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Launched in London in early 2009 by Florence Rolando (journalist, co-founder of Bubble Trade Shows) Pirouette Blog has been a reference in the industry since 2009 with its combined business and consumer view of the children’s market. A fantastic resource for children’s fashion, design, trends and culture, it aims to support creativity and talent but it also does this by talking about life, family, culture and health.

Pirouette publishes brand profiles, trade show reports, interviews with industry insiders, photography, product reviews and news from kid’s fashion along with features, culture, family lifestyle and health tips.

Pirouette blog was created to help young & creative brands related to the children’s fashion and design sector gain media exposure and business guidance. Over the years Pirouette blog has become a valued resource for retailers who want to quickly identify a selection of brands with a creative and contemporary vision. Since 2016 Katie Kendrick has worked with Florence on the development of Pirouette blog adding her perspective and experience from a different side of the industry as a designer. Katie is editor of Pirouette whilst Florence remains a key contributor. Both working together championing great children’s design and bold creative talent.

Katie Kendrick

Chief editor

Katie joined Pirouette blog in 2016. With a background in children’s design and manufacturing, Katie has worked with Florence on developing The Pirouette One to Watch Awards as part of the philosophy of the blog in supporting great design and socially conscious brands.

Florence Rolando

Founder / contributor

Florence is an international leader in the industry (8 years as a Milk Collaborator, contributor to Naif Magazine in Spain, co-founder of Bubble Trade Shows in New York and London).