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Wallpaper news


ElliPopp_Eameralda'sGarden_1 panel mural.jpg

ElliPopp_RedPoppy_4panel mural.jpg

ElliPopp_JapaneseNightlife white&black_4 panel mural.jpg

The wallpapers created by Elli Popp stand out, in their fresh and quite unique style. They feature a range of neo-romantic designs blended with the balancing use of color, shape and theme. Influenced by nature and by the 20′s, Elli Popp offers a nostalgic relief through elegant yet contemporary motifs within an ever urbanising modern world.

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Little swan







In collaboration with set designer Frank Visser, Karin Nussbaumer makes wonderful pictures that stay with you. Her story “House in the clouds”, featured in Pirouette last June, was inspired by painting, and very colorful. With this “Little swan”, Karin explores a great new palette of powdery tones. Karin and Franck are represented by Julie Seguinier www.juliesagency.com.

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Ilovegorgeous, a bit of history





Ilovegorgeous is a name that one cannot forget. And I have to say, I have seen some girls looking quite unforgettable in the dresses designed by Lucy Enfield and Sophie Worthington. Ilovegorgeous was launched in September 2007; the first collection was snapped up by London department store Selfridges as well as a host of boutiques and children’s wear shops across the UK. Since then ilovegorgeous has expanded its wholesale reach to the USA, France and can be found in many prestigious locations including Le Bon Marche in Paris, Barneys NYC, Fenwicks and Harvey Nichols, London and Harvey Nichols, Saudi Arabia. In December 2008 ilovegorgeous opened their flagship shop in Notting Hill and in February 2009 the website became ecommerce. Last but not least, Ilovegorgeous can count among its customer base fashion leaders such as Stella McCartney, Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Stella Tennant, Sam Taylor-Wood, Elle Macpherson. A very nice debut!


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Hannah Gunzig, 8 years old – Brussels, Belgium


8 years old Hannah Gunzig and mother Sabrina Palmisano from Belgium are our guest for a short interview today. Hannah speaks both French and Italian, and Sabrina, former jurist, is a stylist and the owner of a beautiful children’s store called Boucle d’or, in Brussels.

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On color, and on promoting Design





In 2002, Rei Kawakubo declared “red is the new black“. The last 8 years have shown that the visionary designer of Comme des Garcons was right. Today red is still invading our closets and homes. But there are a fair amount of red shades, the new Tom Dixon, “fluoro”, is the right tone, the one that really talks and generates fatal attraction, total addiction.

Speaking of Tom Dixon, I am just back from the designer’s head quarters in London, where him and two other famous designers, Marcel Wanders and Piet Hein Eek gave a very interesting lecture on Design. I am not going to give a full report here, but what I think was particularly relevant to other industries (particularly for fashion), is that they spoke about the importance, for a designer, to communicate on its own products. Don’t wait for producers, distributors or press to knock at the door, be pro-active. It is now a lot easier than it used to be.


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Aussie toys





New on the market of toys, O.B. Design is an Australian brand bringing gorgeous, original, “where did you get that?” kids gift on the market. Each toy combines modern quirky Australian characters with old school craftsmanship & high quality materials. Conceived and created in Byron Bay Australia, all products are safe and quickly become babies and children’s little favorites. On the picture, a creature from the “DINGaRING” collection, but there is much more to discover on www.obdesigns.net. The brand is now available in the UK and in Continental Europe (www.ollieandforbes.com, www.rume.co.uk, www.kokkie.be). O.B. Designs is looking for a US distributor.

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Baby CZ and Vogue Bambini’s shopping guide




What a smile! This engaging image has been taken by Eva Mueller for Baby CZ. In collaboration with VOGUE, Carolina Zapf is inviting press and clients to celebrate her Fall 2010 Baby CZ collection and the VOGUE Bambini Shop Guide featuring the best children’s boutiques worldwide. An impactful invitation to theBaby CZ event at their store, 820 Madison Avenue in New York, September 30th.


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Fabrics on display





This is a beautiful way to display a fabric collection, on umbrellas. Photographs John Mason, House&Garden October 2010.

