Brand Profile: Hannah & Tiff

Brand name: Hannah & Tiff Company name: Hannah & Tiff Ltd Website: Date of creation: March 2017 Country of origin: UK Country (ies) of production: India Name of owner/founder(s): Thuy Pham Number of employees: 3 Number of sales points: 11 In how…


Brand name: Velveteen Company name : Velveteen International Limited Website: Date of creation: 14 April 2013


Brand name: EFVVA Company name : NIKLAS HULTQVIST/ EFVVA Website: Date of creation: 2011 Country of origin: Poland Country of production: Poland EU Name of owner/founder: Ewa Wróbel Hultqvist Number of employees: 4 In how many countries is the brand present:…


Brand name: Cherrypapaya Company name: Cherrypapaya Website: Date of creation: March 2014 Country of origin: Portugal Country of production: Portugal Name of owner/founder: Sandra Barradas Number of employees: 4 Number of sales points (independent…


Lali will present their label for the first time in Europe at Playtime Paris from tomorrow. With a sweet and fresh feel it's no surprise that this artisan label is stocked at Anthropologie. They have a great range from detailed girl's dresses to a wonderful new range for boys…

Loulou des Indes

Brand name: Loulou des Indes Company name: Wandering Clouds UG Website: Date of creation: 2016

Misha and Puff

Brand name: Misha and Puff Company name: Misha and Puff Website: Date of creation: 2011

Bobo Choses

Brand name : BOBO CHOSES Company name : BOBO CHOSES S.L Website : Date of creation : 2008

No Added Sugar

Brand name : no added sugar - Company name : no added sugar Ltd Website : Date of creation : July 2001 Country of origin : UK - Countries of production : Western & Eastern Europe using high quality fabrics Name of owners : Deborah Medhurst (Founder &…


Brand name macarons Company name macarons GmbH Date of creation July 2011 Products Categories Clothing for babies and kids from Newborn to 10 years including accessories. Pieces for adults will be available from SS16. Country of origin Germany Country of production All knits are…