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Coup de Coeur for Oyu Moyu
Numbers+Stripes Bob&Blossom

Alec, 6 years old – Summit NJ, USA



Alec is a curious, fun and kind little boy. He loves hanging out with his brother and friends. Alec is as content playing competitive sports with his older brother or make believe (ice cream parlor) with his younger brother or drawing by himself. He is a little mischievous at times keeping his parents on their toes. ?His mom, Holly Brown, is the co-founder of tada! shop.


What do you want to be when you grow up A professional hockey player

What is your favorite famous person Luke Skywalker from Star Wars

What makes you happy Having fun and playing with my friends

What makes you sad When my friends leave

Your favorite book The diary of a Wimpy kid

Your favorite films Tom & Jerry

Your favorite animal  a squirrel. It is cool

Your best holidays you ever had Our summer trips to Michigan and the weenie roasts!

A city that you would dream to visit San Francisco (where my godfather lives)

Who chooses your clothes in the morning Mom, but sometimes me

Your favorite color gold. (Really?) I just like gold

Your favorite outfit Sweatpants and a sweatshirt

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My sweatpants.

What is the next item you would like to get A cool t-shirt that says or having a picture of “building legos”


Your favorite children’s brands For clothing, Bella Bliss and Crewcuts. For toys, Go Kids.  And Wovenplay just because (if I only had girls)

Your favorite children’s stores My favorite stores are ones that inspire me in some way, not necessarily ones where I am buying frequently. ABC Carpet’s kids section for that special gift.  Trico Field for their details and ability to mix and match.  And, Moomah for the family

Do you buy a lot online for your children If so, what are your favorite e-stores Absolutely do most of my buying online for the kids. Love the niche stores for something special (hence, the launch of tada! shop). Amazon is also at the top of my list

A website that inspires you Many design blogs inspire me and keep me consumed until late night. Gilt for it’s rapid success

What are the criteria you consider when you buy something for child Will they wear it?  Will it last relative to what I am spending?  Do I/he like it?

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe Splurged on a Robert Redd shirt for my oldest son. Looks great, boys love them and gets handed down to his brothers

Most precious item you bought for your child Monogrammed, smocked bubble for my son’s christening.  (My Southern roots)

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day This amazing set of German castle wooden blocks with the tower, gate and all

Items that you find hard to find Unique toys that they will play with over and over

Favorite pieces in his wardrobe Peek word tees.  Fun, colorful bathing suits

Where are you going for the summer holidays To Northern Michigan on the lake with my family and cousins.  Just got back from Washington DC which is always a great trip with the kids

Bella Bliss, Crewcuts, Go Kids, Wovenplay, ABC Carpet, Trico Field, Moomah, Robert Redd


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M – Le roi des ombres

Recreation! An inspiring video that my children love to watch. Nice music too…enjoy!

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Indispensable Tada!shop…








= my selection of the day at Tada!shop


An online heaven is born with Tada!shop Going beyond the image that you click on to make a purchase, Tada! gives real sense to internet buying with “create a look”, a function that allows browsing categories horizontally until alining the perfect look. It calculates the total amount of the selected outfit, that can then be ordered by a click. Genius, fabulous, indispensable, well done Tada! And, cherry on the cake, the brand selection is exciting, featuring independent labels (Finger in the nose, Winter Water Factory, Milk on the rocks, Baby Bean, Pink Chicken) as well as brands such as Gap, Crew Cuts and Petit Bateau.  A vast, eclectic choice in products, categories and occasions, yet homogenous and consistent in style. The e-store was created by Hadley Peterson and Holly Brown who worked a year on it before launching in December 2009. Two one of a kind women,  the first former Managing Editor of, the second former President of Martha Stewart. Their experience also include time spent, in a nutshell : banking, at Yahoo, in interior design and at a web site development company, in both NY and San Francisco. Holly has three boys ( 8, 6, 3) and Hadley has three girls (7, 6, 2). And they have the best online store to shop for their kids.

