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Italian Baby Design



Brava Casa, May 2011. By Alessandro Pasinelli - Photos Adriano Brusaferri.


Photo n. 1 : Rosdster Saab, design Ulf Hanses for Playsam – Cushion design Alexander Girard – Bean bag Essent’ial for Jannelli&Volpi, made with Marimekko wallpaper.

Photo n.2 : Bed by A.G. Fronzoni for Cappellini – Mattress Morfeus Young, design Roberto Semprini – On the wall, artwork from Luisa delle Piane Gallery, Milan – Bookcases Piero Lissoni for Porro – Blue armchair Studio d’Architettura Simone Michelli for Adrelina – clothes and shoes Petit Bateau & Zara Kids.

Photo n.3 : Bookshelf design CR&D Pianca per Pianca – Couch Patricia Urquiola fr B&B Italia – Lamp Daphine di Tommaso Cimini for Lumina.

Photo n.4 : Stool Cappellini, design Nendo – Fridge FAB28 by Smeg – Wall lamp Verner Pantone – Table Superstudio for Zanotta – Stool Artek – Alphabet fabric Alexander Girard for Silva.


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Emma, 9 & Penn, 7 years old – New York, USA


In the Wang family, everyone is happy and smiling all the time, from Emma, 9 years old (who loves reading) and Penn, 7 years old (a very kind person), to the parents Kit  and Emily Wang, owners of the iconic children’s brand luckywang.com and blog luckywangnyc.blogspot.com. Emma, Emily and Pokemon-addict Penn tell us about their favorite things and habits.

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Heidi Land


Remember Heidi? A must see for children who love to discover that authentic and free mountain life : running with goats, dressing with fur jackets, sliding down the slopes. Lost paradise?

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Happy Easter break!



I am off to the Swiss Alps and to Milan for the furniture fair – There will be fewer posts over the two next weeks. Enjoy Easter/ Spring break!


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Visiting Italy for Easter? Don't miss Salone del Mobile


………………………….Pete Oyler, Rip Tatter Kid’s Chair and Jeanne Susplugas, Belladonna, wallpaper series Apriti Sesamo for unduetrestella

If you happen to be in Italy during the Easter break, I highly recommend a tour at 

Salone del mobile, the best furniture and design fair in the world. Don’t visit the convention center, but the “Salone off”, to see Milan under its best look. Events all over the place, parties, cocktails, exhibitions, international crowds interacting with the city.
This year is special, with kids room – zoom, a wonderful event dedicated to the children’s world

Preview Monday April 11

4 pm break for children

6 pm cocktail

via GB Vico 1, Milan

Opening Tuesday April 12

4 pm break for children

6 pm cocktail

via Sandro Sandri 2, Milan
via GB Vico 1, Milan



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Paper wonders

Baby shoe book 500

Pattern packet  bright

Baby shoe map 500

Music dress1


Brogue music 500


Since graduating in Textiles from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1999, Jennifer Collier has been working as an artist. She undertakes exhibitions and commissions, selling her work through shops, galleries and shows. Want to learn how to work with paper? Jennifer runs art workshops in schools, colleges and galleries. More info on www.jennifercollier.co.uk.




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The photographic choice of Alexandra Darcissac







Photos by Gana


The real life story of Alexandra Darcissac and children’s brand La princesse au petit pois (The princess and the pea) could start with “Once upon a time”.  In 1992, two years after the birth of her first daughter Siam, Alexandra started her children’s line. When she told friends and family around the name she came up with for it, everybody thought it was a crazy idea : at that time brand names had a maximum of two syllabes.  But she resisted, convinced that the name was right for her line. A choice that she doesn’t regret and that brought luck; the fairy tale is so deeply rooted in  our culture that the name rings a bell in every little girl’s head. For Alexandra, La princesse au petit pois is only the beginning a long long story.

Fleurs  Avril 09 004

Alexandra Darcissac


In 1994 Alexandra opened her store in South of France and two years ago she started a beautiful blog. Brand, blog and boutique are a real success in France and beyond, with an incredible number of fans. Lovers of La princesse au petit pois include talented photographers who have worked on the great images featured on this post. I’ll let Alexandra tell us more about herself, and about the story behind the photo shoots.

