• Products

    Bumoon, A New Wallstickers Collection

    New to the wallsticker world, Bumoon was created in the French Apls by Giuditta Bussetti. An Italian graphic designer and photographer, Giuditta lived in Spain and Portugal before moving to the France a year ago…

    November 30, 2012
  • Mood of the day

    New Brand : Mon Oncle, from Spain

    Patricia Bolinches is an industrial designer and a founding member of graphic design firm Bomo; but the most important about her is that she always wanted to do things for children. In October this…

    November 29, 2012
  • Brands

    Company Profile : Zid Zid Kids

    Brand name : Zid Zid Kids (sometimes also known as ‘Zid Zid’) – Website : www.zidzid.com Date of creation : January 2003 Country of origin : USA/Morocco – Country of production : Morocco Name of the…

    November 26, 2012
  • Culture

    Eve Wright’s beach installations

    With “Walking Drawings”, Eve Wright created an exciting concept of visual art in landscape, reminiscent of Andy Goldsworthy’s work (whose film “Rivers and Tides” is an absolute must see with children). She says, “……

    November 24, 2012
  • Products Retail - Windows

    Christmas is Red!

    If you share that love for poppy red, check out hedgehogshop. They have a wonderful selection of simple, intelligent and fun products (not only red!). That’s a place I always visit whenever I have a little…

    November 22, 2012