My selection of the day : Kit+Lili dress, Atsuyo et Akiko hair clip, Kayce Hughes bag (I bought the last one!), Crew Cuts shoes.



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Margot, 8 ans – Paris, France


Picture 3656.jpeg

Picture 057_3.jpeg


After four years in New York, Margot moved back to France with her parents, her little sister Jasmine and her little brother Paul. They live west of Paris, not far from the city center and close to the green. Margot can see horses run in the fields from her bedroom window. Her mother, jewelry designer Mathilde de Turckheim Retif, is featured on Pirouette with her beautiful necklaces and headbands (See “hybrid jewels),  June 9th 2010).


What do you want to be when you grow up A tennis player, a stylist or a singer

What is your favorite famous person Michael Jackson

What makes you laugh When someone tickles me

What makes you sad When I don’t have any friends

Your favorite book Geronimo Stilton

Your favorite films Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The best holidays you ever had Christmas in New York

A place that you would dream to visit India

Who chooses your clothes in the morning I do; I prepare them at night for the next day

Your favorite color Blue

Your favorite outfit My vampire costume

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe The orange striped dress that my aunt Sibylle gave me

What is the next item you would like to get DS and Ipod


Your favorite children’s brands Kicokids, Flora and Henri, Monoprix, Dagmar Daley, Petit Bateau, CrewCuts

Your favorite children’s stores Bonpoint’s Flagship Store in Paris?, the Kids section at ABC Carpet on Broadway, Monoprix in France

Do you buy a lot online for your children I have to say I never buy anything online for my children

A website that inspires you,

What are the criteria you consider when you buy something for your children The fabric quality, print, colors and finally the garment’s cut

The last item you added to Margot’s wardrobe A red vichy 2 pieces swimming costume from Monoprix

The most precious item you bought for your Margot A vintage white embroidered voile de cotton top from the market at Le Cap-Ferret (South West of France)

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day A necklace with an ice cream shape charm

The items that are hard to find Un-expensive, nice and original socks or stockings and nothing else because I have Monoprix back!

Favorite pieces in Margot’s wardrobe A vintage white lace dress from the market of Le Cap-Ferret

Where are you going for the summer holidays The beloved Le Cap-Ferret

Kicokids, flora and henri, Monoprix, Dagmar Daley, Petit Bateau, CrewCuts, ABC Carpet&Home


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It's show season again : Kleine Fabriek


On July 4-5, Amsterdam will be the home town for the 11th edition of kleine fabriek. The fair is known for being very lively, well organized, international (lots of Scandinavian, German, Belgium visitors), and I have to say that Amsterdam is a great destination for food and shopping, especially the flea market along the canals on Monday mornings. 400 children’s labels will be present this season including Bellerose (one of the greatest children’s brands), Kidscase, L’Asticot (a new Swiss brand). The organizers announce a children’s book store, a fashion photo shoot and as usual, cafes and live music. Let’s hope that this previous boutique show who became so big will keep it beautiful and exciting.

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4-manuthumb.jpg 88-202-medium.jpg3-manuthumb.jpg 89-203-medium.jpg

There are more and more great online stores of all kinds on the net, and it is a very nice thing to have so much choice, just a click away. Like in real life, one can wonder around large e-stores who carry hundreds of brands, or push the virtual door of smaller, more selective places. I recently found myself browsing through the cool mix at and really enjoyed the visit. It seems that French owner Elsa Zaffini likes to keep the assortment quite focused : a simple, graphic, modern style for functional, practical, easy pieces, all with an attitude. For 0-8, from fashion to home decor to books and gifts, only great names : Bensimon, Bobo Choses, Bright and Stripes, Franka, Holly’s, L’esprit de Luna, La petite Luce, Mini Rodini, Monamici, Shampoodle (and more). Don’t miss the little “braderie”, with friendly discounts.


