Marais, Paris. Small but very cute, this boutique is a nice complement to its neighbors of giant size Bonton and Merci. I lived in that street for many years, but it was a long time ago, when it was still part of the garment district with only wholesalers. It is so pleasant to see the changes in this area. A must visit for anyone interested in children’s fashion, in home decor and in art (the best galleries are in the little streets behind).

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It's show season again : Playtime Paris


Playtime will take place at Parc Floral in Paris on July 3-5. It is the 8th edition of the show which will showcase 250 brands and a large array of product categories (clothing, accessories, toys,maternity, child care, etc). I have never been to Playtime, this will be my first time so I will give personal comments on my after show report.

Events and partnerships will include Kidswear magazine, Tinou Le Joly Senoville and kid’s activities/workshops on Sunday.

Strong Points Playtime has shows in Paris, Tokyo and a New York edition is on its way.

Don’t miss! Simple Kids, Lale, Lucky Wang, yporque, Maan, Pe’pe’ childrens shoes, Louis Louise, Wovenplay.

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House in the clouds


For this story called The House in the Clouds, Karin Nussbaumer teamed with Frank Visser, a Dutch talented Art Director and Prop Designer. I particularly enjoy the subtle religious symbols in the first picture, the Boticelli hairstyle in the second, and the Van Gogh flavor in the third one. Photo Karin Nussbaumer, Story and Art Direction Frank Visser, Representative Agent Julie Seguinier.


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Kidswear Autumn/Winter 2010/11




Time to open volume 31 of kidswear, the cult magazine for who likes food for thought, high cultural content and strong images. Glorious names again for this issue : Pina Bausch, Martin Kippenberger, Ian Curtis, Andy Warhol, with photographs from (among many others) Ryan McGinley and Anthony Goicolea…oh lala, ca promet!

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More Shanghai kids!





I have to say, it’s fun to photograph Chlidren in the streets of Shanghai. The parents are very open to the idea, not to say that they seem very proud, and the kids might be a bit shy but in general they like to pose, especially around age 6-7.

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It's show season again…White For Kids

At the end of the month, right after Pitti Bimbo, White for Kids will be held in Milan on June 27-29.

White for Kids is a new comer and this will be its second edition. The show gathers around 70 brands including prestigious names such as Chloe and Sonia Rykiel. The design of the show is one of the most beautiful in the industry, but it is no surprise for who has seen the adult’s versions, White and White Uomo.

What I like Bringing a new kid’s show in a country that already hosts a well-established and respected one is not an easy task. That is probably why it works : the organizers have taken a totally different approach. This boutique event has a very strong visual impact; it focuses on brands who share love for quality, beautiful materials, hand made and Italian knowhow.

Strong Points If you are looking for a new vision, young blood and fresh ideas, this is the place to be. A new show always carries a magical energy; the dynamic + creative organizers have a great way to pass theirs to the visitor.

Don’t miss! Pe’pe’, Ann Valerie Hash, Franka Stockholm, La Stupenderia, Chloe, Sonia Rykiel, BO de BO,  Monamici

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Beautiful, good and respectful

red dragon.jpg

Do you know Smiling Planet?  Behind beautiful designs and peaceful messages, this remarkable company delivers plates and bowls with no BPA, no phthalates, no lead, no toxic inks. It’s not all : made from 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, the plates and bowls are stackable, top rack dishwasher safe, virtually unbreakable and the one-inch vertical sides on the plates helps keeping food on forks and off the table. The new collection, including “Dreaming Dragons” (picture above), has just been shipped to Paul Smith and Liberty in London.

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Shanghai's chou chou

Taikang 2010 Spring - 7.JPG

Butterfly Dress.jpg

Founded in 2006 by Carol Chyau (from Taiwan) and Marie So (from Hong Kong), Shokay aims to be China’s first socially responsible lifestyle brand. The products, for adults, children and home, are made from 100% yak down sourced sustainably from Tibetan herders in Western China. Unlike wool, yak down is extremely soft, does not itch, and is comparable to cashmere. Shokay’s flagship store in Shanghai is located in Tianzifang, a popular creative shopping center in lively Taikang Road, and the collection is also carried in over 100 stores in 10 countries. If you visit Shanghai, don’t miss Pin Wei, a fun design store at Art Deco building 1933, formerly an abattoir, and now a Shanghai hot spot where you can eat, drink, see art and shop local products. Pin Wei carries a great selection of Shokay’s home collection.

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Vibrant fashion & lifestyle press in China






There’s a surprising variety of magazines in China,  and not only the local editions of Elle, Vogue, L’Officiel, ect. Ming and Little thing are good example of creative, experimental and poetic media.

This month, Elle Decoration focused on children’s room and a wonderful story on colour Block shot by one of my favorite children’s photographer, Karin Nussbaumer. No comment on the texts, my Chinese doesn’t go further than Ni Hao!

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