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Flamenco shoes go ballerinas


Like many other kids her age, little Isis Van Leeuwen wants to wear her Spanish flamenco shoes all day. Like many mothers, Hiskia doesn’t want her daughter to be a clone of Suri Cruise. Off the heels! …she started Gestipt,  a collection of stylish shoes that will fit under a dress and still survive the playground. The little Spanish shoe factory  that produces the Gestipt ballerinas has a lot of competition from Asia and  Hiskia really likes that – on a small level – she can help them keep the tradition of shoemaking in Spain alive. I is sure many mothers will like the idea : style, comfort, and support to a small “local” production unit. Not to mention the very young flamenco addicts who will be be able to wear their spotty shoes all day long. Also available in plain red. Gestipt.com.
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Sunny afternoon


Soustons, South of France – Dress Caramel Baby&Child, leggings Finger in the nose – Toys photos by Jasmine

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Zach, 9 years old – London, UK


Zach is 8, about to turn 9 on May 31st. He is passionate about fencing, horse riding, music, animals, birds and nature. He loves the family dog Fritzi, and tries to encourage her to curl up with him at night on his bed. Rachel Boser worked for 8 years at Conde Nast in a variety of publications but most noticeable as deputy retail editor of Tatler

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Tees that go go go!



Steam Train Tee 552x554


Garbage Truck Tee 552x531

Bulldozer Tee1 552x466


“I think the Toddler Generation is about to freak out over these T-shirts and maybe even more so over the awesome customized boxes they arrive in!

Shirts That Go has tapped into the pleasure zone of a toddler’s brain by introducing t-shirts (and their unique boxes) with fire trucks, ice cream trucks, trains, bulldozers, motorcycles, pirate ships, helicopters, fighter jets, planes and much more!”

Via planet awesome kids. Thanks Julia!


Fire Truck Gift Box1 552x340

Steam Train Gift Box1 552x345

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Luna, 10 & Anaë, 7 years old – Bahrain, Kingdom of Bahrain


Our guests today are French but live in Bahrain, small island of the Persian Gulf, near Qatar and not very far from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Almost 10, Luna is a very intense little girl with thousand of questions at all times. Three years younger, Anaë (also called “Happy girl”at home) always skips on her tiptoes instead of walking. Virginie Dreyer, mother of the two, is the co-founder of CeQueJeVoeu (a fun PJ brand launched a couple of years ago – currently dormant) and the designer/creator of Tiny-Us project (www.tiny-us.com).

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Cushion Therapy

Combi scooterfiets 1

Screen shot 2011 05 21 at 9 28 45 PM


“We love to design products that make people happy. Nothing more, nothing less” claims the website home page of Dutch brand  Colorique. I haven’t had a chance to buy one of their cushions yet, but I really enjoy seeing them in picture. The Colorique collections are produced by a little factory in Jaipur, India. To find out more, visit www.colorique.com.

Screen shot 2011 05 24 at 8 46 12 PM


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Mia Hagman, 4 and half years old – London, UK


Hello to little angel-faced Mia (I like your fantasy!) and mother Julie Hamon, interior designer for children and co-founder of boutique BoboKidsin London.

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Rare finds at Bubble London



Mona shirt cream



Among the brands that I am looking forward to discovering at Bubble London next month is Olive’s friend Pop. This new Australian label was created in 2009 by Julia Ferguson & Lea Walker. “The naive charm of Olive’s Friend Pop evoke a strong sense of nostalgia: of days spent outdoors making mudpies; of teddy tea-parties; of running until the point of collapse in fits of giggles, and the high quality fabrics and construction ensure that these will become heirloom pieces that you can pass down to your grandchildren.” (KidsStyleFile). The brand is designed in Australia and the production is facilitated out of Hong Kong. Available in about 30 boutiques around the world, including  Kido Store (Sydney), Kawaii Kids (online) and Bambie (South Korea).




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Ava Phin, 5 years old – London, UK


Today Pirouette welcomes Ava, 5 years old and mum Jennifer Robertson, co-owner of family businessScamp, an e-store where to find great handmade baby gifts. www.scampbabygifts.co.uk

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It's soon Trade Shows season again! – Kleine Fabriek

Girl  Small


Deuz, Sid Larsen & Les Coqs, Bellerose, Koeka, Troizenfant, Esthex, Fournier, smafolk, Ferm Living, C de C, American Outfitters, Finger in the nose, Pakhuis Oost, Salty Dog, Molo Kids, Ej Sikke Lej, 120% Lino…the list of beautiful and successful brands that showcase their collections at this 13th edition is long. Amsterdam is lovely, especially in this season; another good reason to write Kleine Fabriek in the calendar.  For professionals only www.kleinefabriek.nl

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A great paper companion

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 9 46 06 AM

Created by Liam Hopskin, Gerald is a self assembly dog. To be precise, he’s a Bracco Italiano! He comes flat-packed and needs your help to be put together. Gerald is available in limited edition Dazzle (print by Richard Sweeney), Pixel and in plain white.

Made from thick paper, in the United Kingdom. When assembled: 27 × 8 × 20cm. All you need is a ruler, glue, scissors or a craft knife, a steady hand and patience! Available on www.theo-theo.com.

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 9 46 19 AM

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Company profile : Misha Lulu


Brand Name : Misha Lulu

Created in : February 2006

Country of origin : USA – Country of production : USA

Name of the founders : Joe Salazar and Karen Moran-Salazar

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