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Goat Milk
Love Love Love!
Bob & Blossom

Home sweet home


This is my (new) home sweet home…

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This is your book

Chicago Graphic Artist Ryan Maconochie just launched this unique modern baby journal called “This Is Your Book

Click here to flip through the pages of This is your book
Click here to order the book on Amazon

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Handmade (Charlotte) Rachel


This small and lovely collection has been created in exclusivity by Rachel Faucett for Anthropology.

Rachel is the author of addictive blog Handmade Charlotte and a mother of five. How she can achieve all this, I am not sure and Rachel doesn’t have an explanation either. Natural efficiency and boosted energy I guess…

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Bodie and Fou, chez vous

I you love decor and lifestyle rare finds but don’t know BODIE AND FOU, you have something to discover today! It started as a blog and e-store and it is now a also a mail order catalog. I had fun flipping through the pages
yesterday, comfortably installed on my couch, thinking how much I love touching paper and how little time I spend on the ipad (anyways colonized by my children, full of dirty finger marks)…
Co-founder of Bodie and Fou, Karine Kong comments : “We launched BODIE and FOU in 2005 and the company has grown organically year on year mostly via PR, word of mouth, our VIP Enews and great support and repeat orders from our customers. Launching a mail order catalogue has been on our wishlist for a few years but it is an expensive way to market a company and fairly risky for a small company like us so although we were willing to take the risk, We wanted to make sure we would do it when the time was right and the time was right for us this year for a number of reasons which amongst others including a great community of people who really interact with us on Facebook, Twitter or via the blog and support us.
I’m hoping this will be a success because it was very rewarding to work on it and translate the BODIE and FOU lifestyle and community feel we get from our customers onto a 32 page catalogue.
We’ve printed 50,000 copies which are being sent to our existing customers and to a cold list (i.e. list of people who never heard of BODIE and FOU but hopefully will be seduced by our catalogue).”
Will the catalog reach UK and French customers or will you send globally?
As this is our first one, we are only shipping the catalogue to UK customers but a digital version is available for Int’l customers here  and we enclose a copy of the catalogue to all int’l orders leaving our warehouse which is about 15% of all our orders.
Your absolute favourite items in the catalog ?
Tricky, everything we choose is what we would have in our homes and I have actually a lot of BODIE and FOU designs at home but my top 3 are:
Mima Le Chat (to be seen here), my white Urbanears headphones (here) because they’ve changed my morning runs for the better and the Rabbit lamp (here) which was supposed to be for Mila’s bedroom but has find the perfect place in our lounge.
What are your daughter Mila’s choices?
Besides getting the rabbit lamp in her bedroom, she chose the Friends of Violet poster (here), the Nelly print and Le Chat print (here) for her bedroom. She also has a white ball chair which we use in the garden during the summer (here).
Your husband’s selection?
Steve is from New-Zealand so the New-Zealand Type map print was high on his list (here), the cognac glasses that he shows off every time we have friends around (here) and the Paulistano chairs we have in our lounge (here).
Click here to read an interview of Elodie Kong (Karen’s sister and co-founder of Bodie and Fou) with daughter Lily
Click here to subscribe to Bodie and Fou’s newsletter and get a 10% discount on your catalog orders.
 Click here to request your copy of the catalog.
Happy Bodie and Fou Christmas shopping!
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Company profile : Ada Ada


Brand name Ada Ada - Company name Ada Ada- Baby and Kids fashion

Date of creation 2009

Country of origin Israel / USA – Country of production Portugal

Name of the founders Ada & Miriam Bernstein

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Anya, 6 years old – St Petersburg FL, USA


Asking Surya, auhtor of  weegallery.com about her daughter Anya’s personality, she gave me a very simple answer : “Anya has loved and drawn pigs ever since she could hold a pencil!”. A happy day to pigs !

