• L'ete

    What’s Up, Brazil?

    Brazilian fashion has been internationally acclaimed for many years. Besides its unique and established style, the fashion and textiles industry is the second largest job generator in the biggest South American country.…

    April 4, 2014
  • Sarah Moon Photography

    A Look At… Sarah Moon

    Sarah Moon A Look… At Sarah Moon, a French photographer born in 1941 who started out as a model. In 1970, she left her modelling career to become a photographer.…

    April 2, 2014
  • Tocoto Vintage

    Brand Profile : Tocoto Vintage

    Brand name : Tocoto vintage   www.tocotovintage.com Date of creation : july 2012 Country of origin : Spain Countries of production : Spain and Portugal Founded and owned by : Marta Navarro + Miquel Ruiz…

    April 1, 2014
    Design - Home Decor

    4th Edition of Kidsroom Zoom in Milan

    April fools, April showers, April the month of Milano Mobile, the super exciting and vibrant event that turns Milan into an absolute must-visit place for almost a whole week. It will be the 4th edition…

    March 31, 2014
  • Culture

    Sunday Video : MAN

    A great little video commenting on the way humans treat Planet Earth and the animals living on it. Fun, with great graphics and music. To watch with the children of course. Have a good Sunday!…

    March 30, 2014
  • Joachim Lapotre

    On Healthy Eating Habits For Kids And The Family

    What’s for diner tonight maman? Do you, like me, often struggle with the answer? Yamina Bona, Nutritional Therapist in London and mother of 3, author of the blog eat well live well, shares tips and ideas on…

    March 28, 2014
  • Paade Mode - Dongsun Choo

    Paade Mode + Dongsun Choo

    The label Paade Mode from Latvia, launched only two years ago, is growing fast. Their FW 2014-15 smart casual fashion collection had a great success at both Paris and Brussels shows. Here’s some images by…

    March 27, 2014
  • Chen Jiagang

    Helping children to identify toxic friend behaviour

    Photos by Chinese photographer Chen Jiagang showcase a world devastated by industrialisation. This world made me thing of another form of pollution : toxic relations. Here’s a bit more on the subject, with the…

    March 26, 2014
  • il était 1x une etoile
    Mood of the day

    Kid’s art on display

    Katia Graeff had the great idea to transpose children’s drawings into cushions. “il était 1x une étoile“ is the label she created, to allow decorating the house while keeping track of our little one’s…

    March 25, 2014