Alexandra, home side

A person that you admire Not a person in particular, but all the ones, ordinary heroes who spend their life saving others

Your favourite movieThe piano by Jane Campion

Your favourite book Belle du seigneur by Albert Cohen

A place you visited that stays with youKerkennah Island, Tunisia

A great bedtime storyDis moi combien je t’aime (Guess how much I love you) by Sam Bratney and Anita Jeram

The last purchase you did for a child A Waldorf doll “Sous le figuier” (figuierdesophie)

The best place for a holiday Winter Anywhere as long as it’s next to a fire place with family - Summer : at the back of my garden, in my hammock. But I also dream of taking a barge tour along the French canals





Photos Claude Blaser

Alexandra, business side

How would you describe your style I stopped figthing against the backward-looking spirit of my brand. I draw inspiration from painting and illustrations from the past.  They are, in my opinion, ideal to reveal the grace and beauty of childhood, particularly though popular or peasant scenes. As for my personal style, is there time for a life for someone as busy as I am?

Your favourite children’s brands Muchacha, Noro, TroiZenfants, Bonton I also like the tee-shirts from Mimimouse and the woolen accessories from Princesse des neiges and Une sardine à Rio

The magazines you likeMilk magazine, Papier maché, Mum is geek, Doolittle, and I read Pirouette everyday :o))

Can you tell us more about the photos The work that photographers do around children’s fashion is for me a source of constant marvel. In regards to the collaboration with Gana (photos on top), I was transfixed by the beauty and personality of her daughter Themis, a particularly charismatic child (Themis is a model for Milk Magazine, Doolittle, for Belgium brands and others). Gana and her children are have the attention of very established brands and magazines, but she agreed with a collaboration when I presented my project to her. I gave her carte blanche and I was very happy with the result as she perfectly highlighted the retro and childish aspects of that part of my collection. The photographs of Clause Blaser are very moving and it was my dream to see my work through her eyes. I shyly asked her if she would consider photographing my collection and she immediately got enthusiastic about the idea. I think that Claude is, creatively speaking, my soul sister and the result of her work is beyond my expectations.






Photos Claude Blaser





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New! Noeuf catalogue

Constance cam

Lalo ambitoys

Lilymiel genji

Noeuf decoupe 1

Noeuf decoupe 2


New and fun : the Spring/Summer catalog of Noeuf, the baby concept store, photographed by Jean-Paul Lefret. Just added to the brand assortment are Ambitoys, Mini Rodini, A for Apple, Moon et Miel, Airdeje, Marchand d’etoiles. Click here to flip through the pages…




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Screen shot 2011 04 03 at 6 02 49 PM

Screen shot 2011 04 03 at 6 02 24 PM

Screen shot 2011 04 03 at 6 02 37 PM


After birds, it’s the dog‘s turn to become recurrent decoration icons. Look around, you will start seeing them pictured everywhere.

Holy Smoke animals are handmade from natural linen and vintage textiles, drawn with hand stitching and raw edges to convey expressions of humor and pathos. No two animals are the same and their sizes are variable from 25cm to 50cm in height.

I’ve seen them in real, and I can say it’s hard to resist their fragile features and their hyper real look! holy-smoke.co.uk


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Stella Brown, 12 years old – Petaluma CA, USA


I met Stella at Bubble New York, when she was a little girl, playing with other exhibitor’s children at the show. I saw her again last month, still in NY, but this time she was helping her mother Jess with her booth at Playtime. Time really flies, she a demoiselle now, who is obviously is taking after her mom and wants to be in fashion!

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Happy mother's day!


Glass pendant light

Made in england


Happy mother’s day (Europe) ! – Creations by Kathleen Hills www.kathleenhills.co.uk


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Must have toy

10900 Bluemchen und Co


We were offered a set of the Grimm blocks when the children were born, and they are probably the toys that we played the most with. They are still part of the fantasy land of our 5 years old Iris; she finds all sorts of uses for the curved pieces : bridge, boat, bed… This is when I don’t steal the blocks to add a bit of color to our living room. In other words : a must have!


“Discover a world of color and creative play with these fantastic nesting and stacking blocks by Grimm’s, made of natural wood in beautiful rainbow colors, in the style of educational Waldorf toys. Blocks to inspire creative play and develop motor skills among budding artists, architects, builders and craftspeople. Made in Germany. At sweetwilliamltd.com

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