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A day in Brussels

December 21, 2011

Boucle d’or

The store recently grew in size, adding a basement full of gifts, books, furniture and boy’s stuff. A must in Brussels.


Gorgeous northern light

A view on the streets near Place Brugman


The store (Em72), featuring jewelry, accessories, books as well as clothing by brands carries Forte Forte and Inamorato, two labels that I really like.


 If you are looking hip, colorful clothes, Claude Hontoir is the right spot for you, especially for 6-10 years old children. Amazing choice.

This store has been around for a long time – it’s an institution in Belgium.


Alexis Vanhove, 61 Rue Bouillot, showing Jesco Von Puttkamer’s handmade cars.


I have a weakness for Little Circus. Lovely, charming, full of surprises and very creative displays.


Other spots not to be missed : Caramel, Mercredi, Kat en Muis, We were small  (children’s stores); Maison particuliere and the Wiels Museum (art).

And a great restaurant : Vismet. Sint-Katelijneplein 23 Place Sainte-Catherine, 1000 Brussels

Retail - Windows

From Belgium, full color mode

November 1, 2010





It is really a delight to enter a world of tonic and uplifting colors. The Belgium are genius on playing with flashy tones, mixing them with subtle shades and prints. They simply do it to perfection, as if they had spent their lives in a Pantone nuancier. If you are craving for a color concentate, visit boutique Kat en Muis (the cat and the mouse) in Brussels. Maan, Simple kids, Max & Lola, RitaCoRita, Anne Kurris, Zorra, all the iconic Belgium brands are there, as well as a few foreign brands including shoes from France and wonderful knitted hats from Denmark.

Kat en Muis, 32 Rue Antoine Dansaert, Brussels