Atsuyo et Akiko Love Love Love!
Kids Underwear by Goat Milk
Coup de Coeur for Oyu Moyu
Numbers+Stripes Bob&Blossom



via paolo rinaldi‘s carnets

left, acapulco rocking chair by greenpointworks

right, mezzanine, cage à oiseaux et aquarium pour poissons
projet constance guisset

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Interview of a retailer : Kidding / Beirut, Lebanon

Name of the store : KIDDING

Name of the owners : Katia Rabbath Chanet & Joanne Karkour

Date of opening : May 21, 2010

Size : 40 sqm

Brands : Caramel Baby & Child, Finger in the Nose, Soeur, Antik Batik, Mini Rodini, Little Marcel, Dandy Star, Maloup, Meresine, Ten, Wild, Munster, Anne Charlotte Goutal, etc. We also promote selective local designers.

Philosophy : Providing a refreshing shopping alternative catering for both mischievous yet hip kids from 2 to 16 years and their fashionistas’ mothers

Any famous clients that you can mention? All our clients are famous to us




When did you open your store and how did you get the idea? The idea was hiding somewhere in our minds but was not very serious; one day I unexpectedly quitted a GM position and had no idea what to do; I called Katia and told her it was time to launch our business. Exactly, two months later we were open. You can imagine the two crazy months I had in between. Weirdly, am not a mom although I opened a store for kids; I love Kids with their lovely smiles and innocent jargon. I actually love what I am currently doing.

How is Kidding performing at the moment? Very well; the concept of the store is very new to Lebanon; you can find it all. People love it


What children’s trade shows do you visit? Playtime, Maison et Objet and soon Kleine Fabriek


What would you say about the general economical climate in your country? The overall political situation is bubbling; retail and various other sectors are suffering. Not the right moment for the country nor for the area. But despite all turbulences, KIDDING is paving its way to success.


Have you seen interesting children’s stores that you liked recently in your travels or online? I like the Bonton store in Paris; online there are various interesting sites and blogs beside Pirouette: Smallable, LFGDesign Mom


What are the magazine related to children that you like and read ? Principally Milk magazine


Your favorite children’s brands for this spring/summer 2011? Caramel Baby&Child, Meresine, Wild


What inspires you at the moment? Anything colorful, sincere or joyful; A heart, a situation, a nature, a place, a book, a website or a friend…..


Your favourite spots in Beirut ? Casablanca Restaurant, Albergo Boutique Hotel and Restaurant, Art & Art Galleries, Music Festivals in Byblos, Beiteddine or Baalbek, Hiking in the mountains…


Anything else you’d like to share with us? To heal the world; Making it a peaceful and loving environment to all Kids


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Caravans all around

Last week was all around caravans for me : friends went off with their three kids for an adventure in gyspy caravans (photos 1 and 2), Alexandra Darcissac from La Princesse au petit Pois featured a great reportage on the subject (read here) and I found a whole story in Ideat Magazine on the wonderful book “Cool caravans” by Hilary Walker (photos 3 and 4). Gypsy caravans, Airstream, Volkswagen vans…such a great way to move around. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone, somewhere, was working on the next generation of super green, super fun recreation vehicles…I’ll keep an eye on it.

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Katy Leigh's ceramics


Ceramics by artist Katy Leigh. Spotted at the fun space “Supermarket Sarah” – Selfridges, London (ground level).

Also available here.

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Maya, 4 years old & Santa Bindemane – Riga, Latvia


Santa Bindemane is the Author of first Latvian kids lifestyle blog Kids Gazette. Contributor to several magazines in Latvia, she writes about children’s fashion and design. Maya is a typical 4 years old girl with passion for princesses and Hello Kitty, but she loves to pretend herself to be a flying mouse or a monster.

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8 wonder products from



Plenty of fun things on – Here’s Pirouette’s selection

1. Jelly Trench coat “A for Apple”2. Combinaison Ibiza Rose “Le Marchand d’Etoiles”3. Sweat Lapin “Bobo Choses”4. Hochet oiseau Octavio “Blabla kids”5. Pull Hug Me “Oeuf NY”6. Mobile Mr. Mustache “Jäll & Tofta”7. Sticker Madame sous la Pluie “Poisson Bulle”8. Simberlina doll “Haciendo el Indio”

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Les Majorettes du Marais


Fun posters installation in Le Marais, Paris. A real source of  inspiration for a kid’s story.

Don’t ask me more about the performance behind the photos (which seems great fun), I was going to try and find out some info when I met a friend I hadn’t seen in 15 years. Off we went for a “ballon de rouge” (glass of red wine) in a quaint little cafe of Rue de Bretagne…Ah Paris…!

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Wish list of things found on the net


Make a wish list of 5 things found round the net!“. This question was sent to me last week by Santa Bindemane, author of Kids-Gazette. The bi-lingual (Latvian/English), Riga-based blog features all sorts of wonderful things including “non-standard solutions for everyday life”. My selection included a fun green bean bag from Serendipity, yellow salt water sandals from  Sweet Williams (my girls favorites since our New York days) and a frog kite from Petit Pan. Click here to see the full selection/article.


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Jumina at Bubble London


Norvegian brand Jumina is back at Bubble London with a new collection and another remarkable photo story by  Jens Haugen.  Key items in Jumina’s S/S 2012 are the “ballerina” dresses as well as gorgeous jumpsuits and embroidered pieces. All in organic fairtrade certified cotton.

Click here to see another post on Jumina (from March 16).

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Getting the house ready…

Getting the house ready for Jasmine’s 7th birthday. Celebrating all day : fifteen girls,  fairy princess and face painter in the morning, five boys for a Star Wars screening and lego in the afternoon. Wish me luck…(and don’t ask about the sexist segmentation; Jamine’s choice!).

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About talented Benjamin Lacombe

Benjamin Lacombe is a talented young French illustrator, cartoon designer and children’s books writer. He graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris (ENSAD) and worked as an advertising and animated movie artist before completing his first comic series at the age of 19. We are addicted to his stories and stunning drawings  : The little sorceress, Lin Yi’s lantern, Blanche Neige, Cherry and Olive. His books are translated  in Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese and of course English. Benjamin lives and works in Paris with his dog Virgile, often found hiding among the pages of his books.

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Sunglasses, clean and cool

Cool sunglasses by zoobugBubble London, Sunday June 19/Monday June 20 – stand D12

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