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Nest Pretty Things Kids is a children jewelry line designed by Tamar Schechner. A former creative director and photos stylist, Tamar started designing accessories and jewelry after moving to a small Vermont village with her husband and three sons, a few years ago. This un-pretentious, well made and affordable collection (from $8 to $32) is available at www.nestprettythingskids.etsy.com.
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Simplicity & intensity

Melanie Rodriguez was born in France in 1980. She was introduced to photography at a very young age; at 15 she started learning film developing process, and she fell in love. That is, in the short version, how Melanie became a full time photographer. Some stories are simple and intense, a bit like Melanie’s work.

Melanie Rodriguez is represented by Julie Seguinier (www.juliesagency.com)

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TV must see show

If you have a chance to be in the US this week, don’t miss 9 By Design on Bravo TV (Tuesday May 11 at 10pm).  This new show about Design just started a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that it’s really worth watching it for both the new way of approaching the subject, and for the peep into the incredible Novogratz family. Robert and Cortney Novogratz are one of a kind couple, funny, full of energy, and also parents of 7 children, the youngest being just a over 1 year. The family lives in the heart of Manhattan, and the parents successfully run their own design company. The coming episode will feature the re-design of a client’s office and promises to be once again very unique and much fun.
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Les Enfants


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Rose Carrington, 5 years old, UK

Rose lives in the UK by the sea, with her older brother and artist mother Ann Carrington. A happy and rich life filled out with nature, dreams and lots of vintage clothing. 

What do you want to be when you grow up
A ballet dancer
What is your favorite famous person 
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz
Your favorite book
My Mummy’s nursery rhyme book that she had when she was a little girl called ‘Lavender’s Blue’. My favorite rhyme in it is called Jack and Jill
Your favorite film
Wizard of Oz
Your favorite place for holidays
My Grandma’s house  and I like Brazil a lot – but not the beetles
A city that you would dream to visit
"Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;">The Emerald City
Who chooses your clothes in the morning
Me, of course
Your favorite color
Pink, purple, ‘lellow’, silver and golden
You favorite brands
Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, Peppa Pig, High School Musical, and Disney
The piece you like the most from your wardrobe
My Dorothy shoes
The next item you would like to get
A Chinese dress, a Chinese hat, a Chinese coat, Chinese shoes and a Chinese cardigan…….Chinese everything because we don’t have anything Chinese to wear in our house

Your favorite children’s brands 
My daughter is second hand Rose by name and second hand Rose by nature – there is nothing in her wardrobe that was bought new! Her father deals in vintage clothes  and she has everything from a Kiss tour jackets to a wonderful ballet dress designed by Margot Fonteyn’s dress designer  (given to her by our neighbour). New things – her grandmother knits her beautiful cardigans, hats and gloves. Primark for knickers and socks!
Your favorite adult’s brands
Moschino, Todd Oldham, Cacharel, Tommy Hilfiger 

Your favorite children’s stores
I wouldn’t know!
Do you buy a lot online for your children and what are your favorite e-stores? 
I do buy a lot of things online. You can get just about everything at Amazon at great prices too: books, toys, films, music etc. If I can’t get what I want there I go to John Lewis or The Early Learning Centre
What are the criteria you consider when you buy something for child
Would Rose like it? Would she wear it? Does it twinkle enough?
Most expensive item you bought for your child
Rose fell in love with a pair of beautiful red polka-dot flamenco shoes that she saw in a shoe shop window while we were on holiday in Las Palmas – so I bought them for her as a surprise – she calls them her Dorothy shoes.  I also bought a portfolio of French 1930s school posters from an antique shop near her grandparents apartment in Pezanas, Southern France. They now hang on her bedroom wall
Favorite piece in her wardrobe
The Dorothy shoes!
Where are you going for the summer holidays 
We live right by the sea in Broadstairs, Kent – a lovely old English sea side resort. We will be staying at home for the Summer holidays (as usual) as there is nowhere else we would rather be – you can’t beat Broadstairs in the Summer! And all our friends come and stay!

