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Interview of Khalym Schell, Editor – New York, USA

July 20, 2010




How long have you been in the children’s industry?A little over 5 years ago I fell into the children’s industry. At that time I was working on mens and womens design direction. A good friend was having a baby boy and I was having trouble finding just the right gift for him. And I realized there was a need for more inspiring clothing for boys. So I began Sir Hayesin 2005 a fashion collection for boys only. I enjoyed 3 years of designing Sir Hayes before I got the great opportunity to work as the childrens trend editor at Stylesight, where I am now.

What would you say about the general current climate? Its an exciting time in kids’ wear right now, you can almost compare it to the innovation of the 60s era of fashion. So many fresh and groundbreaking ideas in children’s wear to talk about – like unisex clothing, photo-print diapers, premium denim and high-heel shoes. I think we can thank the recent economic times for this new burst of creativity.

Which shows did you visit this season? I visited FIMI, Bubble London, Pitti Bimbo and White for Kids myself. But Stylesight sent trend correspondents to Playtime Paris, Klein Fabriek and Bread & Butter Kids Camp as well.

What did catch your attention, what was really new and interesting? You can see that the larger trade shows are taking note from the newer niche childrens’ fairs. Creating a pleasant small boutique feel and incorporating well curated sections. It’s more enjoyable.

Can you name 3 to 5 brands that really piqued your attention? Calvin Klein Runway – Some of the girl’s looks reminded me of Anna Karina in Pierot le Fou;  Daniele Fiesoli – Beautifully made t-shirts with faux sweater fronts; Dominique Ver Eecke – An eclectic collection of Golden Books style prints and trippy colors; Minti – a sporty 80s collection with just the right amount of neon

What are your favorite cities? Copenhagen for CPH Kids, Florence for Pitti Bimbo and London for Bubble. I’m also looking forward to Playtime New York in my hometown this month.

What are the new and interesting stores that you like?,, Gomina in Paris, Gap 1969 Kids pop-up shop in LA. The new collection is wonderful.

Web destinations that inspire you?,,,

An advice for young entrepreneurs in the children’s industry? Know the power of presentation and always wrap your ideas in a bow.

An advice for retailers? Become friends with your customer.

The hot places in your home town? Some cool places moms and dads can take kids in New York and won’t feel too much like parents : Moomah – a cool creative play space for kids and parents,  sweet treats, art projects, parties and fun activites; Popbar – (West Village) new ice cream shop that serves gelato on  a stick in fun flavors with yummy toppings; The Woods – This Williamsburg bar is a singles spot at night, but in the early afternoon on a Sunday it’s a nice place to enjoy the outdoor patio and taco truck with the kids; The High Line – A park space built on an old railroad track is great for relaxing and people watching. And Target hosts free art events for kids on the weekend; Baked by Melissa – Colorful mini cupcakes sold out of a small window on Spring Street in Soho. Peanut Butter Cup, Rainbow Tie-Dye and Peanut Butter & Jelly are some of the craziest flavors; Governors Island – Enjoy an entire day of free art exhibitions, miniature golf, bike riding, picnicking and play in acres of open green space for families.

How would you dress if you were a 8 years old girl? My style hasn’t changed much since 8. I still dress with the same tomboy and girlish charm and I love shiny things. Popupshop, Monsieur Cucu,Munster kids and Idols would be top brands in my closet. I especially loved Popushop’s high-waisted Khaki short, Idol’s Devendra Barnhart Tee this season. And to keep it fun I would mix in big bow headbands from Le Tour De Force everyday of the week.


Photos : Clavin Klein, Minti, Idols, Simple Kids, Monsieur Cucu


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Keep an eye on Sharon and I

June 23, 2010


little person.jpg so-cute-1.jpg

Sharon Tulloch is an illustrator and a graphic artist. If you have visited the e-store, you will have for sure noticed her cocktail of hand-drawn and computer-generated illustrations. Sharon was born in London, spent time in New York and currently lives in sunny and colorful Marseille (France) where she moved many years ago. I believe her culture and mobility is reflected in her work, very fresh and full of life, with characters and figures leaping out at you, possessing a haunting innocence. Sharon works on brand identity, logos, illustrations, children’s books, web design and graphics for items such as bags, t-shirt, and much more. Her latest projects include the 2008 Spring catalogue of New York based jewelry designer ginette_ny. Keep an eye on Sharon’s work, contact her for projects you may have: her versatile style, her graphic talent and her adaptation skills are precious.


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Portraits of motherhood

June 19, 2010



US based photographer Davina Zagury did many projects around childhood, starting with a beautiful story on vintage toys called “The Land of Lost Toys”, published in Milk Magazine in 2004. Later she worked, in collaboration with the store Pomme, on “The Doudou project”, featuring children and their favorite teddy or dolls followed, a couple of years later by a story calls “Sibblings”. When she became a mother (her little boy is now 2), she thought she would love to have a professional picture of her and her son. That made her think it could be a great project to work on, that would give a wonderful opportunity to other moms.  She set up a studio for Mother’s Day weekend and she photographed 26 mothers with their children. Davina says it was challenging but everyone had lots of fun and the results came out beautiful. Unforgettable experience and precious portraits.

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Kid’s Collection 3

June 18, 2010


The third edition of Milk Collections is out, featuring over 150  brands, and 1000 silhouettes for Fall/Winter 2010-2011. A great tool for everyone, from children’s industry insiders to parents who want to browse the best children’s collections before they hit the stores. 192 pages of excitement (you want to buy everything), but I had a special crush on BOdeBO, Dandy Star, Surface to Air, Wafflish Waffle and Petit Lucas du Tertre (for their great sense of humour).


Les filles

May 25, 2010

Joshua Williams has over 8 years experience as a creative director, stylist and producer, a strong director’s eye and a great sense of business. Fashion Consort, his marketing/PR and advertising company bridges entertainment and fashion, and plays skillfully with cross-media and cross-cultural collaboration, bringing together diverse artists from varied backgrounds to produce outstanding events, editorials and ad campaigns. Joshua  asked his daughter Maddie, 11 years old, to be the creative director for this fashion story called “Les filles”. She hired her sister Maja, 8 years old and friends of the family, photographer Kah Poon + wife and illustrator Annie Poon to produce these very unique images. Bravo Maddie for your unique sense of style.


Quotables by KicoKids

May 11, 2010

Kicokids, the brand that never lacks innovative ideas, is doing this “quotables” project for Spring/Summer 2011.  Interactive and fun, isn’t it? You can participate, sending your little one’s cutest quotes (in any languages, yes!) to 
Thanks for helping spreading the words!

TV must see show

May 9, 2010
If you have a chance to be in the US this week, don’t miss 9 By Design on Bravo TV (Tuesday May 11 at 10pm).  This new show about Design just started a couple of weeks ago and I have to say that it’s really worth watching it for both the new way of approaching the subject, and for the peep into the incredible Novogratz family. Robert and Cortney Novogratz are one of a kind couple, funny, full of energy, and also parents of 7 children, the youngest being just a over 1 year. The family lives in the heart of Manhattan, and the parents successfully run their own design company. The coming episode will feature the re-design of a client’s office and promises to be once again very unique and much fun.