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Dandy Star

Vol a Miami – Lila & Tom + Pascal Ollinger









A great story by Lila&Tom Agency.  So Miami with the blue sky, the sky blue + white colors, and just a little palm/banana tree reminder. I want to be playing with those boys!

Photos Pascal Ollinger www.pascalollinger.com

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This is the season when I miss the US the most, for the Indian summer, for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Before living in the US, Halloween was just a commercial event to me. It is still, in a way, but I understand much better the attraction Americans have for it. While living in New York, I discovered the crazy block parties with kids in amazing costumesstreets decorated and open houses, full of pumpkins, candles, spider webs and other spooky elements. Such fun, such great energy and creative sophistication. Now I can’t escape Halloween because my children got addicted to it. This fashion story in W Magazine set the tone for my outfit this year…it’s going to be fun again.

Photos Craig McDean – Styled by Alex White – W Magazine



Talc at Smallable






Wovenplay at Orpheo and The Emperor’s new clothes

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Fun tees from minikin


If you are looking for fun and fresh graphic tees, have a look at the new Minikin brand coming from the West Coast of the US. The line includes playful spins on grown-up graphic trends, as well as original character art. A mock “hipster” scarf is just one of 16 iconic, tongue-in-cheek designs in the collection. For ages 3-months to 12 years.


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Lalo, 3 years old – Paris, France


Lalo goes crazy for fire trucks and already has an impressive collection. While he is playing with his shiny red toys, Helene Borderie his mom, is busy with her wonderful online baby concept store and catalog noeuf.com.

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Color me crazy

DominiqueVerEecke_AW10 11_004lr.jpg

DominiqueVerEecke_AW10 11_006lr.jpg

DominiqueVerEecke_AW10 11_005lr.jpg


I always wondered if Belgium were the inventors of smarties. They have such a pop way of injecting color in their fashion; but it might also have a link with their long cartoon tradition. A graduate from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Dominique Ver Eecke started her collection 2 years ago. This season her collection theme is about Fairy tales, featuring rich prints (her own) and a mix of darks and pastel colors. Dominique Ver Eecke’s collection is available in Europe, Japan, and soon at Bergdorf Goodman New York.

Photos by Katrien Vermeire.


DominiqueVerEecke_AW10 11_001lr.jpg

DominiqueVerEecke_AW10 11_002lr.jpg

DominiqueVerEecke_AW10 11_003lr.jpg

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Lucky boy from Denmark




LUCKYBOYSUNDAY was established on a Sunday in August 2007 by Camilla Koerschen and Camilla Ebdrup, two friends who met at a small design school in Copenhagen. On school days, the pair was always talking and dreaming about creating something particular together. One day they just got tired of just talking about it; they gave life to the toys that already existed in their imagination. All products, dolls, cushions are knitted in 100% alpaca.





Camilla and Camilla, tell us a little bit about your design…
Actually we design stuff that we would like to have at home ourselves, so we do not exclusively design for kids. But that said, creating for kids is fantastic: they are so honest and open to differences and there are no fashion limits concerning trends and season colours.
What is your inspiration behind your collections?
We find our inspiration everywhere: looking at streetart, funny people passing by, our friends, nightmares, childhood memories, graphic patterns, etc.
If you had to choose a favorite item from your collections what would it be?
We really adore Danny Doll because of his fancy fingernails, but also Beauty Baby and the Sad Joe Pillows are very dear to us.
What’s new in the collection?
Our special xmas items will be out at the end of October.
On top of that, we are introducing a ”pop-up product”, which will appear at the same time, but for now it is a deep secret what it is… all we can say is that little girls will be ecstatic when it shows!


email luckyboysunday_xmas10.jpg

LUCKYBOYSUNDAY is available at Little circus Brussels, Nobodinoz Barcelona, Couverture London, Caravan London, Kido Store Australia and many other wonderful stores around the world.


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The cards that stimulate creative exploration

3 cards_travel.jpg


3 cards.jpg

The Emotional Learning Cards are a unique and beautifully designed set of cards featuring artwork by 20 contemporary artists alongside sets of questions and activities to stimulate creative exploration of emotions and identity in young people. They are an encouragement for children to explore their feelings and meet with contemporary art. Produced by Iniva (Institute of International Visual Arts) in partnership with educational charity A Space. The first set How do you feel? is aimed at primary age, (though can be used by anyone) and the new second set, Who are you? Where are you going?’ is suitable for use with all ages. Our identities are ever changing and are rooted in social and emotional histories. They are revealed or hidden in our personal and cultural belief systems, values and attitudes. By mapping these histories, we are increasing our insight into who we are and where we come from, enabling us to make more informed decisions over where we are going and what we want from our lives and relationships”. If you’ve read Daniel Goleman’s essay Emotional Intelligence, you’ll agree that this can only be good for our children’s development. The Emotional Learning Cards are available at www.iniva.org – £12.95 each or £20 for both sets.





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What’s hot for this fall?