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Anorak goes French





Anorak is launching its French edition, oui oui! So many things going on for “the happy mag for kids”: the fun&game iphone app has been super successful, a German edition of the magazine is already on the market and the ipad app is due at the end of October. Last but not least, the French edition of Anorak will be in good hands, with Violaine belle-Croix, former chief editor of Milk magazine, in charge. Bonne chance Anorak.


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Interview of a store owner : Dominique – Les petits Chapelais, NY

Dominique Simonneaux is French, and a former professional modern dancer. She moved to New York to follow an exchange student program with Merce Cunningham. When she became a mother, she started a children’s line with her sister, a costume designer for the Opera and other famous theater/circus/dance companies. A few years later, Dominique had the opportunity to open a store that she named her children’s clothing line, Les petits Chapelais.

Can you tell us how the story began for your store? I opened the boutique on September 11, 2001; a day no one can forget. I was pregnant with my third child. Thanks to the colorful lines I was selling and to the perseverance and warm welcome at the store, I survived the first year. Now the boutique has moved at 86 Thompson street, still in Soho, in front of a park and playground.
What brands do you carry? I sell my own line Les petits chapelais, Max et Lola, Zorra (both from Belgium), Petit Bateau, Mademoiselle a Soho, Pom d’api, Aster, Kickers (all from France), Paper wings (Australia), Eyespy Baby, Dagmar Daley, Oeuf, Kicokids, Lemlem, Tane Organics…many brands.
What is the main concept or idea about what you do? The collections I sell reflect a desire to offer children clothing that correspond to their way of grasping life, that allows them to move freely, to spin, to run, to jump, to breathe, to dance, to slide with a beautiful aesthetic! (without constraint or bad compromise). I am attached to the quality of workmanship and I also like to work with designers who are not mainstream, whose clothes reflect love and respect for the children.
What are the most successful lines in your store? The most successful are LPC, Eyespy and the Belgiums! LPC fits kids like a second nature, with simple, vibrant pattern and colors, playful witty great quality. Eyespy is unique and the choice of knit patterns, and the colors are extraordinary. Max and Lola is pure art, a signature in the boutique even if less affordable.
How is business in New York at the moment? Business is not predictable. Many small stores are closing due to the economy but also due to the high rents in the city.  Being a store owner here is very discouraging, it feels like a permanent battle. Then, many retailers are forced to change their selection when purchasing a collection to take less risk. The result is less interesting/original designers, more products mass produced in Asia, less quality.  Many big chains come to my store to shop for ideas, Gap, the Children’s store, Wall Disney, JCrew, H&M etc…How can small store owners survive the mega? The answer is probably the personal contact with the clients. When the crisis hit, it was quite hard and tense, but people just came to my store to buy things and make sure I was not going to shut down. I will always be thankful to my clients. That was a great solidarity gesture, showing that in the end, people love their local little independent stores.
How do you chose the collections for Les petits Chapelais? I visit trade shows (ENK, Bubble, Playtime, etc) but new designers or well established brands also contact me all the time.  After a few years running the store, it’s quite easy for me to I feel what belongs to it or not. It is like a gallery, sometimes I spot a trend, I bring in innovative lines, my clients love to find what they are used to see in the store, but they also like to be surprised. I try to stay away from the “trendy labels”. I have no time for reading magazines, shopping or looking at other stores, so I observe children (there are many around my store) and they inspire me, always!
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Kickers by Melanie Rodriguez









New! Kickers campaign by Melanie Rodriguez. The photographer is represented by Julie Seguinier. Brillant…


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Tada!Shop : Pirouette’s “Editor’s picks”

Screen shot .jpg

Tada! Shop really brought a new model to the market, with an e-store/magazine merge concept combined with “create and buy your own look”. The result is a lively and interactive platform, a stimulating virtualboutique allowing the precious “shopping experience”, so far missing when buying through screen and mouse. Tada!Shop regularly invites people from the children’s industry to pick up and comment a selection of items. Among the recent guests were Bronagh Staley (Sweet William), Carina Schott (Nonchalant Mom), Beck Marshall (Papier Mache), Ali Wing (Giggle). Today it wasPirouette’s turn to be on the “editor’s Picks” list. Thank you Tada! Shop.

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