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Goat Milk

Window special






Special shoe theme for the windows at Selfridges : the color and narrative side…






… the natural tones and conceptual side, by James Plumb


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Stella McCartney's own children's line




After a successful collaboration with Gap Kids, Stella Mc Cartney has decided to launch her own childrenswear collection (0-12). It will be available online from November 3rd through an interactive and fun website, before reaching a selection of stores and independent boutiques worldwide. Stella, 39 years old, will soon to be a mother of 4. We wish her luck with her new baby and babies related projects.


Thanks to the Fashion Daily News

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Indispensable carnets



“Carnets de notes” by Paolo Rinaldi is extremely rich of stunning design & architecture products + projects. Like this cultural rehabilitation in Genoa : a library-auditorium-playroom for kids or the baby size door that fits into standard size door frames. Carnet de note also features fashion, books, art & more; in French, Italian and English. Simply indispensable.

To suscribe to Carnet de notes (newsletter), contact rinaldi.paolo@fastwebnet.it

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Lola, 6 years old – London, UK

Screen shot 2012-06-19 at 21.45.38

Lola lives in North London with her parents and younger sister Sissi. She is a little editor at Anorak magazine. Her mother Michelle Marshallis the owner of quirkycollective.com and founder of the blog iamquirky.com which was shortlisted for the 2010 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards.The inspired mother and daughter share a moment of their life with us.

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Lovely Zoe





She has talent, her videos are enchanting: Zoe de las Cases is definitely someone to keep an eye on. Subtle blend of nostalgia and modernity. Zoe de las Cases is not yet distributed in the US and I know a few stores who would do really great with her collection of home/room decor and other accessories. While the website is being constructed (opening soon!), you can still contact infos@zoedelascases.com.


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Animal trend





Animal inspiration. Animals or their representation invade our homes, our clothes. Animals everywhere, a trend that seems to be a long lasting one. It’s that deep contact with Mother Earth that we need to re-install, it is also a connexion to the real world, to compensate the overload of virtuality.



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Caramel @ Harrods, simple and efficient





Caramel Baby & Child, corner at Harrod’s London. Contemporary, warm, with focus on the clothes presented both facing and in the classic way. It’s pleasant, easy to browse through and you want to buy (almost) everything. Well done.



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Pirouette loves the Caravan crib


Kalon Studios is a small company based in Los Angeles and Berlin, Germany. “Kalon Studios is modern, sustainable and ruthlessly good looking”. Agreed. Their range of products  is absolutely desirable and fresh. The Caravan Crib is inspired by the storybook circus wagon; it plays with classic form and contemporary, ultra-bold colors. Thoughtfully considered, the Caravan Crib meets modern parent’s needs: Safety (solid construction, stationary sides, conforms to the highest safety standards and 100% visibility of your child from all angles), Green (fully sustainable and made from the highest quality FSC Certified domestic Maple and with 100% non-toxic and/or food safe materials + finishes), Practical (adjustable mattress height and toddler bed conversion), Great Design (modern form, contemporary palate, lots of options) and Domestically Made in the U.S.A. Available in 100% solid raw maple or with Black, Red, Yellow, Blue or Green rails for the ultimate in pop, contemporary design. Raw $695 – Colors $895.


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Domestic vacations, new chapters





Photographer Julie Blackmon is back in New York for an exhibit at Robert Mann Gallery (Sept 7th – Oct 23rd). Julie has added new images to her “Domestic vacations”, a fictional and auto-biographical story that she started about 5 years ago and that explores the fantastic elements of our everyday lives, both imagined and real. We live in a culture where we are both “child centered” and “self-obsessed.” The struggle between living in the moment versus escaping to another reality is intense since these two opposites strive to dominate. Caught in the swirl of soccer practices, play dreate the space to find ourselves. The expectations of family life have never been more at odds with each other. These issues, as well as the relationship between the domestic landscape of the past and present, are issues I have explored in these photographs”. Julie is the oldest of a family of 9 and a mother of three; she has an infinite reservoir to dig memories and inspiration from.


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Brussel, in Antwerp

winkel buiten.jpg



Founders of the brand Maan, Vicky Vinck and Evelyne De Brock opened a children’s store in Antwerp named Brussel at the beginning of this year. The 60 sq meter boutique is filled with very absolutely gorgeous kids brands : Anne Kurris, Finger in the nose, Kidscase, Maan, Marcel, Max&Lola, Muchacha, Nathalie Verlinden, Rita Co Rita, Simple Kids…A unique occasion to find all of them under the same roof. It’s definitely time for a trip to Belgium!


Why the name Brussel knowing that the store is in Antwerp? Because we are working with Belgian brands and Brussel is the capital of Belgium

Where did the idea of a store come from? Antwerp has a lot of children’s stores but the original brands are not available in the small sizes

What type of customer do you have in the store? We have national and international customers, many of them traveling from Japan, France and the US

What is different and unique in your store? Our idea is to mix all brands and colours to create a new and special silhouette

What are the key colors? Mostly bright colours

Any plans for the future? We already have our own brand, Maan, so one store for the moment is enough!


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New Pop Up in Brussels



If you plan to travel to Brussels, don’t miss the pop up store We were Small on Rue de Flandre 162. It will be open from September 10th till November 9th. A great occasion to get great refills of tees, hoodies and jersey dresses.

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Savannah Lili Beau, 8 years old – South of France


Savannah She lives in a small village near the beautiful cities of Nimes and Montpellier, South of France. Everyone calls her Nana at home : her dad, mom and two brothers Miles Harrison (5) and Dylan Samuel (14).  Her mom, Deborah Beau, is a blogger (the famouskickcanandconkers, it’s her!) and soon-to-be online retailer.

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