Owner of famous London storeElias & Grace, Nickey takes us around the shelf for a selection ofher favorite itemsfor this season.




Mila Kokia Dress, by Miller - 100% Cotton – “Cute cut and irresistible colour”


FITN_Icon Jeans_Raw Blue_02.jpg


Icon Skinny Leg Jeans, by Finger In The Nose – Cotton Stretch – “These jeans rock, everyone should have a pair”




Goutal Skirt, by Maan – 100% Cotton – “Perfect for injecting colour into a winter wardrobes”




Unisex Twiggy Button Sweater, by Kids Case – 100% Cotton – “The ultimate comfy jumper, everyone should have one”




Mooney Shirt, by Miller – 100% Cotton – “Its all about a check for AW10″



Number Sweatshirt, by Milibe – 100% Cotton Corduroy – “Slouchy chic to go”
TABLE TOP01.jpg.

Rivet Belt, by Finger In The Nose – Leather – “Calling all Mini Rock Stars”


PD_Cowboy boots_metallic_02.jpg


Nevada Ankle Boots, by Pom D’Api – 100% Leather Upper – “Love these boots!”




Gelupo Hoodie, by Bonton – 100% Cotton – “Wear over everything all the time”



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Urban play : checks, stripes, tartan







” The gang make it a day of fun out on the streets of Shoreditch, kept warm by layering up in the season’s patterns of checks, stripe and tartan, and kept cool with a dose of hip city edge”. Photo Tim Marsella, Fashion Editor Ellie Lines – Sunday Telegraph Kids, Autumn/Winter 2010. The story features lots of Finger in the nose, Paul Smith, H&M, Gap Kids, Bonpoint, Diesel. Rock’n’roll !


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Paulina, 4 years old – New York, USA


paulina 1.jpg

selection - 11.jpg


Paulina lives in New York; her mother Claudia is the correspondent for German ART magazine and creator of a new Baby-Care-DVD “Baby´s Home What Now?”that she introduced at Playtime New York last August.


What do you want to be when you grow up The first time my daddy asked me I wanted to be an umbrella, which is really silly. Now I want to be a big sister

What is your favorite famous person Princess Lillifee. My mom and my Omis (my grandmothers) got me a lot of Lillifee CD´s from Germany and I listen to them every day. Lillifee is a princess-fairy and she helps all her friends

What makes you happy Being at the beach

What makes you angry When I need to brush my teeth

Your favorite book Wave (by Suzy Lee) about a little girl playing with the waves

Your favorite film The Jungle Book with Mowgli and Baloo the Bear

Your favorite animal Lulu, my uncle Harry´s dog and the baby elephant in the zoo in Hamburg

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Mommy and I do it together

What is the piece you like the most from your wardrobe I love all my dresses and that they swing around when I am dancing

What is the next item you would like to get Pink sneakers, ballerina flats that make a clacking sound when I am walking



Your favorite children’s brands Bonpoint, Pink Chicken, Sailor Rose, Baby Bean, J Crew Kids

Do you buy a lot online for your children I unfortunately do, I buy a lot of stuff on Amazon. Books, the new bike helmet, the scooter…

What are the criteria you consider when you buy something for Paulina I like styles that are comfortable and childlike. I am not the biggest fan of outfits that make kids look like little grown-ups who love to follow every trend

Most precious item you bought for your child A vintage dark-blue coat

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day Self-made Christmas calendar with a tiny gift for every day in December until Christmas Day

Items that you find hard to find Shoes that are childlike but still stylish and that do not have tons of glitter on it!

Favorite pieces in Paulina’s wardrobe The simple Pink Chicken cotton-dresses. Paulina wears them forever and in every season. With or without a t-shirt underneath. When they get a bit shorter they still look great with leggings

What travel plans do you have? We just got back from a trip to Germany to see our families – now we are ready for a vacation!


Bonpoint, Pink Chicken, Sailor Rose, Baby Bean, J Crew Kids


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Enter the lovely world of Severina Kids







Alejandra lives in Madrid where she creates Severina kids, a collection of fun dolls and unique stuffed creatures.  All the products are handmade in limited editions with quality materials. Personally, on top of a doll, I would love Alejandra to come and draw something in my house! I love her poetic illustrations. Severina Kids is available at www.severinakids.com, www.minouchet.com, www.finnsfinds.com and Bobo Kids in London.



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About escapism






Escaping our lives is the fantastic adventure that literature and cinema have always provided. The virtual world is another great source of escapism; wandering from blog to blog can take you far. It allows an interesting exchange of experiences: those who live in urban centers can take a peek at wild land/wild life while those based in remote places can see what’s going on in metropolis. Internet lets us live other people’s life vicariously. Almost simultaneously you can check what people wear in New York, London or Sidney and take a deep breath in the Colorado mountains. Whenever I miss New York or Paris I go to The Sartorialist and when I want to feel the immensity of nature I visit the very inspiring Une envie de sel (pictures above). We live in a wonderful [virtual] world…

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