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Interview of a Chalkboard (Shanghai) Store Owner Anita Wang


IMG_3981.JPG IMG_3963.JPG

IMG_3980.JPG IMG_3967.JPG

Anita Da Silva (Yan Yun Wang if you call her by her  Chinese name), is the founder of Chalkboard, the first Shanghai based children’s store selling Western designers. Her assortment includes Kicokids, Hunter, Si tu veux and a nice selection of accessories, toys, home decor. Anita Studied fashion at Esmod Paris and lived in France for 5 years; she travels a lot, very often to the US. Before having her little girl called Sophia Jenna (now 2 years), she worked as an editor for Elle China. A pioneer with international culture and excellent taste, Anita tells us more about her passions, ideas and life.

Can you tell us what is the philosophy behind Chalkboard? I want to offer an artist view to the new generations, help stimulating Chinese children’s imagination and encourage originality in China. That is why I named the store Chalkboard, it’s all about expressing your imagination. The more you draw, the further you go. Chalkboard is a brand, a shop who thinks of the future, of the new Chinese lifestyle.

Speaking of lifestyle, can you describe yours? Busy, always thinking about what’s new, what’s next…like everybody who lives in an up-coming city. Having fun at the same time of course. I love it.

How about your own style? I mix and match, casual and effortless chic…until 2 weeks ago; I had a little accident because of my hairdresser’s assistant; still recovering!

How is your typical week? Phone calls, meetings, solving problems and have some little guilty pleasures…

How about your perfect Sunday? Having brunch with my family and friends outdoor. See the green, see the kids, the most beautiful things.

What are your inspirations at the moment? Today I heard the news about Apple; 600,000 people pre-ordered the new iphone 4 online; I am one of these, I wonder how much work and ideas behind, this is it- the inspiration of very now. The real inspiration is to change people’s life, looking forward to seeing my daughter when I talk to her with Facetime.

The book on your bedside table? The 30 years of Chinese Modern Art.

The music in your ipod? My husband mixed it for me. Mainly house and techno. I plan to buy the Soul Train Series. Love them.

What are your favorite cities in the world? Paris, Paris and Paris. I have so many good memories out there. Friends, restaurants, beautiful shops and French movies…I can’t stop walking, shopping 12 hours in a row in Paris.

And your favorite stores? Bon Marche, Merci and Bonpoint’s falgship in Paris.

What is your favorite child-related online destination?, especially for the “Look de Rue”, and Pirouette of course ;-)

What is your favorite child-related magazine? Milk magazine

Your favorite movie to watch with the whole family? Sophia is still too young to enjoy movies, but I guess she will soon love watching movies about animals. Looking forward to it.

What do you prize most in life? My family

A strong belief? Work hard and love hard

What are you especially proud about? My ideas and my go-get character

Your favorite place for the holidays? Portugal, horse riding and spending time with my family on the beach


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Finn + Luke = Fluke


boys_a- 46_resize.jpg

girls_e- 866_resize.jpg

boys_a- 218_resize.jpg


Fluke is a UK-based brand with a very good energy. I noticed their debut at Bubble London last year, and they really seem to go in the right direction. I guess that after 20 years working for the children’s industry, the owner Frazer Bradley knows what he is doing. The collections are produced in ethically audited factories who respect the environmental standards. At this stage the brand shows exclusively at Bubble London. Let’s hope it will soon expand its presence at international shows. If you want to buy products for your children, the best way for the moment is to visit the brand’s own e-store



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Keep an eye on Sharon and I


little person.jpg so-cute-1.jpg

Sharon Tulloch is an illustrator and a graphic artist. If you have visited the e-store, you will have for sure noticed her cocktail of hand-drawn and computer-generated illustrations. Sharon was born in London, spent time in New York and currently lives in sunny and colorful Marseille (France) where she moved many years ago. I believe her culture and mobility is reflected in her work, very fresh and full of life, with characters and figures leaping out at you, possessing a haunting innocence. Sharon works on brand identity, logos, illustrations, children’s books, web design and graphics for items such as bags, t-shirt, and much more. Her latest projects include the 2008 Spring catalogue of New York based jewelry designer ginette_ny. Keep an eye on Sharon’s work, contact her for projects you may have: her versatile style, her graphic talent and her adaptation skills are precious.


