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Parent & Child interviews

Flynn, 3 years and half – Denver CO, USA

March 29, 2011

Flynn (aka Q, short for her Chinese name) is a daredevil and tomboy who would sooner go around like Mowgli of the Jungle than ever wear a stitch of clothing, so it’s ironic that she is best known in the blogosphere for her “style”. Maia Chavez Larkin, the mother comments : “I attribute this to the fact that her tastes are not swayed by traditional girlie-style, and also to her massive quantities of charisma and natural beauty. Continue Reading

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About escapism

October 11, 2010






Escaping our lives is the fantastic adventure that literature and cinema have always provided. The virtual world is another great source of escapism; wandering from blog to blog can take you far. It allows an interesting exchange of experiences: those who live in urban centers can take a peek at wild land/wild life while those based in remote places can see what’s going on in metropolis. Internet lets us live other people’s life vicariously. Almost simultaneously you can check what people wear in New York, London or Sidney and take a deep breath in the Colorado mountains. Whenever I miss New York or Paris I go to The Sartorialist and when I want to feel the immensity of nature I visit the very inspiring Une envie de sel (pictures above). We live in a wonderful [virtual] world…