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A great paper companion

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 9 46 06 AM

Created by Liam Hopskin, Gerald is a self assembly dog. To be precise, he’s a Bracco Italiano! He comes flat-packed and needs your help to be put together. Gerald is available in limited edition Dazzle (print by Richard Sweeney), Pixel and in plain white.

Made from thick paper, in the United Kingdom. When assembled: 27 × 8 × 20cm. All you need is a ruler, glue, scissors or a craft knife, a steady hand and patience! Available on www.theo-theo.com.

Screen shot 2011 05 19 at 9 46 19 AM

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Company profile : Misha Lulu


Brand Name : Misha Lulu

Created in : February 2006

Country of origin : USA – Country of production : USA

Name of the founders : Joe Salazar and Karen Moran-Salazar

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The adventures of Bootoe, a four hands book

IMG 3408

IMG 1156

IMG 1159

IMG 1157


IMG 3411

IMG 3412

IMG 3410


Iris my youngest daughter wants to become a story teller and book writer she says. A few months ago, she came up with the story of a little boy called Bootoe, narrating all sorts of adventures happening to him, to his friends and family. She first started to draw images that she was assembling with tape, like books. Then she little by little refined her drawings and added text on them, but she soon figured out that it would be much more efficient to ask her older sister to do the handwriting for her. There might be a milestone before she realizes her dream of being published, but she has at least learned something very important : teamwork!

IMG 1168 2




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Mint, a cool new store in California


IMG 3258
IMG 3253

IMG 3251





California has a new cool boutique called Mint. Three months ago, Cecile opened a 800 sq ft space in Mill Valley, the most magical forest town with some of the tallest, most ancient trees in the world – a short drive from San Francisco.


a space celebrating goods made by fabulous creatives:
unique books
artisanal apothecary
heirloom-quality toys and objects
select clothing and accessories for men, women, kids
many others with a past, present, and most of all, future
How large is the part dedicated to children’s at Mint ? You could say 50% caters to children or “whimsical adults”. Sometimes we get more adult designers and artists buying the goods for themselves instead of the kids.
What children’s brands do you carry ? Wovenplay, Donna Wilson, Nico Nico, Coral and Tusk, Nui Organics, Namhee, Oeuf, Grimm’s, Smiling Planet, and some other local artists
What stores do you like in other cities ? Devera in SF for old world magic, Dosa on Thompson in NY for their textiles, Acorn in Brooklyn for kids, Bonpoint in Paris, Zero Maria Cornejo for fantastic draping and cuts in the most comfortable dresses!
Your favorite online destination ? I am so busy with the shop and my son I hardly have time to get online (as you can see from my own sloppy blog) BUT when I can, I find myself utterly inspired by Mina Perhonen‘s website- the designs/ensembles speak to me so much. Oh and Pirouette is fantastic! :)

MINT – www.themintstore.comwww.themintstore.blogspot.com - 167-B Throckmorton Ave - Mill Valley, CA 94941 - USA - (415)383-MINT


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Italy – numbers on the children's wear market


IMG 0145


According to a survey published in the magazine Fashion (Feb 11), Italians spend 4.3 billion Euros in 0 to 14 years old clothing. Most successful is the newborn segment.

56% of store owners report sales are down, 40% flat, 4% up.

What are Italian children’s wear buyers looking for when they buy? Good value for money 57% - Design/style content 16% - Brand name 14%  - Good price 12% (no, Italians are not totally obsessed with big fashion names!).

The last and sad number : 13.6% of the children are obese in Italy.


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Sharing an piece of adventure with BozAround

Boz in Rio

Taking a long break to travel around the world is most surely on many people’s wish list. In most cases it lingers in the back of one’s mind, something to daydream about, to escape reality. But there are also great examples of people who just jump and do it. Like the Boz (Vanessa, Ceki Marcelo,5 and Amalya, 2 years old), who, at the end of 2010, left their cosy Primerose Hill home with a back pack for a 4 months of adventure around 13 countries.

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When design goes organic + spiky

Cb canape cactus



Ouch! Cactus Canape by Cerruti Baleri, design Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman. In display during the Milan Furniture Fair - Exhibit “Transversal Design, Interware, Maurizio Galante + Tal Lancman” at the Triennale. Photo by Andrea Martiradonna.




Ouch design cactus


Triple ouch! Via Paolo Rinaldi/Lineasette www.lineasette.eu

This one is particularly intriguing for children : “maman, is it for real”? A very good way to approach the notions of design, form, function, humour, surrealism…



Barbed wire


Barbed Wire, rug by Studio Job for www.nodusrug.it


Roots low


Roots, rug by Matali Crasset for www.nodusrug.it






Metamorphosis bookshelf, hand carved from baltic birch plywood. Design by Sebastian Errazuriz.



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Japan still needs us



Screen shot 2011 05 11 at 3 03 24 PM

After the tragedy that hit Japan over a month ago, the country still need support for its reconstruction. In a solidarity gesture, British brand Caramel Baby&child has designed a Japan Appeal t-shirt, available from their website and from their Tokyo store. All proceeds from each t-shirt will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross where the funds will be used to help the disaster-affected areas.


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Customized balloon

Fille garcon1
Fille garcon3
Fille garcon4

Mellipou makes pregnancy look easy“. Specialized in clothes for babies and moms-to-be, the brand brings an element of fun with this tee-shirt. It comes with a hazard free coloring pen to customize, create special messages…and give an end to the eternal question “it’s a boy or a girl ?” that the view of a round belly inevitably provokes. www.mellipou.com



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Rabbits and dolls, silk and gold

DSC 0653

DSC 0650


Dressed in silk kimonos and bright felt, these little rabbits and dolls are the fruit of a collaboration between jewelry designers Marie-Hélène de Taillac and Mathilde de Turckheim Retif.  Both with a “de” in their elegant names, the two women also share a love for colors, gems, high quality workmanship and quiet design. A great fit for an adorable collection, handmade by Sri-Lankan women though a sustainable network.

Available at Marie-Helene de Taillac,  8 rue de Tournon, Paris 6ème - www.mariehelenedetaillac.com
Click here to see a previous article on Mathilde de Turchheim Retif, and click here for the interview with her and daughter Margot.
DSC 0654
DSC 0654 2



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Sebastian Johan, 3 years old – Geelong, Australia


I love the interviews with very young children; when they love something, they really stick to it. Like many of the boys his age, Sebastian Johan is quite fixed on dinosaurs! Rebecca, the mother, is the buyer and founder of La de dah kids

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On white underwear


I love white underwear, especially for children. This probably comes from early school memories, when friends were lined up in their Petit Bateau before the nurse’s yearly visit. I was very excited when I discovered Swedish brand The White Briefs in Brussels, at Hunting and collecting (a must shopping destination). And I was very happy to see that the brand had a small range for children. The shapes are classic with an eye on subtle adjustments and detailing; the packaging is recycled, sophisticated and minimalist. Using organic ICEA certificated fabrics, The White Briefs takes social and environmental responsibility to deliver high quality products, in all respects.



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