Ann Carrington http://anncarrington.co.uk/
Photos Portia Wilson www.portiawilsonphotography.co.uk

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Pour le the, chez Petit Aime

Notting Hill children’s store Petit Aime is a real shopping destination in London. Most of the collections in display come from France : Bonton, Zef, CdeC, Luco, Bensimon, April Showers, Spring court, Finger in the nose, Apolline. The store also carries Belgium brands Maan and Gold, Holly’s from Danemark and Dandy Star from the UK. This month, Molly-Meg and vintage children’s clothing collector Shona Paterson have teamed up to create a Spring tea party style display in the store. The selected vintage treasures will be available for purchase in-store. Tous a Notting Hill!

Petit aimé, 34 Ledbury Road London, W11 2AB  +44 0207 221 31 23
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For children, by children

I am very excited to feature Smories.com on Pirouette. It is a wonderful free website where children can watch short films of new stories being narrated by other children. Smories has been dubbed the “perfect bridge between the traditional book and the future of digital story telling”. London duo Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar got the idea for Smories.com while on holiday during a long journey in a very dirty Land Rover from the Kalahari desert in Botswana to Cape Town in South Africa earlier this year. ”Our 8 year-old daughter had the idea to film herself reading Enid Blyton short stories with our ipod, and then play them back to her younger sister. This kept them entertained for hours”.  Mine woke up this morning asking for more smories. A very special bravo and thank you to Lisa and Ralph for their genius idea.

Read more about how to have your own stories published, and how to win a prize on www.smories.com

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Billy Hoyes, 5 years, UK

A boy’s interview, finally! Thanks Billy for your participation…

Billy Hoyes is 5 years old and lives at the top of a hill in the heart of Pennine Yorkshire, in the UK.  He loves skateboarding, Spongebob Squarepants and collecting rocks. His mother, Lindsay Hoyes, is the Event Director of Bubble London, the UK kids’ trade show.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
A racing car driver
Your favourite famous person, real or fictional?
Lewis Hamilton and Spongebob Squarepants
Your Favourite Book?
Cat in the Hat
Your Favourite Film?
Your Favourite Place for holidays?
Camping in Ile de Re, France
A city that you would dream to visit?
New York
Who chooses your clothes in the morning?
Your Favourite colour?
The piece you like the most from your wardrobe?
My batman t-shirt
The next item you would like to get?
Spongebob Squarepants pyjamas
Your favourite children’s brands?
Worn By, Munster Kids, No Added Sugar, Mini Boden and Converse for cool trainers
Your favourite adult brands?
All Saints, Day Birger, Whistles, Converse, Belstaff, 18th Amendment for jeans
Your favourite children’s stores?
Zara, Gap, Couverture, Selfridges  and The Old Treehouse up here in Yorkshire – a great little independent with a veritable treasure trove of cool toys and clothes
Do you by a lot online for your children?
I use Mini Boden for staples, Amazon for books, Not on the High Street for unusual gifts
The criteria you consider when you buy something for your child?
Whether or not Billy will wear it, comfort and durability
Most expensive item you bought for your child?
An electric (mini) Mini Cooper car
Favourite piece in his wardrobe?
A Belstaff style jacket and his Converse trainers
Book on bedside table?
The Hacienda -How not to run a club by Peter Hook, Skylight Confessions by Alice Hoffman and the latest copy of Country Living magazine
Where are you going for the summer holidays?
Aldburgh in Suffolk – let’s hope the sun shines!

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What's up at Pomme?

Atsuyo et Akiko, Ginette NY, Petit BateauPetit Pan, Luco, Apolline, Tamar Mogendorff, and many more cool brands are part of an inspiring  mise-en-scene at Pomme. On May 8th, the Brooklyn store will be showing the new furniture and home decor collection from Namhee

Pomme, 81 Washington Street (corner of York), Dumbo, Brooklyn.
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Four hands design

I just discovered Anaïs & I while I was in New York, a new collection created by Jane D’Haene, former interior architect. Jane works on every item with her daughter Anaïs  who has a very strong point of view. She makes sure to tell her mother when something is uncomfortable or when she doesn’t like some details, because she is first the one wearing the clothes. All the pieces are made in New York and are mid to high price  ($80 to $130 for a dress).

