Portugal Kid’s Fashion Week

This weekend the beautiful city of Porto played host to Portugal Fashion Week, and for the first time children's fashion is part of the programme with the launch of their Kid's Fashion Week. The beautifully produced shows meant we were introduced to a selection of diverse…

One to Watch Awards Invited Designer Interview: SO-SO

'Lose the north' Compass by SO-SO Maria and João met at architecture school, after which they worked as architects for some time but both missed “practical work”... So João bought some machines so he could work with wood in his free time. They then started designing some pieces…


Brand name: Cherrypapaya Company name: Cherrypapaya Website: www.cherrypapaya.com Date of creation: March 2014 Country of origin: Portugal Country of production: Portugal Name of owner/founder: Sandra Barradas Number of employees: 4 Number of sales points (independent…

The New Voyager City Guides : Let’s Explore Lisbon !

The New Voyager guides by Emma Swinscoe have just added Lisbon to their city collection, after Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Paris. “The New Voyager in Lisbon” highlights the city’s stunning assets: its connection to the sea, its incredible views, its historical art scene and…

Easter Festival of Flower Torches, São Bras de Alportel, Portugal

Spending Easter break in Portugal left a technicolour imprint on our memories. Sun seeking was the primary purpose of our visit, but it was the Festival of Flower Torches at São Bras de Alportel and it's vibrant injection of Portuguese colour that rejuvenated the soul.

Formidable Family Pimentel (Piupiuchick)

Four years ago, together with her sister Mariana and with her friend Marta, Ines Pimentel created Piupiuchick. She opens the doors of her house to Pirouette.

Formidable Family Rolando: Florence Rolando

Member of formidable family Rolando, Florence Rolando founder of our very own Pirouette blog talks to Katie about family life in Porto. read on.

Photography : Neal Slavin’s Portugal

American photographer and television/film director Neal Slavin lived in Portugal and photographed the Portuguese people from late 1967 to 1968, when Salazar’s health took an unexpected turn for the worse, ending his dictatorship.

Production in Portugal : Top Images Are Made there Too!

As highlighted in a previous post, Portugal is a production paradise. Production of goods, and also production of images? "A temperate climate, gorgeous landscapes and beaches, plus a relatively low cost of living make it a rather attractive location", explains Helena Barnard,…