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Owl and Dog Playbooks: Pirouette One to Watch winner – design dot to dot

March 3, 2017
Owl & Dog Playbooks- Flat Zoo

The Owl and Dog Playbooks are the first Pirouette One to Watch winners in the design category. We were already familiar with their books but it’s always so nice (important) to see a product in the flesh and let it grab your attention. We also took the time to speak with the designers Yeonju Yang and Claudio Ripol to talk about these beautiful books.  Continue Reading


A book, a child – Iris presents Klimt and his cat

March 25, 2011

IMG 1243 copy

IMG 1252

IMG 1255


I like this book because the images are beautiful with many colors. The women, who are models of the painter Klimt, have very long and thick hair, and there is gold on their dresses.  The story is full of adventures and travels and it is also about brushes and paints which I like very much. I like to copy the drawings of this book.

Klimt and his cat – Written by Berenice Capatti, illustrated by Octavia Monaco

Commented by Iris, 5 years old

IMG 1246 copy

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