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New Screen Capture: Parent & Child interviews revisited. Playtime Paris exhibition 2019

January 10, 2019
Screen capture: Mother & child interviews revisited - Paris Playtime

Screen Capture exhibition:
Parent and Child interviews revisited.
January 26 – 28 2019

In a fast-paced ever-changing world it’s important to occasionally stop and reflect on things done, and experiences shared. Pirouette’s Parent & Child interviews provide a snapshot in time of both the parent and their child. For the new Pirouette Screen Capture exhibition at Playtime Paris we ask a group of past participants to revisit their original interviews. With the children now in their teens, and the parents a little older they consider some new questions and reflect on their original answers. Continue Reading

Family Travel

Sharing an piece of adventure with BozAround

May 14, 2011

Taking a long break to travel around the world is most surely on many people’s wish list. In most cases it lingers in the back of one’s mind, something to daydream about, to escape reality. But there are also great examples of people who just jump and do it. Like the Boz (Vanessa, Ceki Marcelo,5 and Amalya, 2 years old), who, at the end of 2010, left their cosy Primerose Hill home with a back pack for a 4 months of adventure around 13 countries. Continue Reading