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A beautiful fashion story published in Marie-Claire Enfants. Thumbs up for the flamenco shoes contrasting the minimal outfits, for the school desks (La Chaise longue) and for the great combination of a Max & Lola dress with a Oeuf alpaca mask. By Cecile Lercier, photos Michel De Sermoise.

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The baby concept store catalog






Bobo Choses, Surface to Air Kids, Miller Goodman, Oeuf NYC, Dis Une Couleur, Maya Organics, ImseVimse, Barnabé Aime le Café, Petit Produit…and more gorgeous brands are on the freshly launched Noeuf Fall/Winter 2010-2011catalog. Click here to flip through the pages. Most of the products are eco-friendly and made under Fair Trade conditions. At a time where everything tends to go paperless, Noeuf catalog is available in hard copy. For those who are deeply in love with the good old paper.




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Bubble London avant-premiere





British brand Waddler is all about creating a beautiful and wild world for the little monsters around us. Made from natural materials and produced to fair trade standards, Waddler will be showing at Bubble London, 30 & 31 January 2011.

Thanks to Tabara @ Bubble London.

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Natacha & Mathilda, 8 years old – Geneva, Switzerland





Natacha, Mathilda and their little brother Achille are the main characters of a story that their mother Claude B. publishes on www.itsohso.blogspot.com and www.petitsbonheurs123.wordpress.com. The story of beautiful, rare, precious moments captured with a unique sensibility. Natacha and Mathilda are the first twin sisters interviewed on Pirouette.


Natacha and Mathilda

What do you want to be when you grow up Natacha surgeon Mathilda painter

What is your favorite famous person Natacha I don’t know any famous person Mathilda Tintin

What makes you happy/laugh Natacha Mum (!!!) Mathilda My friends

What makes you sad/angry Natacha When my sister doesn’t give me her things Mathilda Idem

Your favorite book Natacha Les malheurs de Sophie Mathilda Tintin

Your favorite films Natacha Le Petit Nicolas Mathilda Le Petit Nicolas

Your favorite animal Natacha Horses Mathilda Dogs

The best holidays you ever had Natacha Our last summer holidays on a sailing boat, around Elba Island Mathilda Idem

A city that you would dream to visit Natacha Paris Mathilda New York

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Natacha Me! Mathilda Me under mum’s control (!!!)

Your favorite color Natacha Grey Mathilda Black

Your favorite outfit Natacha Dresses Mathilda Knickers and bloomers

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe Natacha My black linen dress from La Princesse au Petit Pois Mathilda My super hero T-shirt from Finger in the Nose

The next item you would like to get Natacha A Polly Pocket Circuit Mathilda A Playmobil Swimming Pool


Claude Blaser

Your favorite children’s brands Finger in the Nose, Bonpoint, Bodebo, Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, Marie et Rose Alice

Your favorite children’s stores I buy mainly online

Your favorite e-stores Little fashion Gallery, Lillibulle, Smallable. For books, I let the kids choose when we go to the library

A website that inspires you All those listed on my blogroll!

The criteria you consider when you buy something for your children Quality, esthetic, price

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe A Bodebo skirt

Most precious item you bought for your child Brand clothes for kids are a luxury, I consider them as precious

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day The gifts that I choose!!! More seriously, they generally choose it. If they’re happy with it, it’s the best gift…

Items that are hard to find Nice shoes for big girls

Favorite pieces in the girl’s wardrobe A Bonpoint dress with red/grey prints (winter collection) and a pair of clogs, to see here

Where are you going for the summer holidays Sailing, we don’t know where yet…


Finger in the Nose, Bonpoint, Bodebo, Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, Marie et Rose Alice, La Princesse au Petit Pois, Little fashion Gallery, Lillibulle, Smallable



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Object of desire





This is one of five hand-painted Eames Rockers to be awarded as a grand prize in Herman Miller’s Design For You contest (hermanmiller.com). Check the other versions. They are to die for.

Thanks to Rachel @ www.handmadecharlotte.com


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How to win a bunny print dress…



Based in the UK, AleaxandAlexa is a rich online platform with an e-store as well as a blog and a magazine. Plenty of fashion, looks, cute brands, stories, ideas, interviews (Sir Paul Smith, YES!) and even contests. This month AlexandAlexa offers the opportunity to win a Rachel Riley dress. To win the delightful 1930’s style bunny print dress, children have to be creative and use their crayons or paint brushes. For more info visit www.theirlittleworld.com. Contest closes October 13, 2010.


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lit cubisteS.jpg

bureau comptableS.jpg


I discovered Laurette at Maison&Objet in Paris and thought it was an appealing and well done furniture collection, with its nod to the 40′s-50′s and beautiful finish. It reminded me of a friend, desperate to find a children’s highchair matching her stylish living room. She bougth one at Ikea and repainted it in Farrow and Ball sophisticated grey. She could probably have found what she was looking for at Laurette. The Laurette beds, desks, chest of drawers and other home pieces will soon be available to order online. Boutique Laurette, 77 bd JC Clément, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France – Tél. + 33 (0)1 46 99 04 19 www.laurette-deco.com


Armoire ParisienneS.jpg



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H2O – Why not learning the formula at a very young age?





In the Go Green Family, I want…the car! This hydrogene (H2O) car can teach children of a very young age how clean energy vehicles work. €29.90 with remote control. Merci Nature&Decouverte!

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Blabla's cuddly and soft handknitts





Created by Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald, Blabla Kids appeared on the children’s market in 2001 with lovely knitted dolls and creatures. The company has since developed a whole range of products fully in line with the spirit of the brand, keeping a contemporary/ poetic style and high quality standards. Today Blabla Kids sells rattles, backpack, keychains, blankets, mobiles, paper good and even clothing. All products, handmade by Peruvians, are made from natural fibers of exceptional softness which makes them irresistibly cuddly. Blabla Kids products are ecofriendly, certified Fair Trade. www.blablakids.com.


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A blog promenade…Petits Bonheurs and it’s sohso






I know I share a passion for the wonderful blogs Petits Bonheurs and it’s Sohso (by the same very talented person) with many of you. For those who haven’t visited them yet, here’s a few images. Very soon Mathildeand Natacha (above) will come back on Pirouette with answers to the parent/child interview. The first one featuring twins. Stay tuned!





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La cerise sur le gateau


“La Cerise Sur Le Gateau” (the cherry on the cake) is a French company offering delicious textile items. Designer Anne Hubert cleverly turns basic elements from our grandma’s kitchen into fun, graphic and modern products. Sprinkled with flashy touches and quirky images, her kitchen towels have already seduced Paris trendy outlets. www.lacerisesurlegateau.fr - Photo : Coco Amardeil.


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Mouaa-vintage blackboard

Mouaa tableau ardoise.jpg


Vintage blackboard with abacus on an easel. Age + 5 years old. Available on mouaa-vintage.over-blog.com, €38.


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