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Juno, 5 years old, New York, USA



Juno is a proud New Yorker – she recently recommended a stay at the Plaza to a family friend, because “that’s where Elouise lives” *. Juno has a little sister Maris (almost 2 years); she speaks German with her family and English at school. Right now she is busy learning to ride a bike, to learn to swim and to horseback ride. Her longstanding passion is ballet. Her mom, Nele Husmann, is a journalist.


What do you want to be when you grow up I want to dance Marie in the Nutcracker. And I want to own a farm with lots of animals, especially horses and dogs

What is your favorite famous person My friend LOLA is my favourite person on earth

What makes you happy/laugh Playing tag with Papa

What makes you sad/angry When people don’t pay enough attention

Your favorite books The legend of King Arthur; Little house in the big woods

Your favorite films Noukie; My neighbor Totoro; The Sound of Music

Your favorite animal I love dachshounds and white horses

Your best holidays you ever had My daytrip to Disneyland. And Christmas in Germany

A city that you would dream to visit I want to go to Paris

Who chooses your clothes in the morning I choose my own clothes

Your favorite color Rainbow, silver and gold

Your favorite outfit My new hot pink shorts and a shirt

What is the piece your like the most from your wardrobe My layer-dress with little pink and white and green flowers

What is the next item you would like to get Pants for horse back riding and matchning boots! And I want Crocs!!!


Your favorite children’s brands Hartford, Flora & Henri, Bu and the Duck, Bonpoint, Zara Kids

Your favorite children’s stores In New York, Kisan Concept Store (they have the best selection on earth!) and Bu and the Duck; Julie’s in Munich, Germany

Do you buy a lot online for your children and what are your favorite e-stores I only buy German children’s books over the internet at Amazon, and that takes a lot of work. Typically, I rather shop in real boutiques to get the materials and the sizes right

A website that inspires you

What criteria you consider when you buy something for child I typically wait for a sale to find great bargains. Key are the quality of the design and the materials. PLUS: Juno must love to wear it

Last item you added to your child’s wardrobe Hot pink terry cloth shorts

Most precious item you bought for your child Pink lacker shoes from Pepe

Best gift you gave for a child’s B-day Pretended shaving foam

Items that you find hard to find A warm and stylish winter coat

Favorite pieces in Juno’s wardrobe The dresses my mom has sewn for Juno and Maris in Liberty fabric

Where are you going for the summer holidays We will be spending a month in a mountain village in Rhodes, Greece

Hartford, Flora & Henri, PepeBu and the Duck, Bonpoint, Zara Kids, Kisan Concept Store, Julie’s

* The famous Plaza Hotel in New York has recently been transformed into luxury residences/apartments and part of the first floor and basement host luxury boutiques including a large Eloise store

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Achim Lippoth and White For Kids


“Puppen”, a new story from Achim Lippoth (photographer and publisher of kid’ s wear magazine), will be exhibited at White For Kids in Milan on Sunday 27-29. For its second edition, White For Kids will also feature a special and funny project with kid’s wear, a live photo shoot around the color white.


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Bubble London report





printed blouse small.jpg red gingham small.jpg

thumb100_page1.jpg thumb100_page4.jpg


This was another very lively edition of Bubble London. The exhibitors were all enthusiastic and reported good foot traffic (a lot more international) and, the most important, a satisfying amount of orders. This is really good thing to hear for everyone in the industry.

I loved Molly Meg ‘s wall display of vintage chairs, Milk ‘s exhibit “One Day, one Look”, and the collections of Little Duckling and Minti were particularly interesting. I’ll write more about these two brands very soon.





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