Fall/Winter 2010 will be available in about 40 shops though out US and internationally.  Check Yoya, Kisan Concept Store and Capucine in Manhattan  to discover this fun line (from July).

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e-store owner/blogger interview

E-store founder, blogger, mother of Fanny (4) and Sander (8), Carina Schott lives in Rhode Island. She tells Pirouette how Nonchalant Mom started, what’s in her mind, what’s makes her happy and proud.
“I started nonchalant mom in 2004, moving to a small town in Rhode Island from NYC I didn’t know what else to do. I’ve been in fashion for 25 years, so I had the idea to start a very cool online kids store with all my favorite ‘friends’ collections from New York City. At the time this was a pretty novel idea; now it’s quite obvious. And now Nonchalant Mom is changing and evolving each year as I try to continue to surprise everyone (I’m meeting more and more ‘friends’ with great collections every day!). You ask me where my business is going in five years and I think what I see is small neighborhood Nonchalant Mom shops in any town, with a mix of fun things for mom and kids — and then my own collection Nonchalant Kids! (when I can find the time to work on it!). I am pretty committed to community and doing things local, it’s my form of being ‘green’. So just tell me if you want to be the Nonchalant Mom in your town… and hey, let’s talk!”

How do you describe your lifestyle?
I try to be very simple, I do simple things with my kids, grow our own food, eat our meals as a family and live in a happy and loving way.
Your perfect Sunday?
Lying in bed and reading a book, with a cup of tea and a croissant! (although no one in our town makes good croissants so maybe I would have to be in Paris for this perfect Sunday to happen!)
Your inspirations at the moment ?
At the moment it’s this pile of dirt in our front yard that I have to turn into a garden pretty soon! But I will be going to the Brimfield flea market next week so maybe I will have a better inspiration after the flea market!
The book on your bedside table?
Don’t laugh… Star – How Warren Beatty seduced America by Peter Biskind but then I am also reading Acid and Alkaline by Herman Aihara which is talking about how important it is that your body fluids be alkaline, it’s really fascinating!
The music in your ipod?
I sing with my kids a lot so it’s ABBA and Steve Miller Band and things like that… we play it loud in the car and sing, I think that New Yorkers really miss this interaction, it’s really funny!
Favorite city in the world?
I just got back from Paris so I would have to say Paris, although I love Stockholm so much too!
Favorite stores?
Ha – mine silly! I also LOVE Tortoise in Venice, CA and Eriks Hjalpen in Rattvik, Sweden (it’s like Salvation Army in the USA)
Your favorite place for family holidays?
Our friends have an Island in Northern Minnesota – it’s heaven on earth! (without a bathroom!)
Your favorite website related to children?
Once again I would have to say – mine silly! But I love Bloesem too! Irene always inspires me to create a better blog!
Your favorite magazines related to children?
Small magazine – I am working on one too… but it’s taking longer than I thought and I think it’s going to be more of a catalog… not sure yet! (it’s only 14 pages so far!)
Your favorite movie to watch with the whole family?
Me and the kids LOVE Marley and Me… my husband stopped watching it with us after about 10 times! (and now we have a dog named Marley, in the picture)
Your favorite possession in your home?
Photos of the kids all over the house! (my teapot also matters to me)
What do you prize most in life?
Harmony (maybe it’s because I’m an Aquarius)
What are you proud about?
I really love our home… it’s so comfortable and a really happ
y place to live! And my business, I love it and I think it’s really great. I think that some people may say it’s their kids but I think they should be proud of themselves… they came out of ‘us’ but they are their own person.

Nonchalant Mom, Small Magazine, Bloesem.

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My own little charm

New York based jewelry designer Ginette just launched an adorably sweet product : a 14k necklace in which a picture can be inserted. It’s easy : you send a picture of your choice, you select your charm and Ginette’s magical laboratory takes care of the rest. It’s only two weeks to process. Tel +1 212 627 3700
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