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F/W looks by Elias and Grace

September 27, 2013

Where do Kate Moss ,Mila Jovovich, Jude Law, Jools Oliver or Megan Fox shop for their children? At Elias and Grace, the gorgeous kids store located in Primerose Hill, where many cool Brit celebrities live. The boutique opened in 2004, the e-store in 2009 and in 2012 the brand Miller was born, launched by Elias and Grace owner Nickey ThrussellContinue Reading


Company profile : Veja

January 6, 2012
company-profile-veja-shoes -Green_Grafite_FRENTE

Name of the brand Veja / Name of the company  Veja

Created in 2004

Country of origin France / Country of production Veja is a Paris based company but the trainers and accessories are created in Brazil, a country unique in its ability to combine organic cotton farming, wild rubber tapping, social enterprises and good working conditions. Continue Reading

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The magic rainbow by Paul&Paula

February 16, 2011
This is a very lucky day as Peggy from Paul&Paula sent us this wonderful RAINBOW product selection. Thanks a lot Peggy!


Red copy

Orange copy

Yellow copy

Green copy

Purple copy

Blue copy


“I am very excited to be here today and took some time to think about something nice I wanted to share on Pirouette. I am living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the last days have been awful. Grey skies, lots of rain, wind… just terrible. To cheer up our moods we paint rainbows…lots of beautiful, colourful and happy rainbows.This is when I thought… lets do a rainbow post! Something for everybody, boys, girls, babies, deco, play….and LOTS of colours. Hope you will like it!”. Peggy, Paul&Paula

Products available at Sweet William, Elias&Grace, Smallable, Karen Faulkner Original Art



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Marie Soudre-Richard, Founder and CEO of LFG

December 7, 2010


Marie-Soudre-Richard is a pioneer and a key person in the children’s fashion&design industry. Four years ago, after having spent 8 years in London in marketing, she started the famous e-store LFG. CEO +, mother of Paul 5 and Jacques 4 months, Marie generously answered a long list of questions, painting a personal portrait as well as presenting her business viewpoint, full of great tips and advice.

Marie, tell us about yourself…

How would you describe your personal style Simple, minimalist – I love fashion though I am more a white tee/denim girl!

What inspires you at the moment My sons – I am just all over them – find them soooo clever and unique!!

Which living person do you most admire and why on a personal level – he is my balance – we went through difficult times with LFG – managing the growth, an investor, the competition, being tired – and he is our stabilizer! On a business level, Natalie Massenetfrom net-a-porter – I always learn something when we talk – she is inspirational – after 10 years in this business, she still enjoys it very much!

Your favorite cities in the world Paris because this is where I live, London because this is where I started my carreer and had a immensely happy life with my husband – we didn’t have the kids yet, we used to earn a very decent life and just enjoy the city and the friends – brits are very good party goers you know! and then New York of course – I came back there a lot last year as we opening LFG inc , our US branch – I love the beat of the city, the energy is immense.

Any interesting to do with kids in Paris? Ateliers Tok Tok au Palais de Tokyo – we organized some workshops recently with the little Supereditions books ( – the turn around was double as usual and kids seemed to really have fun – the people are very kind and patient!

Your perfect Sunday At home with the kids!

Your favorite bedtime reading Bonbek and Anorak – hours of fun!

Your favorite movie to watch with the whole family Les 400 coups Truffaut – we chose la Nouvelle Vague as our theme for our Little fashion Book vol 6!

Your favorite possession in your home A rascasse (fish) de Vallauris

Screen shot 2010-12-07 at 10.40.35 AM.png

Jacques&Paul, The Rascasse fish, Paul in a LFG Ad Campaign

Last item added to your child’s wardrobe A Finger in the nose puffy jacket…the right item for the current cold cold weather

Best gift you bought or made for a child’s B-day La pêche à la ligne Egmont

The book on your bedside table Les Bulles de Claire Castillon – she is my best and closest friend – she is Paul’s godmother – her writing is very incisive and caustic

The music in your ipodCaroline de Maigret’s compilation – she is my friend – we went at school together – she founded bonus tracks records – I don’t know anything about music and she just creates playlist – it makes me feel uber cool!

Favorite stores Dover street market in London of course!

Favorite museums Pompidou (Beaubourg) in Paris, The Tate Modern in London

Favorite place for family holidays We are 4 couples with 10 kids and we rent a house together every year – so I would say anywhere with a little bit of sunshine as long as we are all together (ah and lots of wine as well!!)

What do you prize most in lifeMy husband and kids! What else?

