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Have you ever visited YoyaMart with its amazing selection of clothing, designer toys, and gadgets ? The store opened in New York 8 years ago and quickly became the place for kids of all ages. Yoyamart has no equivalent in bringing together design, art and humour. Kids love it, teenagers are totally addicted and I know some parents (well, especially fathers) who could spend hours browsing the rich range of gadgets, designer toys, books and dvds. 

The good news is that YoyaMart just launched a brand new website that really reflects the good energy of the store and where to find [almost] all the wonderful products
New items for summer include O-range solar panel messenger bag – recharge cell phones, mp3 players, iPads on the go; the Buckingham Warrior by Gary Basemen created to honor his father who survived the Holocaust ; Rumba Time watches, neon bracelets from Cubannie Links and a great selection of clothing from designers like Dino e Lucia, Derhy,  Munster, Bellerose, Antik Batik etc…