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Upper East Side's Pachute



Sharone Komoroff opened Pachute on May 2nd 2010. It’s a small boutique , about 400 square feet/35 m2, with a beautiful assortment of carefully selected brands : Oeuf, Nico Nico, Lamantine, Egg, Atsuyo et Akiko, Tane’ and Jess Brown. Pachute carries jewelry and women collections as well, like Ivan Grundahl, Pas de Calais and 120% Lino. Before opening Pachute Sharone was a sale representative for different clothing and accessory lines. Pachute in Hebrew means “simple”, which captures the philosophy of the store.  Sharone is very sensitive to texture, the way the clothing feel and she only chooses styles with soft high quality fabrics for both women and kids. This has always been a very essential while looking for clothes for herself and especially for her young kids, she wanted them wrapped only in soft, natural fabrics. She loves the energy of a store created by both moms and kids, the kids make it fun, less serious, more real

Pachute - 1582 First Avenue - New York NY 10028 - tel. (212) 7941260  - pachute.com


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Mimi'lou, what's new?


Mimi’lou is a poetic and whimsical brand of home décor items that was launched by Miriam Derville in 2005.  A graphic designer, Miriam worked 10 years as an art director for Givenchy, Guerlain, Hugo Boss, before creating Mimi’lou.  A she loved designing for her kids and started to turned her illustrations into wall decals. The range expanded quickly into textile, stationery, lamps and accessories. Since then, the brand has developed great collaborations with well-know companies like Habitat, Paul & Joe, Monoprix

NEW! Mimi’lou is now available at ABC Carpet & Home, New York.


What do boys like about Mimi Lou? Boys love to play with our stickers… like with our ‘A L’Aventure’ removable wall boarder for example, boys can imagine themselves pirates and put money in the treasure box, hang a batman in one corner of the room. The possibilities are endless! - What do girls like about Mimi Lou? The neon pink stars… what is better that pink when you are a girl? They also love to chose and help their mum put their décor in their room, fun time together!” 



The world map is brilliant and beautiful. I is made to play with and offer a multitude of possibilities to create different stories and learn at the same time. It comes with more than 50 dots with the names of capital cities, flags, animals, symbols. Children will learn the different capital cities in the world  and place them on the map, they will have fun putting the Eiffel tower in Paris, the pyramid in Egypt and so on..




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Queenliness revisited


“In the series “Existing in Costume”, Chan-Hyo Bae has chosen the iconography of queenliness to express his feelings as an Asian immigrant. He dresses in period costumes and photographs himself as unidentified members of English aristocracy from the 13th to 19th centuries (all the works are untitled). His self-portraits mimic women monarchs only and are an examination of gender, power, race, and class.

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Jenna & Olive – The style icons who made my day

Creative director and President of J Crew Jenna Lyons with son Beckett.

Photos Martine Fougeron.

Click here to read the full article about Jenna Lyons in NY Mag.


Olive in her Sunday Best, wearing authentic 70s shirt and 80′s hairslide from Porte de Clignancourt, Paris. Denim shorts from Pop Up Shop, lame leggings from Wild.
The photograph for me is all about Olive taking her great grandmas heirloom handbag out for the very first time and knowing that she is holding something
to treasure” comments Ashlyn, her mother.

Olive reminds me of Annabel Cotton interpretated by Mia Wasikowska in Restless, the Gus Van Sant movie. In every scene, Annabel appears in the most delicious outfits.

Click here to read a full interview of Olive.

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Small, thinking BIG

The famous e-store Smallable is expanding, launching a multilingual version of the site, as well as So-Small, a platform dedicated to private sales.

Photos from Smallable magazine number 10.

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Paris Photo – Last year’s favourite


I am getting ready for another visit at Paris Photo in November. An annual rendez-vous that I wouldn’t miss at any cost. This made me remember one of the artists I liked very much last year, and that I totally forgot to mention on Pirouette.  Never too late.

Nelli Palomaki was born 1981 in Forssa, Finland. She recently graduated from the London College of Communication (MA in Photography). Nelli lives and works in Isnäs, Finland and London, UK.

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