How you would you dress if you were a 8 years old girl Hi hi, I love this question – my mum would want me in Finger in the nose jeans, Tuss white T, AgnèsB black gilet and a pair of Start rite… I would say yes to all but add April Showers glitter skirts, Fäfä Tokyo

Marie, now let’s speak about your business

I opened LFG in November 2006 – we were the first concept store for children on the web – we started with 14 brands and have expended to 200! I was fascinated by the net-a-porter business model – I was first to come up with this concept – we have paved the way to lots of websites surfing on this concept… which is very encouraging. To stay ahead of the game we remain loyal to the initial vision. Little Fashion Gallery is a brand in itself; we always make sure that we value the equity of this brand. We love all the brands that we sell – 200 is a lot but they all bring something different to the website. Our style is quite eclectic because we are international. We don’t want to impose a specific style on our visitors, because we believe this in line with what they like and are: one day boho chic, the next just natural, sometimes edgy, sometimes just relaxed! Our greater achievement – having the biggest offer online whilst remaining accessible. Also, I always wanted LFG to become a brand to ensure that the smaller brands we believe in could get exposure thanks to us. One of our best success story is Lili & the funky boys; you can’t imagine how much we sell every season yet the brand is very young and edgy. Esther (the founder) has an impressive fashion background having worked for Isabel Marrant. She knows what she is doing !

What more can you tell me about the brands you carry in your store? A third are exclusive or offer us exclusive designs or capsule collections – Finger in the Nose is one of the strongest – again we work hard on this partnership!

What children’s trade shows do you visit? Playtime, Pitti mainly

Your favorite website related to children Apart from LFG : – we manage it!!

Your favorite magazines related to children All of them of course. Milk was first; they have a style, Isis-Colombe is a very driven women, she knows what she is doing. Doolittle offers a complimentary alternative. I like the fact that they don’t copy each other. Papier Maché is about to go to print – the online version is very nice.  For online magazines I like – they do an amazing job – and I am on p 121 or their last issue!

What would you say about the general economical climate ? We are going through a rather difficult period … small brands are struggling to grow and bigger brands are trying to avoid risks and therefore come up with risk-less collections. Our job at LFG is to try to create an exciting selection and get the best out of the market keeping a global view on trends… it seems that the European market has always been more creative when it comes to this very specific niche that is the high-end children’s market… saying that brands like Wovenplay have this crazyness. I just hope they will manage to raise funds to keep this freedom!

What inspires you at the moment? The boyish trend … I love this blog – and for children I think this is an easy trend to adapt!

Have you seen children’s stores that you liked recently? I loveElias and Gracein London – otherwise, I can’t really say that I have been impressed by a new concept recently!

Anything you can think of that is missing in the current children’s product offer? NO – there is already too much – STOP !!!!!

An advice for young entrepreneurs in the children’s industry?Be intuitive though work on your numbers… talent and style is one thing – money is key!

An advice for retailers? The same – the more you sell, the more cash you need – and if people tell you otherwise they are lying! We very soon realized that we would need help if we wanted to reach a critical size – we have a shareholder in our capital – they are supportive though very demanding – they want to earn money with our business as much we do – the pressure is high!

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Far away to a sunny place with Miller

November 13, 2010

extras day 4_09.jpg

extras day 4_17.jpg



UK label MILLER recently launched by Elias & Grace and designed by Nickey Kornand and Helen Ung is presenting a Resort Collection. Delicious dresses, tops and short in crisp cotton, in a beach perfect palette of white, cute coral, fresh gingham and timeless tan. Visit the London Store (158 Regents Park Road, Primrose Hill) or shop online to add a few cool items from Birkenstock, Mod 8, Lale or Petit Bateau to your vacation selection.




Miller : subtle luxury and effortless cool

October 18, 2010






It’s not too preppy not too trendy, it is clean/simple-chic, in a beautiful quality. This new label called Miller was launched this fall by London retailer Elias & Grace for baby 0-24 months, for boys and girls age 2-10 years. At the moment the line, designed in London, is available exclusively at Elias & Grace In store & Online.



“The Miller ethos is a mix of subtle luxury and effortless cool.  We aim to create everyday wearable pieces in chic, understated colours and pretty prints and the collections are designed to work as co-coordinating outfits or as simple stand alone pieces. Ethical manufacturing and superior quality are both of the highest priority so we have consciously decided to keep production entirely within the EU”. Long life to Miller.


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What’s hot for this fall?

October 12, 2010

Owner of famous London storeElias & Grace, Nickey takes us around the shelf for a selection ofher favorite itemsfor this season.




Mila Kokia Dress, by Miller – 100% Cotton – “Cute cut and irresistible colour”


FITN_Icon Jeans_Raw Blue_02.jpg


Icon Skinny Leg Jeans, by Finger In The Nose – Cotton Stretch – “These jeans rock, everyone should have a pair”




Goutal Skirt, by Maan – 100% Cotton – “Perfect for injecting colour into a winter wardrobes”




Unisex Twiggy Button Sweater, by Kids Case – 100% Cotton – “The ultimate comfy jumper, everyone should have one”




Mooney Shirt, by Miller – 100% Cotton – “Its all about a check for AW10”



Number Sweatshirt, by Milibe – 100% Cotton Corduroy – “Slouchy chic to go”
TABLE TOP01.jpg.

Rivet Belt, by Finger In The Nose – Leather – “Calling all Mini Rock Stars”


PD_Cowboy boots_metallic_02.jpg


Nevada Ankle Boots, by Pom D’Api – 100% Leather Upper – “Love these boots!”




Gelupo Hoodie, by Bonton – 100% Cotton – “Wear over everything all the time”