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    Pala Mino: 90’s sportswear inspired

    Pala Mino is a kids brand, created by Louise Coughlan and Zoe Bennett-Jones, that makes simple, laid-back beautiful clothes for kids who want to express themselves.  It is designed to be worn from morning until night  and only taken off for…

    October 16, 2014
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    Braveling presents Little Titans, formidable Boy Tights !

    E-store Bravelling  is the home of Little Titans, the brand created by Carly Hardy, a mum who found the need of creating something boyish and brilliant that would let her baby boy strut his stripy stuff, bend it like Beckham or scale the…

    October 14, 2014
  • Health

    Sunday Video : Fed Up

    I have to insist on the importance of a good nutrition. Maybe it will help to watch the trailer of the movie Fed Up with your children (from age 8) as they will better understand what…

    October 12, 2014
  • Mood of the day Photography

    Papier Mache Magazine #8 – Folklore

    This series published in the brand new issue (#8) of Papier Mache highlights the folk trend, dear to photographer Melanie Rodriguez and stylist Deborah Sfez. The dark backgrounds are beautifully reinforcing the rich prints and colourful details…

    October 10, 2014
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    Celebrate Halloween The Sweet Way

    Halloween is just around the corner here in New York. As leaves start to wear their fall colors, so do the staircases, windows and restaurant tables across the city. Pumpkins are starting to make…

    October 9, 2014
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    So Colorful Sweet William!

    If you like knits + vibrant colors,  Sweet William is your perfect destination today :  they have just received a wonderful assortment for babies and children by Cabbages and Kings, Boy+Girl, Noe & Zoe, Macarons,…

    October 6, 2014
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    Baby, You Can Light My Fire

    Mothers are privileged. With the bounty of networks and resources out there (and I’m not talking about Mumsnet…), it must be a cinch to stumble upon good leads for just about anything that Mom…

    October 2, 2014
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    Milk and Biscuits shot by Michelle Marshall

    They won an award at the last Playtime Paris edition and were in everybody’s lips : Milk and Biscuits, a brand launched by Kate Smith, a Brit based in Shanghai. Their colourful and fresh collection was shot by Michelle Marshall.…

    October 1, 2014
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    Sunday Video : Special Pregnant Women

    PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AGAINST CELL PHONE RADIATIONS Cell phone radiations are detrimental to our health. The most vulnerable are children, and even more foetus. If you are pregnant and want to maximise your child’s…

    September 28, 2014